Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pro Stalkers in the Making

So last week CCS' exercise was to stalk..err..observe... 10 random people we spot in public places and to describe their appearance.

My major is uber fun don't you think? :)))))) I love being a stalker! 

Because Singapore is a very 'public' city so everyone can see and be seen, interesting people - or people with interesting apperance are everywhere. Here is a sneak peak from my latest best selling book called  "Stalking As a New Hobby". 

A Chinese man, around 50's-60s, spotted jogging with his (probably) wife on Sunday morning around 10.10 am, both wearing white Polo shirt, grey training pants, and white running shoes.
It seemed that the man was mentally unstable, he kept shouting ...Chinese?..words very loudly, and when I was looking at him - HE WAS SHOUTING AT ME across the road and I tried not to look at him. They continued running and I reached my bus stop and continued observing. The man kept shouting words , he air-punched the traffic lights, a group of male Caucasian tourists saw him and laughed a bit. 

Her wife just explained it with a little smile, an apology? - there's a sadness in her face - might be an emphaty for her husband - might be an expression of exhaustion, she might have been in that situation for years, she then asked her husband to continue running.

As they're running right in front of me, the man shouted proudly, "I am Samson, I am Samson!"

* *      *

Bus, on the way home, a very old Chinese lady , 70's-80's, sitting alone, offered me a seat beside her with a smile. She has short curly white hair and was wearing a satin Chinese prints clothes, FULL make up, yellow and blue eyeshadow, bright red lipstick.
Her smile was so genuine, warm, and friendly.

* *      *

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sushi? Me? Really?

When it comes to Sushi, I can only eat the ones with egg, cucumber, or corn - because of my disability of eating seafood and raw stuff hehe. Even tough I like all those - I can't say I like Sushi in general right?

But when I tell people I don't like (or actually, can't eat) Sushi (or anything raw, and anything with seafood) they will say something like "Whaaat? You don't know what you miss, girl!"

Yea but believe it or not I'm glad I miss them, hihi.

But don't know why few days ago I got a sudden Sushi craving! Even the word 'SingTel' seemed like 'SushiTei' to me. Never thought I'd ever had one.

So yesterday I went to a Sushi place with the kid nearby the school.

The one with the egg. And the ones with the corn. Hihi. And I immediately planned to do a similar activity soon.

*Random Regulations and Theory of Japanese Cuisine ahahahaha* SLAPPED.
  • When I say I love Japanese food, I'm referring to Hoka-Hoka Bento.
  • But I do like Japanese food when seafood -except Hokben's Kani Roll- and raw food aren't involved.
  • It means yaaa my kind of Japanese food revolves around Chicken Katsu and Chicken Teriyaki and Chicken Yakiniku and and Chicken Karaage and Chicken Curry hahahahahah. VIVA LA TORI!
  • What I mean is when people go to a Japanese restaurant to experience the unique and exotic Japanese cuisine I will probably go for the normal ones - that you can find in every Japanese eateries.
  • Except if the photo of the braised udon looks mouthwatering.
  • or the 'exotic' ones don't come from the sea.
  • of course this applies to any restaurants hahahahaha but talking about Jap - Sushi, the sea creatures really dominate don't you think?
  • Beef (only Yoshinoya's and Hokben's Sukiyaki) is allright hihi. And the omelette and the soups and the side dishes. Pasta - udon - soba - the fusions - great. Eh apparently I like lots of them!
  • Prefer Korean to Japanese ramen. Duh.
Ohh back to Sushi - I'm glad nowadays there are ones called Western Sushi or fusions or FREESTYLE Sushi hahaha where you put all the good things like cheese and chicken and fry them. Nice :)

For example, this one is called 'Sushi Mama'. Of course my mom makes edible (according to me) sushi, rice - chicken - veggie - seaweed - lots of mayo.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The name of the LORD
is a strong tower ;
The righteous run to it
and are safe

Proverbs 18 : 10 NKJV

He is my only hope :)

Dengan SayapMu

by Sari Simorangkir




hear the song here

Thursday, January 21, 2010

It was a Dull Start. But God is Good.

2 : 47 AM, eyes wide open. I woke up around 7+ today and I started feeling sleepy few hours ago and it happened again : I found interesting sites and surfed them until the sleepiness went away.

So let's blog about what happened today.

Do you know those days when you wake up in the morning and feel like you're not supposed to leave your bed? And you know the stories when people don't fly when they feel like they're not supposed to fly? Yea they're not the same. For the first case, mostly, you gotta get up. Thank God for the water heater which really helps to kick-start the day.

The sky was dull, it didn't seem like 8 o'clock, the bag felt heavier than usual, I really don't know why but we felt really tired walking to school. Huah.

But when I was walking to the lecture theater I'm reminded that hey..I'm a college student and that's fun, this is a state of the art college and that's cool, I'm an international student and that's exciting, I'm 21 and that's YOUNG. I should cherish every moment being the happiest girl in the world. Thank God for the blessings and everything :)

Lecture today was supercool and strongly related to our everyday (or every-weekend) lives, Joseph Campbell's The Hero with a Thousand Faces. And Isabel showed us a clip of George Lucas telling us to follow our bliss - eventhough it's not mainstream-, that I really agree with, it's better than just working for money. But what's more important is following God's will no matter what - even it might or might not be your hobby, but you'll realize that's the best and eventually find the bliss - the peace - the real one.

And oh, the studio today, very tiring yet somehow oh so fun, and it burned lots of calories too..! We were told to bring 2 pieces of woodblocks and carving tools for printmaking, quite excited about it but apparently what we're supposed to do was only carving random redesigned alphabets to be used next week. I got the letter S. It's curvy :(

And it's kinda difficult, but you'll get the satisfaction if you manage to carve and cut the woods away smoothly.

After around 2 hours of struggling and 10 reddish painful (a bit) wounded fingers, that's my "S".
We got very tired and stopped for a while, Junwei took mine and played with it, then he realized that when you use it as a stamp everything will be reversed.


Eh wait2, when you reverse the letter S wouldn't it be just the same...?

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA again. It is not. I gotta do it again. Ugh. It's alright. That's a lesson. That lesson burned calories.

Then, after class, I realized that Thank God this is Thursday night! I don't have class on Fridays so it's already weekend for us. Hihiyyy.

Nah couple of days ago I bought a pair of very very comfortable shoes. The comfortable shoes apparently hurt after sometime (and they won't hurt anymore after sometime - if I let my feet suffer for an uncertain length of time that is called sometime). My feet had started feeling the pain when we walked to Ah Mei for lunch (I had braised Chicken Noodle, which is honestly tasteless, but I like) then it got worse after we walked to Plaza Singapura, then back to school. Thank God we didn't need to walk around in studio.

It's too painful for home hehehe, thank God my roommate and I actually planned to catch a movie after school and she was at home so I could ask her to bring my sandals to the cinema. Painfully walked to bus shelter, then I reached the meeting place around 15 minutes earlier coz I couldn't go anywhere else anyway, I was so happy when I reached the food court. Thank God for the seat. And the milk tea :)
And there came my roommate with my sandals. Terrific relief.

And for the late Thursday nite movie was Toothfairy. So heartwarming!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


by Paul Laurence Dunbar.  
"An angel, robed in spotless white,  
Bent down and kissed the sleeping Night.  
Night woke to blush; the sprite was gone.  
Men saw the blush and called it Dawn."

Thursday, January 14, 2010

First Week, Slacking Week

Back to the college of the arts..

Sitting on the Frass for the looooong school break

Reading illustration books in the library.. (from this semester I'm doing illustration woo-hoo:) - I love Kay Nielsen -

Mine and roommate's,
10 outrageous new shoes, not even a week yet.
the word SALE is everywhere...
Even worse,
oh no, what's even BETTER,
is the phrase 'FURTHER REDUCTIONS'..

Monday, January 11, 2010

Lost and Found, Around 30 Minutes Later

Ohya and before we went out my roommate told me, " I think I lost my purse,"

Oh? At first I thought maybe she just misplaced it, I started looking around the room and told her to check her bag once again.

She did, and still no purse.

Ehm, I started asking things like do you remember putting it somewhere, or was the purse still with you when we got out of taxi, etc.. and after trying hard to reconstruct what happened last night, it's either dropped along the hallway or IN THE TAXI. Both are very risky.

Oh no so it's really lost. Panic button pressed. 

Then what's inside the purse? Credit card, NETS, and hundreds of dollars.


We went down to see if the purse was there. No purse found. She asked the security. No purse found.

She called the taxi company to report lost and found, no one picked up, called again, waited very long, finally somebody picked up. The operator said she would inform my roommate if somebody found the long black purse. (And FYI, the rating of the lost & found service was very low and there were reports that people didn't found what they lost).

She told her mom. Her mom called her cousin. Her cousin called her. She told her cousin. Her cousin suggested to tell the police.

Pressured. Scared. Sad. Blue.

After sometime trying, disappointed, she decided to call the bank to block the cards, she realized she didn't know her account number, she got up and opened the wardrobe to see the book. 

"KETEMU!!!!!" -------"I FOUND IT!!!!!"

The long black purse was caught hiding in the wardrobe. 

And we screamed and jumped like little girls - high voice. 

What a way to start a day, thanks God it's back to a great day!

*      *      *
I remember watching The Hangover last time to get rid of homesickness.
This time we watched Did You Hear About the Morgans to laugh the homesickness away.

Waking Up in Singapore

Not very disappointing, because I woke up from a very weird dream - my ex studio lecturer was teaching me Algebra. 

I actually had a soothing feeling when looking out the window, I felt like I'm in Puncak and was about to go out to take a walk. 

Last night I had a short period of homesick, especially when unpacking. But thanks God after a long chat with dad I calmed down, and when my roommate found out she doesn't have class today I cheered up. We immediately planned where we're gonna eat and shop hahahahaha. 

But thanks God this is seriously much much better than the one before this. Last time I arrived in a dirty dusty room, the access card's not working, the water's not running, TV was still broken, the internet wasn't accessible, roommate was still in Indo, unwashed clothes were still there untouched. 

This time, I arrived with my roommate to a very clean and tidy room - even more than when I left - everything's perfect, the clothes the blanket and the bedsheets were all clean, still no TV. Hihi. 

I getting rid of this anxiety before school starts. Tomorrow. It's gonnabe superfun:) Amen!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Landed. On the Little Red Dot.

Ugh. I dislike the pain found in homesickness. Why does this first days syndrome always happen?

But thanks God it's way better than the previous one. God please give me Your peace so I'm able to fall asleep as You fill me with Your joy.

Tomorrow will be a beautiful day. Great days ahead :) Amen.

Friday, January 8, 2010


I'm very thrilled right now!!! Thanks God I just found a song I heard back in 2001, few days ago suddenly I recalled the song and I tried to google it today, it's so hard because I only remembered the melody and the lyrics were in French (and it started with something that sounded like 'sigi'), the singer sounded very much like Celine Dion. I found 2 people asking - what's the title of Sagas' theme song in Metro TV sung by Celine Dion- nobody seemed to know.

So I tried to find the lyrics of Celine Dion's French songs before 2001, and I saw a title, 'Celine Dion - Un garçon pas comme les autres (Ziggy)'


Yes it is the song!!!

And somehow it reminds me of a friend who once had her 'Ziggy'..Terus gw nemu video clipnya. BUSET DAH.

Ziggy, il s'appelle Ziggy

Je suis folle de lui
C'est un garçon pas comme les autres
Mais moi je l'aime, c'est pas d'ma faute
Même si je sais
Qu'il ne m'aimera jamais

Ziggy, his name is Ziggy
I'm crazy about him
He's a boy like no others
But I love him, it's not my fault
Even if I know
That he will never love me

Ziggy, il s'appelle Ziggy
Je suis folle de lui
La première fois que je l'ai vu
Je m'suis jetée sur lui dans la rue
J'lui ai seulement dit
Que j'avais envie de lui

Ziggy, his name is Ziggy
I'm crazy about him
The first time I saw him
I jumped on him on the street
I simply told him
That I wanted him

Il était quatre heures du matin
J'étais seule et j'avais besoin
De parler à quelqu'un
Il m'a dit: viens prendre un café
Et on s'est raconté nos vies
On a ri, on a pleuré

It was four o'clock in the morning
I was alone and I needed
To talk to someone
He told me: come take a coffee
And we told each other lives
We laughed, and we cried

Ziggy, il s'appelle Ziggy
C'est mon seul ami
Dans sa tête y'a que d'la musique
Il vend des disques dans une boutique
On dirait qu'il vit dans une autre galaxie

Ziggy, his name is Ziggy
He's my only friend
In his head there's only music
He sells discs in a boutique
We could say he's living in another galaxy

Tous les soirs, il m'emmène danser
Dans des endroits très très gais
Où il a des tas d'amis
Oui, je sais, il aime les garçons
Je devrais me faire une raison
Essayer de l'oublier, , , mais

Every night, he take me dancing
In very very cheerful places
Where he has lots of friends
Yes, I know, he likes boys
I should reason myself
Trying to forget him, , , but

Ziggy, il s'appelle Ziggy
Je suis folle de lui
C'est un garçon pas comme les autres
Et moi je l'aime, c'est pas d'ma faute
Même si je sais
Qu'il ne m'aimera jamais.

Ziggy, his name is Ziggy
I'm crazy about him
He's a boy like no others
But I love him, it's not my fault
Even if I know
That he will never love me

Akibat Bermain di Jalan Tol

Beberapa hari yang lalu saya mimpi buruk, ceritanya terjebak di tol dari Bandung ga nyampe-nyampe hahahahaha, padahal ga macet sama sekali loh, berkali-kali gw bangun dan dengan SADAR ngeliat jam di kamar gw, tapi yang gw pikir malah, "duh belom nyampe juga....."

Tidur lagi, bangun lagi, ga nyampe-nyampe Jakarta hahahahah.

Pas beneran bangun, gula darah drop, badan lemassssss, gak nafsu makan (bagus), capeee (kelamaan di jalan tol sih), tangan kanan sakit (kalo ini kenapa yah). Nyokap ngajak facial, dia bilang gapapa kan tiduran, gw pikir iya juga yah pasti enak badan lagi lemes trus muka dipijet-pijet.

Saya terkulai di mobil, seperti orang sakit yang sedang menuju ke rumah sakit untuk mendapatkan infus, tapi gw malah ke tempat facial heheheheh. Untuk mendapatkan pemijatan pada wajah tentunya.

Anyway cerita lemes-lemesan hanya berlangsung 1 hari, besoknya sudah segeran meski belom bisa makan banyak (bagussssss---tapi tetep banyak sih makannya), dan masalahnya cepet capeeeee baru treadmill 10 menit udah ga kuattt (apa bosen kali yah), bagaimana dengan berat badan sayaaaa. I don't worry about my health, I'm worried about my weight.

Thanks God, saya sudah benar-benar segar, bahkan sudah bisa meni-pedi! Hari ini, saya bertekad akan berolahraga di depan TV sambil nonton Kick Andy, agar bisa mencapai target meraih medali emas, dan menurunkan 10 kilogram dalam 2 hari!

Kan cuma target.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


(Suddenly freaking out it's almost my time to go back to the little red dot. It's gonnabe fun right? Right? Right? Right!)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mountanious New Year

The pictures..

And the stories..

Last day of 2009, woke up at 6am and left at 7 to avoid traffic jam, and thank God, waking up too early led to being able to sleep in the car! Woo-hoo it cut a lot of highway. I didn't know how long I fell asleep but we were about to enter the city when I woke up. Paris van Java here we come!

And we're lost in Bandung hahahahahaha. After about 30 minutes of asking the locals and turning here and there, we finally found our way to Lembang.

Anyway, it's fun, accidental city sightseeing :)

Lucu yahh namanya Toko Persegi. Ntar cabangnya Toko Lingkaran dan Toko Jajar Genjang.

Up and up and up we reached the hotel, dropped our stuff, and left to find a nearby authentic Sundanese restaurant, and I'm telling you it was the best Nasi Timbel Ayam Bakar I've ever had so far!!!!

And at night, we prayed together as a family to thank God for 2009, and for His blessings for 2010. Lembang is one of the popular spot for people, especially from Jakarta, to celebrate new year, so the fireworks were pretty everywhere :)))

Btw, Opera van Java that night was hilarious! I remember watching Harry Potter 4 on TV on last year's NYE, this year's was Spiderman 3.
And one of the highlights of this new year trip was the Tangkuban Parahu!

And...I love this road!!!! Surrounded by tall trees, it reminded me of Hollywood 'forest-Chuck Norris' movies hahahahaha, I really felt like I was in American Mountain, I felt like I was in the scene!
Oh this one is really Indonesia.

John 10 : 10b
I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.

***Tahun 2010 adalah tahun pemulihan dan kelimpahan, amin!***

Yohanes 10 : 10b

Aku datang, supaya mereka mempunyai hidup, dan mempunyainya dalam segala kelimpahan.