Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tribute and Prayer

Thank You God for the exquisite 2009.

*            *            *

I remember Your new year present for me at the beginning of the year, strengthened my faith, changed my life, took me to the higher level, a deeper relationship with You.

It's truly a spiritual breakthrough, I thank You.

*            *            *

I remember in the middle of the year, how You turned my sorrow into joy, my tears into laughter.

*            *            *

And thru the whole year, You're always here with me. I'm never alone, not even a second. You hold my hand from day to day, more month to month, for year to year.

*            *            *

And today, in the end of the year, I wanna thank You once again, for everything.

I'm sorry for hurting Your heart for sooo many times this year, and I thank You for always forgiving, and healing.

Change my heart, change me, to be more like You each day, and I can't wait to take the new steps, with Your hand in mine, and with Your heart, to the even better, action-packed, and colourful 2010. Amen.

Thank You Lord :)

*            *            *

***And early greetings! Haha! Happy nu year dudes and dudettes out there! Great years ahead! God bless all of you abundantly, amen!***

off to bed now - have to leave for Bandung (yay!) early in the morning for new year celebrations!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Jobim | Retrogress

Brazil's most sentimental asset? Definitivamente.

Quiet nights of quiet stars,
quiet chords from my guitar
Floating on the silence that surrounds us

Quiet thoughts and quiet dreams,
quiet walks by quiet streams
And a window that looks out on corcovado,
oh how lovely

*      *      *

How insensitive
I must have seemed
When she told me that she loved me
How unmoved and cold
I must have seemed
When she told me so sincerely

*      *      *

Though you're far away,
I have only to close my eyes
and you are back to stay
I just close my eyes
and the sadness that missing you brings
Soon is gone and this heart of mine sings

*      *      *

Sad is to live in solitude
far from your tranquil altitude
Sad is to know that no one ever can live
on a dream that never can be,
will never be dreamer awake,
wake up and see.

*      *      *

Tune your heart with mine the way it used to be,
Join with me in harmony and sing a song of love,
We're bound to get in tune again before too long,
There'll be no Desafinado
when your heart belongs to me completely

*      *      *

:) For the reoccurring love affair with Bossa nova

Sunday, December 20, 2009

This is How Holiday Should be

Believe it or not it was my first time going inside Gelora Bung Karno.

Ah, a stadium. Fell in love straight away with the athmosphere.

But more importantly, we were there to jump and dance praising the King of kings! A Praise & Worship session with Hillsong London and a crusade with Rev.Reinhard Bonnke.

We got there really really too early, so we spent some time walking around taking photographs and choosing comfy seats before settling down talking about stuff. Biasaaa trending topic.

Oh yaaa haha, when we were going up using stairs, we heard someone rehearsing, the voice's sooo soft and calming.. I said to Vena (very excited about Hillsong), "Waahh udah kedengeran suara bule! My heart starts melting already!"

"Itu Mike Mohede tau," kata Vena.

Beberapa detik kemudian iya yah. Suaranya Mike. Hahahah ngakakkk seru di tangga. Cape (deh).

The crowd started coming and at 5 the music started! Yaaay very very very thrilled, we really didn't know there would be quite many public figures there (because in facebook they only mentioned Hillsong London, live in Jakarta). Mike Mohede (*love his voice * the true Asian Idol : How Could We Fell into the Voting System * Peace*). So blessed by the singers and choirs! I wasn't sure if Rio Febrian was there : too small to see, yes I think it was him, singing with The Disciples (with Saykoji) was super duper fun!!!!

Another special performance was from Jason, a very talented songwriter, and also blessed by rare dangdut talent! He also told us about a true story behind the song "Bapa Sentuh Hatiku", about how God healed his friend from the deepest darkest period of life and how God stopped her hand when she's about to take her own life, came to her, comforted her with His unconditional love.

Thank God the weather was perfect, no rain, open skies :) The stadium is a great place to worship God.

It was dawn, more people has come, and the bule-bule Hillsong were spotted going into a car that which then brought them to the stage.

The atmosphere was great! We were so ready and excited to start the celebration, to praise the Lord Almighty. We couldn't stop shouting wooo hoooooo!!!!!! The singer led us sing "Ku' Kan Terbang," then the Hillsong crew invaded, "One Way, Jesus!"

It was great!!! Really felt the joy of praising God :) I was so happy when they started singing "Take It All" --- my treadmill song!

Searching the world,
The lost will be found.
in freedom we live,
As one we cry out.
You carried the cross,
You died and rose again,
My God,
I'll only ever give my all.

You sent your Son,
From heaven to earth,
Delivered us all,
It's Eternally heard,
I Searched for Truth
and All I found was you
My God,
I'll only ever give my all.

Jesus, we're living for Your name,
We'll never be ashamed of you!
Our praise
And all we are today
Take, take, take, it all.
Take, take, take, it all.

Running to the one who heals the blind.
Following the shining light
In Your hands the power to save the world
And my life.

And apparently Sidney Mohede was also on stage singing with them, he led us sing some part of "Shout to the Lord" in Bahasa Indonesia, and we continued the rest in English.

Thank God for everything :)

And this was the opening verse in Rev Bonnke's sermon |a reminder friends, for me and for you| :

Luke 13 : 24
Make every effort to enter through the narrow door,
because many, I tell you, will try to enter and will not be able to

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Let's Draw!

Sport jantung nontonin undian grup World Cup.

Woo-hoo. We're not in THAT group, Italy!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Facts, Discoveries, and Feelings

Wow it's been a long time, too busy burning fats :) And it's December 10th, a month after b'day, and a month before S'pore...And all of the sudden here are the recent and random updates :
  • I'm now HAPPILY 21 :) Yesss : exciting*colourful*memorable*fun*young. Aminnn.
  • Seriously couldn't find Ellen on TV anymore.
  • Sick of Take Me/Him Out Indonesia, not the host.
  • Yeah I thought I can live the paperless life, I can't. I always have to do things on papers, always have to have a solid journal. Less Digital, More You. Heheheheeeee.
  • Oh after Lasalle, it's also hard to work without scalpel and cutting mat. But there's no way I'd fly them here. Cuihh.
  • Some people just tweet too often (and not too important), don't they? I'm to lazy to figure out how to list people as Joko Anwar suggested. Oh it's not you, don't worry.
  • Admira Pustaka's team was eliminated this week :(
  • Apparently Fann Wong was from Lasalle too.
  • Desperately bored with most of the songs in my iPod!!! And it is an essential device for treadmilling, and thanks God, apparently the glider in front of TV (I thought it's very low impact) can burn more than walking in treadmill!!! Yay! Now I can burn more calories without the fear of iPod severe boredom.
  • That 'fear' led me to checking Mtv more often as a desperate attempt to find more treadmill songs. Wow. Mtv. I was a big fan in childhood (miss you Sarah Sechan*Nadia Hutagalung*Jamie Aditya*Mtv Land*Mtv Screen*Mtv Most wanted*young Backstreet Boys). And during high school : I forgot there's a channel called Mtv hahaha : just not interested : at all. EXCEPT MTV BUJANG!!! And college : Mtv is back to interesting haha, again, after Lasalle (especially after the last Oasis project), we really pay attention to the video, the album cover, the fashion, the stage, and more..
  • Still don't know how to watch HIMYM season 5 online.
  • Centurygate, Centurygate, Centurygate, and last week Manohara and her mom were on Just Alvin I was happpyyy hahahahah finally a break! so. not. pro. them.
  • Just found out that Ariel Peterpan is now Nazril Ilham toh?
  • Thanks God, this flu has miraculously and rapidly gone! 
  • The (X) S,M,L little grey dress is mine now :) Nduk, I bought it - you must be proud.
  • Being myself, a night person, I didn't realize it was 1:13 am already. Eyes wide open.
  • I miss KimChi ramen. I know. I know.
  • Talking about quality, come on, Twilight? Heard tons of ouch reviews on the book, and the movie is a loud ohh no...!!!!!!!!
  • I missed Juve vs Inter. Ouch.  (you know, that deep regret of missing an important match) but thank God we won the derby d'Italia.
  • I didn't miss Juve vs Muenchen, 1-4 we're out, but it's okay since God has given us the best :)))))
  • Oh and Italy's in the group F for 2010 World Cup. And while anxiously watching the final draw I realized that we're still the reigning champion!