Monday, August 31, 2009

Something CommD

Well, I did my homework.
I only managed to find 2 things so 'CommD' about me. MacBook. iPod.

Because design students are supposed to have this pretentious Steve Jobs obsession.

I'm so not a gadget freak.
I'm happy with my 'old' handphone.
I don't wanna buy a BlackBerry or an iPhone.
I'm not crazy -at all- about MacBook air. PSP. Etc.
I'm just not interested in those things.
But I thank God (so much) for these 2.

About MacBook. I mean how many people dying to have one, I'm so lucky. As a gaptek person, at least now I know how to perform in Mac. And I love the benefits (and the design haha)!

About iPod. Ehm I didn't buy or even ask for it. Believe it or not it was delivered to my house as a Christmas parcel. I wasn't so excited but I really thank God for it's very useful for doing all-night-long projects. And it's a great tool to sing along the songs of praises for the King of kings. And---for treadmilling. Now I use my iPod for treadmilling purposes only.

After 3 months of treadmilling with the same songs I thought I'd never use my iPod again. Maybe later in December, back to Jakarta, back to treadmilling. But yesterday night was the homework night and I remember now how enjoyable doing homeworks was with music.

So here we are. I don't know why but I'm currently obsessed with MLTR's Blue Night.

Monday Night Works

Yes it's homework night. And I'm glad, seriously.

It's been so long since the last time I was excited doing homeworks (my lovely foundation year, the year when I didn't even mind spending Saturday nights at home finishing and redoing drawings A and drawings B. My date with God, working together and giving my best.)

And I dunno what happened to me in level 1.

But thank God, I got the excitement back! Let's do it together God, I'll give my best :)

I love this peaceful and warm feeling. Doing everything (including school projects) from, for, and with Him.

Colossians 3:23
Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart,
as working for the Lord, not for men,

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Questioning Myself---Why is 'everyone' is so 'design'?

Not everyone of course, but those are the words that came up to my head when I see other communication design student's blogs . And the way they dress up. And their preferences of stuff. Spending money for the ultimate softwares and design books (Gw keknya mendingan makan and beli baju deh hahahahaha). Their love for cameras and photography. 

-----"It's the way a designer should act,"---

or in this case,

---"It's the way a design student's blog should be"---

or is it?

Wow, I'm amazed. They are so into it. My roommate and I sometimes wonder why aren't we like them? Hahaha. 

Well, not that we're not so into that world but I guess it's just not the main part of our life?

---"Well then, heard of people say you have to give all you've got to be successful?"---


 ---"That you have to EARN it?"---

Well all I can say is that EFFORT is super important but success is a gift from above. 

When people ask me who am I or what do I call myself, is 'designer' is the answer?

Well, yes. But not only that. 


---"You have to choose one and focus, that's why there's something called specialism,"---

And this post sounds very 'negative' hahahaha,, no-n0-no,, I love design (and fine art. ---I/L/L/U/S/T/R/A/T/I/O/N/ :)--------thanks God, there's specialism next semester :) but life is more than that. Beyond. 

Success is following God's way. Life is more than what's your major in college, or what's your occupation, and what's your title or degree. Life is being what God wants you to be. Doing what God wants you to do. That's the best a life can be. 

So, am I saying that people who act like 'designers' are wrong? No. I didn't say that. If being a designer is your calling, if being what God wants you to be, so BE IT! - Glorify Him with our talents, our passions, our designs - not only because we love it. But remember, God has to be in the first place. Always. Don't be 'too much' of something that it's being more important than Him. If you are a designer your life is not ALL about 'design', isn't it? 

Yes we can't escape it, since everything is 'design'-ed, we can be designers because we are visual people who perceive the world in lines and colours, once you're a designer, you're a designer for life, God Himself is the greatest designer ever - who sees beyond the visuals. Life is more than visuals and design philosophies, those can't be the only things to talk about. 

That's why I don't like it when a person is viewed (only) as his/her profession without looking at the personality and personal life. (But some people really wants privacy haha). This might be called sumthin' girly, but there's gotta be something to learn in one's life stories. 

"But a person can own more than 1 blog right? One is for this, one is for that, talking about being organized..,"

Hey this is not about blogging anymore okayyy. Okay a little. I'll try to be a little more 'CommD'.

So, when people ask me am I a designer?

"Yes, I am. But more than that, I'm a daughter of God,"

"I am a daughter,"

"I am a sister,"

"I am a friend,"



"I'm a designer (to be?)..."

"Oh, I'm an illustrator :))))))))))!" 

Psalm 127

A song of ascents. Of Solomon.
 1 Unless the LORD builds the house, 
       its builders labor in vain. 
       Unless the LORD watches over the city, 
       the watchmen stand guard in vain.

 2 In vain you rise early 
       and stay up late, 
       toiling for food to eat— 
       for He grants sleep to those He loves.

Oiyah. Yesterday was fun.

Setelah legaaa banget bersyukur...lolos dan selamat dari 'lubang singa' Jumat kemaren, kami memutuskan untuk having fun abis-abisan keesokan harinya.

Ketemu Connie and Nelvi di Estens terus makaaaannnn hehehe...steak ayam (kata Connie, stick), plus pasta salad dan kentang goreng.

Terus nonton the Proposal. Hix. Ryan Reynolds. Kenapaa oh kenapaaa???? ( Tapi masih lebih ganteng Choky Sitohang sih).

Terus ke PlaZing, ke Holiday Inn nyari salonnya Nelvi yang mo potong poni, ternyata stylist langganan lagi MC hahahaha,, jadi Nelvi potong poni di OC.

Terus naik teksi (bersyukur pas-pasan jam 4.30, just before peak hour) ke SG flyer denger2 ada tiket 10 dolar yang ternyata buat weekdays aja, jadi kita makan Popeye's aja hehehe.

Berusaha ngabisin makanan enak nan banyak. 3 potong chicken fillet pake french fries lagi dan pake nambah mashed potato, dan biscuit yang enaaakk banget ichu, terus si Nelvi nanya ini tuh cuma snake (snack) yah?

Dan disinilah nama2 panggilan baru muncul. Gw nenek sok cantik. Nelvi nenek sok kaya (pake tas Channel asli loh haha). Dan Connie si anak kecil sok...(susah dia yah)...akhirnya sok crafty deh. Meski terdengar rada maksa tapi bener kog.

Terus balik lagi ke Orchard buat so called syopink. Kita bener2 nenek2 dan anak kecil sok centil (dan emang centil), ke Dipa ( Diva ) and 3-3nya BELI sesuatu lagi, yang mencerminkan kepribadian masing2 : Sok imut, sok keren, dan teteup.. sok cantik. Hahahahaha.

Terus nih terus nih. Pake ke pastamania lagi. Bersyukurnya gw 'tahannn' cuma makan pizza kecil dibagi 3 sama aer putih.

Terus jalan pulang. Cape. Tapi puas.

Kapan2 lagi yang nek, nduk.

Thank God :)

Church Today

I saw a foreigner walking into the room, and I saw him dancing so happily while praising God :) 

Apparently today's preacher is a pastor from Israel, Barry Segal, and we're extremely blessed by the sermon. He shared with us the story when God saved him. He was a young Jew in America, he didn't believe in Jesus Christ, he didn't have any Christian friend, and God literally stopped him in a street one night and literally spoke to him, and his eyes were opened, he could see the truth, and he received the King of kings as his Lord and savior. 

Then he moved back to Israel (as God has said before---Aliyah) where he met his wife, who had the similar experience, she wasn't a believer in Jesus Christ, then one day an angel came to her in a bus stop in Jerusalem saying something about the prayer she prayed a night before (God really listens to our prayer) then she became a believer.

They have 3 children, the son is in the army and he had to fight in Gaza street. He came back home alive with no wounds and told his parents how he saw God's hand protecting them and miraculous works of God that gave Israel victory. He nearly got killed in the battle but God spoke to him not to step out through a door (when he was just about to do it) and the door was soon bombarded by bullets.

Then we heard shocking facts that were not written by the media today. 

Pray for Israel, dudes and dudettes. For God's people there. And pray that more Jews will have a transformation in their minds and hearts and believe that Jesus Christ is the messiah they've been waiting for. He is the way, the truth and the life, the King of kings that came to rescue the world 2000 years ago, and will come back to bring us with Him,.. very soon. Amen. 

Friday, August 28, 2009

1st Studio Project Due. After Those 'Laid Back' Months.

Terima kasih Tuhan untuk segalanya. Untuk hari ini. Yaaaayyy weekend is here!

Pagi yang berat
Siang yang menegangkan
Sore yang melegakan
Malam yang menyenangkan

Kontras banget deh dari liburan 3 bulan nyantai2 hari ini back to ..."gawaaaad udah jam seginiiiii masih segini ajehhhh...." Sebelum ke sekolah berdoa dulu Tuhan tolonggg supaya hari ini selamettt...

Sorry yah Tuhan, beberapa hari ini saya lebih mementingkan PR daripada Engkau, sering cape ngantuk dan langsung tidur, ampunnn Tuhaaann....:(

Okay, because gw merasa 2 out of 3 pieces that I had to show today is simply ancur.

Merasa butuh 1 more day. Or 1 more hour would make everything better. Lihat jam di bus dan berharap ini masih 1 jam yang lalu. Jalan buru-buru ke tempat photocopy sampe ngomong ke orangnya aja bingung, mungkin tuh orang mikir aduh kasian anak baru masih bingung dengan prosedurnya. Jalan ke sekolah aduhh deg-degannn..

Nyampe kelas suasana tambah mencekam. (Soalnya koq yang lain keliatannya bagus-bagus yah). Bener2 hanya bisa berdoa Tuhan tolong kamiii..

Nah 1 per1 harus presentasi, pas giliran gw udah pasrah ajeh, inget-inget besok weekend hehehe, and you know what terima kasih Tuhannnn semuanya smooth-smooth aja, maksud gw ternyata gak ancur koq kalo menurut gurunya hehehehe,.. ---yaaay abis presentasi rasanya plonggg---terima kasih Tuhan----selametttt---besok weekend :)

Berhubung belom makan dari pagi perut gw keroncongan abiss dan rada lemesss, jalan ke Orchard rasanya berat, jadi makan dulu di BuJunc sama Connie, ---akhirnya makan KimChi Ramen yaayy--- Loh di SG koq jadi sering banget makan mie yah. Makan padang aja pake mie. Padang Indo gak ada mie ya?

Terus berangkat ke Taka mo beli sosis. Muter2 di graphic design section di Kino. Terus pulang. OL!!!! Rasanya senang sekali lohhh. Bersyukur,, terima kasih Tuhan :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Maaf dehhh..

In SG I can eat whatever I want. A good thing for me, not for my parents haha. I wonder what if our parents find out about the (occasional) unhealthy lifestyle of international students.

Don't try this at home. After moving house, in less than 2 weeks, I'd been eating 3 packs Indomie kuah and 1 Indomie goreng. Guess I'm no longer sick of instant food now.

Indomie: Indonesia's massive contribution to the world.

I likeee this activity..


I treasure Indomie, it's a legacy.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Work Hard Play Hard. Makan Hard Jalan Hard.

Aduh-aduh tapi waktu sudah menunjukkan pukul 10.27 in de morningggg... and gw masih ngeblog ajeh, sudah putuskan cepat cepattttttt!!!!!!

Tekad : makan dimanapun sejauh apapun pulang harus jalan kaki!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Great Sunday!

Yah, hari Minggu kemarin saya seperti lepas dari sangkar. Akhirnya saya bisa melihat kembali dunia luar!!! Setelah terkurung di Peace Mansion selama hampir 3 minggu hahaha.

Okay the morning part wasn't fun nor funny. I waited for the bus for more than 15 minutes, I could have just walk because it's not far but I spent too much time waiting for the bus and it was too late if I decided to walk either. Then I was late for my (now very nearrr) Church for about 10 minutes. Sorry God :( Hehehe..

And the sermon is about setia dalam segala hal and Mazmur 37 : 4, dan bergembiralah karena TUHAN; maka Ia akan memberikan kepadamu apa yang diinginkan hatimu.

Terus, pendetanya memberikan banyak kesaksian tentang bagaimana Tuhan menjaga anak2nya sedemikian rupa, bagaimana campur tanganNya begitu nyata, dan Dia telah mengatur semuanya. Kita tak perlu khawatir lagi :) Amin :)

Pulang gereja langsung ke Lucky Plaza rencananya mo makan Ayam Penyet tapi ruuammeee bokk, jadinya makan ayam bakar Ojolali bareng Dian and Heru.

Terus gw misah dulu buat hunting boxes and hanger supaya kamar terlihat lebih rapi, ke Carrefour plazing, lumayan lah, ada box yang suitable. Boxnya pink. Hanger yang gw beli juga pink. Maap kepada yang terganggu.

Terus buru-buru pulang taro barang, soalnya harus langsung jalan ke Suntec mo liat ComicCon, nah bersyukurnya kali ini busnya langsung datang tanpa harus menunggu, hehe..

Berkumpulah kami di depan FoodRep, ada Dian, Heru, dan Widi. Oh ternyata bukan cuma comic, tapi games and toys convention juga. Tapi gw gak terlalu peduli sama yang games or toys (toys lumayan sih ada lego getohhh aduhh kangennn).

Gw senenggg banget ngelihat stand-stand comic artists khususnya yang ngegambar manual. Kereeeen saya jadi semangat bikin PRnya Shannon haha.

Abis itu kita ke Marina Square : Makan Ayam Penyet hahahahaha. Bersyukur, tadi siang ga jadi makan penyet taunya dinnernya disini haha. Makan bakso penyet plus milk tea. Nikmat :)

Trus jalan-jalan sekalian jalan ke MRT, trus gw pulang, sempet belanja di F21 (senanggg akhirnya bisa belanja lagi, soalnya udah pindahan hehe), trus liad2 kotak2 di Borders Wheelock ampun deh mahal banget, trus jalan pulang. Ternyata jalanan pulang dari Wheelock gelap and banyak rumput. Bersyukur gw ga ketemu cacing hiiii.

Terima Kasih Tuhan for another great day :) You're the One who makes everyday and everything perfect. Amin.


Oh iya.


17 Agustus 2009

-God bless Indonesia-

Moving House :)

Puji Tuhan! Hari pindahan bener-bener lancarrrrr, God made everything went so perfectly!

Dimulai dengan pagi-pagi ternyata berhasil loh bangun pagi dan nganterin para laptop ke PH, buat diurusin internetnya, dengan agak sedikit was-was dan berdoa supaya tuh laptop ga bakal kenapa-kenapa, and senangg ternyata lemarinya gede-gede :)

Terus Om Hendrawan and the mover ternyata bisa dateng about 30 minutes earlier and prosesnya amat lancar dan ternyata cepat, angkat ini angkat itu bersama, meski capek tapi membakar kalori.

And Mrs.Peter dateng tepat waktu dan balikin deposit gw tanpa neko-neko! (Gw rada serem deposit 1200 bakal ga dibalikin karena alesan macem-macem---udah banyak denger cerita seram tentang deposit yang ga mo dibalikin landlords---meski dibalikin 1000, 200nya buat listrik and stuff, tapi that's just the exact amount I expected, kalo beneran dibalikin 1200 gw malah ga enak sama dia.

Abis pisah baik-baik (apa sih) and bye2-an sama Mrs.Peter, lanjut pindahan, setelah semuanya ter-angkut, we said goodbye to our ex-room. And ex-apartment.

Meluncur ke PH naik van mover, cepet banget deh paling 10 menitan, mulailah kami unloading-loading-and unpacking.

Bersyukur our laptops are alright dan internetnya lancar :)

Bersyukur ternyata colokan listrik sudah berfungsi :)---tadi pagi belom soalnya.

Terus gw mulai misahin barang-barang yang mo gw bawa pulang ke Indo..penuh 1 koper, bersyukur belom 20 kgs, paling 18an. And kita ga kuat ngangkat kopernya ke atas lemari jadi sampe sekarang masih nyender aja di tembok.

Terus kita kecapean deh in the middle of unpacking, jadi kita jalan ke belakang Wheelock buat makan Bike. Nikmat. Puji Tuhan :)

Terus kita mengexplore lingkungan sekitar, ternyata deket sama Tanglin Mall, and ada McD, 7-11, Starbucks, supermarket, and food court yang kelihatannya yummy :)

And sekarang pake ranjang susun!!! :)

And I thank God once again for this new house :) So clean, dust-free, so healthy, 'elite' view, 'elite' environment, so 'green', so nice :)

Terima kasih Tuhan Yesus :) I love You so :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Peace Mansion

If we knew we're moving out, we would have brought all the -inessential yet valuable- stuff back to Indo so we wouldn't have to carry that much. But we had to, sadly, throw those assets away :(

Goodbye Peace Mansion. Goodbye my artworks...

Thank God I've brought most of the artworks (including my favorites) from foundation year back to Indo. But there were still too00 many many many things left to be carried.

I threw away a lot of papers that day. And it didn't feel so good. They're among the things I'd been saving for the future.
Farewell my level 1 design works..I thank God there are things in this world people call soft copies and a camera.

Okay it's so hard to let this one go: my Rialto-hat :( with all the effort to construct and carry it from place to place). I kept this one thinking that someday I'd be able to bring in to Indo.

But it didn't feel that bad when I crushed it. It's actually kinda fun and relieving. Maybe I should destroy more artworks haha.

Talking about the view. Wow. I actually watched interesting scenes everyday from the screen, the window. Sunrise. When I woke up or didn't sleep at all.

Or sunsets. God never fails to amaze me.

Okay this is a lousy photo. But look at the layer of darker clouds in the background.

I really don't know what to say. Oh no.

Yeps getting better and emptier.

That's my campus btw. I could see it from my 23rd floor room in Peace Mansion. Apparently I move farther each year. (My first hostel was just across the campus).

Okay. Look at this broken ugly shoes. I love them. I threw them away.

I wore this 70% discounted expensive sandals too much already.

I can't lose this one (the one with the green heart, my name tag from Lasalle's orientation 2007). I brought them along to my new house :)

I was actually ecstatic about moving to the new place. But melancholy did strike when I was enjoying the view for the last time. My school. Bugis. Suntec. Singapore flyer. The CBD. Marina Bay. Hmmm I'm gonna miss being able to see Singapore's skyline from my bedroom window everyday.
But I seriously wanted to leave. Too many problems (and dust) there haha :)

And you know what. At my last night in Peace Mansion, there was a firework party in Marina Bay (that could be seen from my room). It's like the room was saying goodbye :) Thank God, I know You wanted me to have a special last night in Peace Mansion :)

Well Peace Mansion, thank you for the memories. I'm leaving for a new adventure in an all new and (much better ) environment :)

Praise the Lord!

Thank God :) We've shifted to the nu place already, and everything went oh so smoothly :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I just realized something : I'm back to doing homeworks! (After months of vacationing..)

And thanks God I kinda enjoy it! Even though tomorrow we have to show Shannon 50 ideas and development and so far I've only got 30's but I'm feeling this inexplainable peace, must be from God :)

I really like this feeling :  working together with God. Doing everything with all my heart for Him. And God gave me these flowing ideas for tomorrow. 

And FYI, haha, we're actually working in the middle of a super messy bedroom. (We're moving place to Orchard this coming Saturday!! Yaay)..

I'll post the pictures when I have the time to do such things. Somehow I always think transferring pictures from camera takes longgg time.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thank God :)

cuma mo kasih tahu kalau

aku akan pindah sabtu ini :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Psalm 37 : 4

Delight yourself in the LORD 

       and He will give you the desires of your heart.

Passer Baroe Toko Koee?

I've been back in SG for a week and thank God, I'm okay! And since school has not really started so I'll post something.

Pada hari itu aku pergi ke Pasar Baru bersama ibuku. The last time I went there was about 3,5 years ago, just few days away from my 17th birthday. This time we went for eye glasses hunting for my older brother.

What a memorable place. I used to go here with my parents when I was very young. This place is known for cheap stuff (especially textiles) like Tanah Abang or Mangga Dua, with better ambience. It's somehow very unique, colourful, and such a fun place to be. Pasar Baru has its own charm.

Inside a fabric shop. Looks like inside MRT huh?

My mom really liked dressmaking, I remember accompanying her to fabric stores and curtain stores sometimes.........I MISS THOSE DAYS!!!! I miss the days when I was shorter than my mom. I miss being a kid.

After Pasar Baru (in the end we didn't buy any glasses because my dad called and decided to buy them from somewhere else in the middle transaction hahahaha) we went to Toko Mira, a shop for the bakers.

My mom went from dressmaking to baking cakes. Well she still makes dresses sometimes, but now her serious hobby is cakes :)

After years of fabric shops, that was my first time going with her to baking shop :), and found it very interesting as well :)

birthday candles!

Always love these!!! Cute!!!

Some of her masterpieces :

The one with the chocolate chips is mine! Hahahahaha.. I'm the biggest chocolate fan in the family.

The ultimate and the most favorite!
I should give this one a name.

How about 'the cake'.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

1,2,3,4...and keeps getting better and better,,

Hari 1,2,3 di SG : Banyak pikiran and severe homesickness. Apalagi day 1 and day 2. Telpon-telponan sama nyokap curhat sambil nangis-nangis kayak bayi. Chatting ma lilbro and papa juga sambil berlinang air mata. Rasanya berat sekali menjalani hari-hari, apalagi kalo malem and diluar udah gelap. Ga pengen keluar. Ga pengen ngapa-ngapain. Gw beneran gak tau kenapa bisa kayak gini, ini pertama kalinya loh, gw biasanya balik SG ga sampe segitunya..

Nyokap bilang ini gejolak jiwa yang harus dilawan. Harus percaya dan berseru kepada Tuhan. Disinilah letak kesalahan gw, pas di Indo gw emang punya kehidupan yang stabil dan 'gampang' sampe gw agak melupakan Tuhan, dan pas gw diserang dusta iblis kemaren dengan segala kekuatiran, ketakutan, kesedihan, dan rasa kesendirian yang 'membunuh', gw kurang siap. Puji Tuhan , Dia nguatin gw lewat nyokap yang nyuruh gw berseru kepada Tuhan, menawan pikiran dan perasaan untuk tunduk kepada Kristus, dan Tuhan membebaskan gw, Dia memenuhi gw dengan sukacita dan damai sejahteraNya yang melampaui segala akar dan pikiran.

Merasa sendiri dan takut? Well, DON'T! Tuhan gak akan meninggalkan kita, dan kita pasti akan baik2 saja, Dia akan mengangkat kita, dan membuat hidup kita berkemenangan dan berkelimpahan!

Karena Allah telah berfirman: "Aku sekali-kali tidak akan membiarkan engkau dan Aku sekali-kali tidak akan meninggalkan engkau." Ibrani 13 : 5b

Waktu serangan perasaan itu datang lagi, gw takut lagi, telpon nyokap lagi, nangis2 kayak bayi lagi, nyokap kept telling me to do the right thing to do : Berseru kepada Tuhan, dan lawanlah iblis!

Karena itu tunduklah kepada Allah, dan lawanlah Iblis, maka ia akan lari dari padamu! Yakobus 4 : 7

Hari ke 4 di SG : Masih dipenuhi air mata akibat severe homesickness and the 'big' problem (dan tawa, si yanika dah balik lagi jadi udah bisa merencanakan masa depan dan mentertawakannya, contoh : abis kuliah kawin). Malem2 'that' feeling kambuh lagi. Bahkan sempet 'kalap' pengen masuk Harvard aja,, hahahahahaha, pengen balik ke Indo setaon and ntar bachelor year baru balik lagi. And now I realize how 'wrong' would it be. And it means I give up and lose. My mom told me not to. Because in God, we can do everything, we can overcome every obstacles, and we will win: we are more than conquerors!

Lagian gw tau bakal lebih susah banget meng-handle life in Jakarta, apalagi kalo ga bisa nyetir,, hehehe, and gimana susahnya ntar, ngurus imigrasi, adaptasi sekolah baru, dan 'perjuangan' untuk kembali ke Lasalle.

Soal homesickness, I believe I'll get over it with the help and power of God. Walking with God, surrendering my life to Him. I'll be okay. In fact, I'll be great! Me and my family. Remember how I really enjoyed life in SG?

Soal takut mo sekolah, inget : TUHAN. Do the best for God and you'll be surprised of the things you're capable to do (with God).

Soal that 'big' problem : Well, it is not 'biggg' like serious problem, but I just think about it TOO MUCH and I WORRY about it. Oh, and LACK OF TRUST, that God can do anything, apalagi solving that problem. Stop that attitude, just trust in God, don't focus your mind to the problem, but to God. Dia akan membebaskan kita! Amin! Puji Tuhan!