Friday, October 30, 2009

It's Friday! *VnP deadline is Monday*

3.25 a.m doing website project, I hope later I can wake up early after today we failed to wake up before 10 a.m (to catch McD's breakfast meal). Hahahahaha. 

Today I gotta catch Aston's before 12.

*What a life :)*

Thanks God, today's studio was fine, just need to adjust the colour setting and stuff :)


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oh, She Took the Wrong Bus..

Waiting for my roommate in the bus stop across our place.

Accompanied by... my *new shoes:)*

Her bus was supposed to reach so soon, but hmm.

Then I got her message, "I took 700, it goes to our place, right?"

"Nooo..!" I replied. Hahahahahaha.

Btw, new shoes, readers!


C . H . A . M . P . A . G . N . E
S . U . P . E . R . N . O . V . A

Friday, October 23, 2009

Studio Today (wow I blogged a lot)

After those happy drawing days..

Here we are : back to paper craft :(

The Oasis thingy's to be done using the method of stereography. 3D into 2D. So the art direction has to be executed in 3d forms, photographed, and made into the vinyl record cover.

Some initial sketches of the designs of their albums/singles :

And apparently we all did it wrongly hahaha, we're supposed to analyze the song lyrics (not the title only) to find the contents/objects, and the interpretation/outcome must not be too literal.

So we did the next series of sketches, they all look more abstract - and a bit surreal.
Clockwise : Champagne Supernova, Don't Go Away, Don't Look Back in Anger, and All Around the World.

This is what happened when I mixed them in one frame :

Analyzing Oasis' lyrics is --- huff --- I mean Noel Gallagher doesn't even know what's the meaning of them. He must be drunk while writing those songs - {typical Gallagher nonsense lyrics}- I found many interesting interpretations from various people from several forums, and, yea, some of their nonsense songs, have deep (and sometimes so sad) meanings.

The lecturer told me to work on the Champagne Supernova.

Explorations of techniques and materials had to be done before class - Oh no - We're all to busy preparing CCS manifesto presentation - I did only 3 pages (ready to get damprated). And they're all flat.
Due to the work loads, only 10 people showed up for studio. Thank God the lecturer's okay with our -little progress- hehe, and we continued crafting in the class.

Doing this reminded me of level 1 works. The stress of paper crafting.

Ugh. Scalpel.

--How come it's still 4:13?--


-- I miss drawing alreadyyyy!!!!! --

The kid sitting beside me seemed to enjoy it - yes she's a craft person (sok crafty hahahahaha) - a person with the flare of crafting and good craftwomanship. Hahahahaha.

5 pm. One more hour to go.

Can I just draw these things?

*Ouch : Holding scalpel hurts hands* But the outcome looks funny hahahaha..*getting excited*

The lecturer briefed us about the things to be finished by next week.



Thanks God :)

The Manual Manifesto

Graphic design and art is different, yes we’ve heard enough.

Design is universal | Art is personal

Design is about rules | Art is freedom

Design is everywhere | Art is exclusive

You, designers, aren’t you jealous?

“No,” You say. “Design is efficient, more informative, and somehow, more useful. We’re proud to be designers, we sound more educated, our works are cleaner, we sound more modern, designers sounds sophisticated,”

Okay, proud designers, yes you’re (or you sound) intellectual, you solve problems, you are creative, yada yada yada but do you have your identity? Do your works reflect you? Do people see you in your design?

Now it’s the time to STEAL something from the so called- less sophisticated-artists, without losing one thing we’re always proud of (or have to hold), the principles of design.

Personal Touch. The Manual Manifesto.

Less Digital, More You.

Learn from the artists.

The imperfection of the lines reflects the character.

The texture and the brush strokes can’t be imitated.

The colors blend uniquely, reflects the mood.

Looking at the artworks means looking at the artist.

The style is there

The personality is there

The identity is there

Computer won’t give you the same result.

Pen tool produces perfect lines. Stiff boring perfect lines.

Everyone can read Helvetica. Everyone can type in Helvetica. What’s so special about it?

Gradient tools gives you smooth transitions. Ask the colour pickler tool, they’ll tell you how to achieve it. And now everyone can do it.

It’s like playing a fighting video game. You’re just moving the characters with your joystick.

It’s not totally you. You’re just instructing the computer through the cursor.

People say you have nice handwriting? Be proud, no one can imitate it. People can read it clearly.

People say you have broken handwriting? Be prouder, they’re even harder to imitate. And maybe it’s only you can read it. Exclusive. Great.

Great designers don’t play safe; breaking the boundaries of mediums and methods allows a new exciting development in the design industry.

The computer and the design softwares are great inventions. They give efficiency, in terms of time, practicality, and efforts. Graphic designers nowadays praise them, too much.

Yes they help, but not too much,

It’s not the answer to a great design.

The source of idea is not the CPU. It’s your brain.

The idea doesn’t come from the processor. It comes from your experience, imagination, memories, things around you, things you learn from the world, things life teach you.

Digital is fiction, while creative minds work in real life. Great designers explore intensively with space, materials, everyday objects and its surroundings,

To us digital is not an enemy. We completely understand the importance of being digitally literate. We know the world demands universality. The clients. The school. The lecturers. But we give personal touch to every design works, saving our identities.

Digital is like a medicine, you need it sometimes, but if it’s taken too much, or to long it kills you. It kills your identity. Press down the usage, to the minimum level.

They do help. But we refuse to depend on them.

Now look around. Look at your classmates. Look at the school. Think about how many designers will get outta school every year. All you see is designers. In order to survive, to stand among others, what you can do is be different. Be seen, be spotted.

A great design is the one that not only works, but a design that is a statement of identity. A great design shouldn’t be boring, taking risks while still keeping the principles of design in order to define a new form of interesting creations.

We are young, we are the designers, we are the future of design industry. We stand out among others. We are not going to be boring. We won’t let the world be boring.

We are Manual ID.

We put ourselves in our works.

We express.

We’re different.

We’re ourselves.

Praise the Lord!

CCS presentation's over and it was successful!

The first thing that came out from my head when I woke up was - wow - this is Friday and I slept for about..

7 hours..

And my studio homework weren't entirely done! - okay don't think about studio first - the CCS presentation's at 11!

LSS, I reached school pretty early, the venue's changed for presentation, I spent some time admiring the school's architecture from the window as usual, while waiting for the pod's door to be opened.

We're the fifth group, the last one, I really enjoyed other group's presentation, the manifestos (or, manifesti.. hahaha) are all out of the box - then it's our turn, thank God it wasn't intense at all and thank God again it's successful!

And it also means - this semester's CCS is also over :) yaay ~ more off days :) La dolce vita ~

Now. Studio.

Btw this is our way to promote our manifesto, putting our tagline in front of CommD level 2 studio. 'LESS DIGITAL' - Helvetica & CMYK. And 'MORE YOU' - manually done with our personal style.

And the manifesto itself's on the next post..

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Shoes Today


Can you believe it? The old lady has grown up already! Congratulations on your first high heels, Nek!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Lost in Singapore? - I'm not sure this is the right title -

Oh btw, on Thursday I participated in a small field trip to an offset printing company.

I had no idea about the amount of things I would have to do when I signed up around 2 weeks ago, offset printing company sounded very interesting.

Suang Suang told us to meet her at Boon Keng mrt at 2. I thought Boon Keng was a station far far a way, so after doing as much as I could, I unwillingly stepped outta house at 12.30. - - - I asked my self why did I sign uupppp???? Tomorrow's Friday!!! - - -

So hungry.

Ya I reached at 1.30, didn't know what to do. The station was so empty, I decided to go out and see if there's something to eat.
Wow the entrance/exit is apparently photogenic hahahaha. It didn't feel that sophisticated.

--- Then I was like..where am I ???---Suddenly felt lost - far away from home - I need to be in the city right now --- civilization---Where is thissss??? --- Sounds too exaggerated? I tried my best describing the feeling.

Then I tried the other exit. Much better. It felt soo good finding a KFC.
But still, KFC does not make a place home. Ayam penyet does. Hahahahaha. Oh except if the KFC has perkedel.
And I found Sweet Talk yay! - A bubble drink stall, apparently they flourish in every MRT station? -

"Jasmine green tea," I ordered.

"Oh, peach green tea," the auntie assumed.

"No no, jasmine green tea," I repeated myself.

The auntie looked confused for a moment. "Peach green tea," she told her colleague to make one.

Now I'm confused. " Jasmine green tea," I told her colleague not to make me a peach green tea.

And they spent a few seconds to figure out what I ordered, finally I heard, "Jasmine green tea, jasmine green tea, lu cha,"

Then I got my green tea. Slurp. It tasted different. Hahahahahaha.

The participants from our class were only me, Connie, and Cherlin. The rest are level 1 students. We walked around 15 minutes from MRT (I saw the city otw. Singapore is small. You can't be too far from home), and waited at the office of the company because the spoke person wasn't there yet. I felt anxious inside thinking about the homeworks at home, how're they doing? We're they alright? Would I be alright?

Whoever you are please show up :( *homeworks* *hungry* *super hungry*

While waiting, Suang Suang told us interesting stories, from the problems of being a lecturer, troubled students whose names shouldn't be mentioned, and the meaning of LASALLE logo. Well the it's actually the shape of a ..****a* --- Hahahaha do a research!
Woww. I remember trying to find out what's the answer back in foundation year. Signing up for this field trip's not so bad, at least now I know something.

The person finally came, the tour began.

I was bored seeing the digital process (the rest looked excited). I can't imagine having to work in that department. Noooooooo.....!!!!

Then we're brought to see the binding department and it's awesome!

Seeing the machine folded the big sheets, cut the edges, sticked the magazine covers, the perfect binding, saddle stick, fun! I hate operating heavy machines. But I love watching them work ~

Then finally, the tour's over, we took bus to Plaza Singapura to eat. I'd been thinking of Padang or Korean ramen but ended up eating Japanese food same as Cherlin. It was gooood, I'm definitely coming back.

Going home. Back to homework. Back to upside down life.

TGIFA! Thank God It's Friday Again!

Time flies so fast in Singapore and these homeworks make it fly even faster.

Well that's kinda scary. November's approaching. I have less than a month to be a 20 years old girl :(

Okay so here I am, safely reached home, back to my room sweet room, finding the weekly mess was still there, untouched. This is a common scene in our room. Occurs on deadlines.
So on Thursdays, life is upside-down, even if I tried to start earlier. Last night I finished 80% of both studio and CCS, then I slept for around 3,5 hours, then woke up to finish another 10%. Shower, prayer, rushed to school, no time to clean those things on the floor.

Last nite homeworks: CCS: manifesto. Studio: Oasis cover designs

Approaching school, I started to get a bit worried about the manifesto. I wasn't sure if it'd be approved by Isabel, my CCS lecturer. As we walked toward the campus, I told my roommate, "I'm a bit nervous entering the school,"

Then she said, " I want to throw up seeing this school,"

Yes. Interior students were sick of assignments already. Again, poor them.

Thank God, Isabel found the manifesto okay, and studio went well. The Friday went perfectly.

Thursday, October 15, 2009!

I remember in foundation year, BK was having a special menu: swiss mushroom chicken (which is awesome, because they only put swiss mushroom sauce on beef burger), but when I was about to get it, that special menu had gone.

Sigh, so I ordered the one with the beef and hated it.

Then, several months after that, the swiss mushroom promo's back. This time it's even better: BK Swiss Mushroom Tendergrill!!!! Yaaayyyyyyyyyyy! I remember eating in BK so often during the period of awesomeness..

Then yesterday, I saw a BK promo ad in a bus stop.

THANK GOD IT'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!.

My lunch today :) and probably tomorrow. And next week. Next next week. Im not gonna regret a thing.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Doing reseach about Oasis.
My 'personal' connection with the band : apparently the Gallagher brothers are good friends of my uncle, Alessandro del Piero.


Saturday, October 10, 2009


The next studio project is to design a vinyl record cover. We had to do the lucky dip again to find which singer/band we're gonna design for. And guess what I got? OASIS!

Yaay! Thank You God!

I knew I always have something to do with the band. Now I know it wasn't just a feeling.


Friday, October 9, 2009

After the Friday has Gone

Friday after 6 p.m I always feel like I can do anything. 

Since entering level 2 Communication Design in Lasalle-College of the Arts started from August 2009, 3 days before Friday were always hectic. 
  • Tuesday : started worrying about Friday.
  • Wednesday : trying to minimize the amount of works for Thursday but always fell asleep.
  • Thursday : terrified. crazy. wishing it's still Tuesday.
I've been promising myself it wouldn't happen again and it always happened. again. It won't happen this week (yea another promise, hope it works this time).

In this week's case : Ehm don't fall asleep reading this okay. 
  • Tuesday : e-mailing the lecturer for consultation in Wednesday | this copywriting project is very unpredictable * when people think the copy is great the teacher might think otherwise | vice versa* consultation before (the large format) printing is a MUST to reduce the risk. Apparently the slot for Wednesday was fully booked :( The lecturer told me to meet her on Thursday 4.30 pm!!! Oh noooo. Thursday 4.30 pm's so close to Friday.
  • Wednesday : Did a little homework and fell asleep as usual.
  • Thursday : Rushing home after morning lecture to do as many as I could, being kiasu, I reached school again at 4. The lecturer appeared before 4.30! Yaayy I thought I could print in the same day. But apparently there were 3 others students who also wanted to meet her. I think they're level 3 so their projects are more important. So I spent 1 hour standing there waiting and doing nothing. 
Finally. My turn. Bad news. She didn't like any of my 'refined' copies, she preferred one from my previous ones, and refined it.

Thank God ( imagine what would happen on Friday if I didn't meet her. that was my first outside class consultation actually).

And thank her, really really appreciate it. For the help and for the time. When a lecturer gives you extra time it means he/she cares and is willing to help.

The thing is she told me to do a small change (but major for me because it has something to do with ---a software---). I went to library to finish it as soon as possible so I could print that day. Panicking. The library's closing. The printing shops are also closing. 

LSS, I managed to do the printing, but because of some colour problems I had to wake up and come earlier to print again on Friday. Well, at least I know everything else's okay. 

Reached home, finishing studio, the researching about my favorite designer after God, and my favorite design / art movement. We had to write our own (and new) DESIGN MANIFESTO how crazy is thaatttt. 

Stefan Sagmeister, and Surrealism. 

I accidentally fell asleep around 2.30, woke up shocked and relieved it was still 7.30. Finishing homework. Printing. CCS started. CCS finished. Lunch in Ah Mei. 4 hours studio class started. Thanks God  everything's fine. 6 pm, studio class finished.

Thanks God :)))))))

Weekend is here again yo!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Blame the (Other) Old Lady (and Thank God!)

for this spontaneously crazy day!

This afternoon I had my Mushroom Swiss meal for the 3rd time, I didn't know if I'd have dinner or not later, just see how...

The afternoon rain poured down right after I got home. Hmm. It's raining, it's cold, I was playing with my laptop, lying down in my bed, covered with my soft purple blanket, but aaaaaaa gotta go to school.

Oh, before that, Nelvi (another old lady. besides me. huh) called me on msn, talking about studio project, delaying our tomorrow's Singapore Flyer plan to next week due to awaiting deadline on Friday, and then DINNER. okay, I guess I'd have dinner then.

Singapore Flyer's promo for students : 10 dollars on weekdays until December 31st. We've been planning (and canceling), mostly because of pre-deadline anxiety.

At school, me and Connie (the kid) decided that we'd just have dinner in PastaMania in Bugis Junction ( a mall near our school), then home, of course, trying to make today a 'productive' and fruitful day. We told Nelvi to meet us at school.

We found that we wore greyscale clothes, even the footwear. I wore the darkest, then Nelvi, then Connie. The kid said the colour (or the shade, kid) determines the age. Huh.

Then we walked to BuJunc laughing at each other as usual, on the way (btw we were ALMOST there), Nelvi then said 'the magic words'...

"How if we just go to flyer today?"

---silently looking at each other---with meaningful gaze---

"Since I've got one sketch (for tomorrow's homework)," She added.

And we did the usual "up to you," and the "It's okay for me," stuff and long story short, we decided to take bus in front of Bugis Junction to have dinner in Suntec's Astons, then Singapore Flyer.

Okay what a change. Hahahaha. And thanks God, it's almost 7pm but the eating places in Suntec were not crowded at all and we didn't even have to queue.

Goodbye productive day. At least I blogged. And got great time and experiences.

We walked from Suntec to the ferris wheel, it was a funny walk. Laughing and doing 'acrobat' on the side of the road only us could understand, because I don't know how to explain it, not in English hahahah.

And we almost reached the place, there was a sign saying, "Singapore Flyer This Way" directing us to take a small dark road in the middle of bushes.

Oh no. "I'm walking in the middle," I said to them. I know those kinda 'jungle' was full of danger, the small creatures. the worms.

It was a short yet longggg 'journey' of holding hands - walking fast - 'SCARED AND LAUGHING' - hoping and praying we wouldn't see any worms (apparently the old lady beside me was also afraid of those things hahahaha).

Thanks God, we made it, then we found that we actually didn't have to take that route, there was another 'open' and wider way near there. Seriously couldn't stop laughing.

And thanks God, the student promo is for all day, we thought it might be only for certain hours and 8pm's too late. And I met my foundation friend, Fatin, who apparently works there now,

Here we go, Singapore Flyer for the first time (never before because the regular price is crazy).

No preparation. No good camera. We took all the photos from mobile phone cameras (which is a normal thing for me hahahahaha. I love using handphone's cameras. Even yes they produce lousy photos sometimes. Most of the time).

Thanks God, we had a great (and sometimes kampungan) time up there.

We will be back some day (before December of course), in the afternoon, with a DSLR, or handphone cameras again.

Then Nelvi popped another question again hahahahahaha.

"So, are we gonna eat again after this?"

I know it's crazy, we've already had so much, but I also wanted more hahahaha.

So, after a longgggg discussion of where to go and what to eat, we decided to took a cab to Gelare @OC. The waffle, of course..

This is how the other old lady looks like..

The kid and her Blackberry and the person she's talking to with the Blackberry. You know who you are.

This is just a great place to have long talks and deep conversations. We can even watch 'the climb'.

Thank God for today :)

Kapan2 lagi ya nek, nduk, hahahahahaha.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Indonesians Wear Batik

Wow long time no blogging! I've been so busy trying to find out what happened in Wisteria Lane. So Mike married Susan yayyy!!!

Happy Batik Day to You
Happy Batik Day to You
Happy Batik Day
Happy Batik Day
Happy Batik Day Indonesia!

Yesterday was the Batik day :) It was a long story of fighting for acknowledgment. 

I didn't hear anything from the embassy but my Indonesian friends in North America informed us that they were also encouraged to wear batik, and apparently batik day was a huge issue in Connie's facebook full of Malang people (I saw only a little in my facebook full of J-Towners...---you guys---), so it's a batik top for the first batik day! 

I saw Indonesians wearing batik along Orchard road at night, only a few. 


everybody said
everybody wore
batik outfits
you saw batik everywhere and 
anywhere you went you saw batik.

Must be a wonderful day!




yet National.