Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thank God for the Bigmatches!

Arsenal vs Chelsea, continued by Barca vs Madrid. Thank God for the time and the sofa and the TV :)

My dad is a true soccer fan, loves the games and not the clubs, but I know deep inside he likes Arsenal hehehe and.. ugh.. Milan..

There were updates from Serie A when we're watching the bigmatches. Cagliari - Juve 2-0 WHAAAATTT.. and is it only me or Serie A has become more and more 'invisible' on Indonesian television?

Never mind, I won't bother, for we've gotten the best in the world of soccer. Thank God :)

And, today's the nu watercolour pencils' debut :)
Nu stuff for my bedroom's wall today :)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Devinite : Naturally a Nite Person

I feel so recharged
I wanna write long stories
I wanna produce artworks
I wanna EAT
But I gotta wake up early tomorrow..

So yaa..

Friday, November 27, 2009

Nduk is Visiting (the Malls of) the Capital..!

PP-GI-PI-EX-TA-PS marathon yaaay sering2 ke Jakarta ya nduk,,

Seeing the kid with her parents made me wonder,.. ndukk jadi orang koq nrimo banget gitu koq bisa yaahh. Haduuuh.

And btw.. I think I got my appetite back, am not as crazy as I usually was when I'm in Indo, but the sudden cravings has started to attack sometimes, esp at night. It means I have to start stocking tons of jellies at home.

Or saladddd yaay Indonesia is a very beautiful country where you can have a big portion of delicious salad with your choice of toppings that costs only around 3$.

Midnite craving problem solved.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Soccer : A Green Therapy

After missing bigmatch by bigmatch, today I'm coming back to watching soccer, baby! Thank God!

Barca VS Inter tonite, it's officially a vacation.

Monday, November 23, 2009


Oh yaaa so it's confirmed that Raikkonen will take a break from F1. So how?


One day in Jakarta and I forgot how I lived in Singapore for 4 months


I had to take some time to recall what time I usually woke up, about the busses I took, the homeworks, the printing shops, daily routines and routes... wow. But I remember the food and the shoppings hahahahaha.

One day in Jakarta and I'm now so used to it.

Feels like I left this city for a week only. I remember all the details. What I do, what I watch or eat, and where I go. Jakarta looks all the same.

The only differences I've found so far are.. MALL SEBELAH TA UDAH JADIII HEHEHE, there's a crack on the dining room's floor (earthquake), and the TV programmes (of course) have changed, I need to adjust my TV schedule. OH MY LIL BRO IS TALLER THAN ME NOW.

He's not cute anymore :( 

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Day I Flew Away

As usual, the attempt to sleep a night before going home failed. Didn't know what else to do, I called the taxi and left for airport. Orchard- Changi unexpectedly took less time than Bugis-Changi, I reached the airport around 5.30 am, 15 minutes before check-in time.
The airport was freeeeeeezzzziiiinggg coldddddd. 15 minutes felt so longggg.

I still lost my appetite since assessment, which is good, so I wasn't too upset finding the lounge with the cheesy sausages was being renovatedddd.

Okay I was, a little. It's okayy so there's more room for hokben, I just didn't know what to do then. So I decided to sit there trying to have some sleep (failed. again. not that kinda person), waiting for the gate to be opened.

I was walking towards the gate when I found a new waiting room different from others, the carpet pattern's different, the benches are brown, warm, and nice, and ohhh it's my waiting room!!!

Big clear window, and look what God painted in the sky that early morning..
That's my plane..
That was the first time I fly without even reading the airlines' magazine. Too sleepy. I even 'lost my conciousness' for seconds, few times.

God's white soft sculptures (the clouds), with the grand lights (the sunlights) are always breathtaking.
That was one of my longest SG-Jakarta flight, maybe because I didn't read the magazine?

* * * The captain's speaking. Yay* * *

I always choose to sit on the far right side of the plane, because if the weather's nice and the angle's right, I can see the city when approaching the destination. And thank God, I could!
Looking down, smiling happily, "Thank God, that's my Jakarta,"

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Soulmate, Graphicdesignwise

I'd never been able to answer this simple question every graphic designer-to be is expected answer without hesitation until I was 19: who is your favorite graphic designer?

Found him. Stefan Sagmeister. Full stop. We share similar design values, point of view, preferences, and personality. I discovered his existence in my foundation year, when I read about him I felt like, "Wow.. this is just like me.." and when I read about his thoughts, I wanted to high-five him in the face. He wouldn't mind.

Here are six things I love (from Sagmeister, Inc) :
  • Thinking about ideas and content freely – with the deadline far away.
  • Working without interruption on a single project.
  • Using a wide variety of tools and techniques.
  • Traveling to new places.
  • Working on projects that matter to me.
  • Having things come back from the printer done well.


*In your face*

* * *

Thank God for the recess :) I love You :)

Can't Sleep, Too Excited

Jakarta Jakarta Jakarta Jakarta Jakarta I'm cominggg...!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

November 10th, 2009

So I was born 21 years ago..

A day before, until 2-3 hours before my birthday, some naughty people (you know who you are!!!) kept teasing me about me, going to be a so-called.. a... way I'm still YOUNG. And I felt so powerlesssss I couldn't stop the time.... 

What I was doing in 12a.m was doing my portfolio. It's 3 days to assessment and thanks God, I don't know why but I was very very very excited and recharged doing all the stuff :) I got the excitement (like the one in foundation year) back! Felt like working non stop yaaay, do it for the glory of God! 

Regina was the first one to call..and Reg if you're reading this, when you called I cried a little. I'm 21.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But thanks to God, and regina, and nini, and nduk, and nenek, and everybody for the 'video' and the empowering words & wishes that made me feel so much better on my first hours of being 21. Hahahaha.  
Sengkyu yah this is cute and very entertaining..

Yah me and the kid were supposed to print my vinyl record cover in the afternoon, (----the kid said I always need to print something on my birthdays. yes that's because my birthday's always near to assessment day---). The printing shop was closed and would be opened again at 6 p.m! Whaaat we're carrying those A1 papers!!!

So we decided to put the papers in Nenek's place (who lives 'above' the printing shops hahaha) and went for lunch. We planned to eat in Suntec's Astons but apparently the bus didn't stop in the usual place because of the APEC conference, instead of wasting time (hungryyyy) to find the way to Suntec, we decided to have lunch in Flyer's Popeye's. 
My birthday lunch. Yummmmmyyyyy. 

Then we went home to finish everything we could before going back to the printing shop at 6. 
And we took the wrong bus. Sorry nduk. My bad. 

The plan was : Me, taking a bus that stops in the kid's bus stop. 
   And the kid would get into that bus.
   So we'd go to the printing shop with the same bus. 

Hmm, 123 stops in the kid's, so I took it.

Then the kid got into the bus.

Then we did some hahaha-hihihi as usual. 


* * * 

As soon as we learned we're taking the wrong bus, we alighted, then crossed the road (a bit of running and a lot of HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAing) to the bus stop that would take us to the printing shop, hopefully on time.  It was somehow, fun, and funny. 
Errmm...(finding excuses) at least the scenery's not bad huh? And I found a church that I don't know why I found it oh so nice I wanna get married a.s.a.p! Hahahaha. 

Then we got to the printing shop safely and thanks God, on time. The kid suddenly wanted to eat in Tanglin Mall, but put the papers in my place first (ahaha seriously very convincing, nduk!). We went to my place with nenek and the kid, and put the stuff in my severely messy bedroom. Yanika was sleeping when we arrived, she got out to go to toilet and returned with a cake. They successfully bluffed me. 

No, the cake wasn't from the toilet of course..

Thanks gurlsss for the surprise and all the efforts to do this in the midst of homeworks and upcoming assessment please blame the school okay.

Then we went to cine to eat in es teler77 hehe. 

They've put the Christmas lights along the road already, the beauty (and the traffic jam) made me stop and reflect, of how good God has been and will always be to me. And how manjaaaa I was for being sad and ungrateful about growing older. 

God has made my life perfect. Why should I complain and cry? I should rejoice and praise Him for what He's done for me!

Thank You God for being my kind and fun best friend, 

for listening to all my curhats..
for answering all my prayers, 
and for surprising me with Your miraculous ways of doing it.
for healing my heart from all the pains. 
for always being a good company, I'm never alone.  
for strengthening me when I'm weak,
for always forgiving me although I hurt You so many times. 
for Your everlasting love that never changes
for being my e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g these 21 years, 

and even forever more..

And thank you friends, you made my day!!!

Isaiah 46 : 4 
 Even to your old age and gray hairs 
 I am he, I am he who will sustain you. 
 I have made you and I will carry you; 
I will sustain you and I will rescue you.