Sunday, February 28, 2010

Waking Up in Jakarta (Again)

You know, the feeling when you wake up and find yourself far away from home? You open your eyes and you're surprised. You need a couple of seconds to realize where you are.

But if it happens everyday, will it (still) be suprising?

About a week ago, I asked the kid if she still got that feeling in the morning. I asked her whether she's surprised finding herself waking up in Singapore, or finding herself in Malang.

"I'm surprised finding myself waking up in Singapore," she answered, it means in her heart and mind, Malang is still her home, and Singapore isn't. I know why, p**m*-a***ad*i

As for me, getting used to it, I've started to stop being surprised waking up in Singapore lately.

But this morning, I woke up, and I was surprised.

I am home.

And as always, it feels WOW.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Essayo Finito Baby!

Exactly 4 am Singapore time, after 2 headache pills and 3 cups of starbucks, several "mood-crashes" and squeezes of brain, tonnes of encouragements, continuos guidances, and abundance of love and rescue from above......... the essay is finally ready to be printed and submitted... today.

Okay. Multiple alarms set.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jakarta is 4 Days Away, Essay Deadline is 3 Days Away

Those words are jumbling in my head and my eyes are starting to indicate the need of caffeine. 
Limited time grows anxiety, a distracting news grows even bigger a one.
Wanna press the pause button - wanna fast forward.
Need to release the stress, really need to vomit the worries. 

Thank You Lord I have You :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Booking Air Ticket = Adrenaline Rush

Had a hard time pressing the heavy "confirm" button. 

It means thanks God,

I'm coming home, dudes and dudettes!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Box Finally Made Its Debut

Praise the Lord, studio homeworks - illustrations for Les Miserables are halfway done :)

I wanna make them look very Parisian, how hard life can be even in such a beautiful city..

There's gonnabe 6 20x20 pieces and they're all in 3D.

It means I could finally make use of this memorable bag!!! purchased on Christmas 2008 (eh? It took me that long?) Mom bought the entire thing "just because" I said I liked the box. Bag. Ahahahah.
Awww doesn't it look pretty? ..

Superficial? I don't care.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Evening at the Museums

On Thursday, February 16th (- Happy birthday Valentino Rossi! Hahahah -), still a public holiday, we decided to visit museums after sushi *random*. And apparently it was the open house day of National Museum of Singapore! Yaaaaayyyy. We seriously just found out at the entrance. 

There were 2 special exhibitions going but due to the limitation of time (we got there quite late, about 4+, no preparations, no digicam, no SLR, only the beloved phone camera as usual :p) we didn't see the one with the Egyptian Mummies (even tough it seemed more highly anticipated). We managed to see this one : 

Talking about the love of exclusivity, I have this habit of bringing carrier bags from Singapore stores  to Jakarta, and vice versa. They have the same meaning as souvenirs right? They are souvenirs. And since I'm the weirdest person in the family - the only one who goes to art school hahahah - I think my mom understands, but once questioned me why do you always bring back these trashes home? 

Ovaltine and Milo. Despite I heard most people said the first one tasted better, I stick with the latter. Errr I heard that they're effective weight gainers (horror) so.. 

Cold Storage! It's the old Cold Storage! Wah lao. 

FnN old logo found in one of the permanent exhibition (this one's about Singapore cuisine).
When I just came to Singapore I was surprised Fanta products were nowhere to be found - oh apparently they have FnN. Sekian.

And the chandeliers! And the chandeliers! So much love for the chandeliers. 
Swing here..
Swing there..
Swing here..
It felt more mechanical (that's what makes them different) than mysterious. But it still gave me goosebumps. 

Then we went to this Film and Wayang gallery. Wayang? When I came in what I saw were Chinese puppets, stage, and costumes. Oh maybe the word 'wayang' means theatrical puppets in general, not only the ones we know from Indonesia. 

A Malay film screening. 3 big screens. Wow - grande. 

An old Malay movie poster. 'Ibu Mertuaku' means 'My Mother-in-Law' by P.Ramlee

An old Chinese movie poster. Err..

And these are film rolls! These are film rolls! 
Reminded me of Janji Joni, by again, Joko Anwar. Lol.

Even the details of the building are lovely.

Chinese sequined opera costumes. Wowww. 

A simple wedding dress from the fashion gallery.

And kyaaaa the photography gallery!!! I remember visiting this place for the first time back in fun-dation year, it was the beginning of semester 1, it was the photography class field trip, it was fun, it was different. Back then I didn't even know where NMS was - only 20 minutes away from school - I wasn't familiar with Singapore, the school surroundings, the art world, and the Singlish. I remember getting lost trying to find my way back to school, the SMU complex was so complex.

Back then I was like, ouh - what is this dark and cold place full of mysterious photographs - what do I have to do with these what do I have to do - reading descriptions in English was strange and a little bit scary. First galleries were like wuowwww I really really feel like an art student - sitting in the corner listening to the lecturer's explanations : another dream came true. Now it's just another trip to galleries, and every visit's always special, but we're just so used to it - galleries are normal. 

And I wanna feel that sensation again, thanks God I'm still a student. I have to go more often. I have to make good use of my time, and my student card... concession. 

And the chandeliers took my breath away once againnnnn they're just so cool. And look at the shadows behind. They're just meant to stick together, great composition.

The view from below. They're about to snap.

People, it's the carpet placed below the wooden chandeliers. At first I thought it was the shadow play, but apparently it's the pattern of the carpet itself formed by black, grey, and white distorted chandelier silhouettes. Clever. AND UBER-COOL.

Again, even the details and the corners are lovely.

Then we decided to move on to Singapore Art Museum, almost closed, but we entered anyway. There was this exhibition by an Indonesian artist, FX Harsono. We didn't have much time but we managed to see some of his cool installations. Wish we can return for the rest. 

Those dots = real pinned flies.

Tiramisu? No, those were butterflies, I'm not sure if they're real or not. 

And our attentions were so drawn by a documentary about a massacre of Chinese people in Blitar occurred in 1948 (FX Harsono is an Indonesian Chinese who grew up in Blitar), the interviews with survivors and eyewitnesses, and someone walked in to inform us the museum's closing. 

Alright, we'll be back. Now proceed to Coffee Bean for Iced Latte.  Thanks God for a great day and a great evening at the museums!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Didn't I Just Drink a Cup of Coffee?

Hey eyes please stay open. It's not CNY anymore. Studio studio studio studio studio studio sleep studio studio studio studio sleep sleep studio.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Why So Sepi?

CNY Eve Bedtime Story.

No no this is a story about 2 days of a girl's life who personally doesn't celebrate CNY but happens to be in a country that WOWly celebrates CNY during CNY.

I don't know what's up with this year's CNY, every Indonesians in Singapore I know (okay, like.. 90% of them) went back home to celebrate it, even people who didn't really go home even in long holidays. Every Indo in my class (yea except me of course) went back home. My roommate went back home. 

Okay at first I thought, what's so bad about that? I'm gonna star a movie called "Adventure of the Silent City 2 : Hope It's Not Going to be That Silent". I hope it's not gonnabe too noisy either - I'll try my best avoiding Barongsai, but the Chinese songs in public places are unavoidable - it's not a huge problem, I'm getting used to them. *They're earworms.* Kyaaaaa....!

Thursday, February 11th 2009
  • We watched Persepolis in lecture, the movie is b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.l.y  h.i.l.a.r.i.o.u.s 
  • Stop motion workshop for studio. It was FUN FUN FUN, our group made a short movie about the life of a Coca-Cola can, from its birth (from the vending machine) to its death (somebody picked it up and throw it away). When it came to the compilation of the still photos using a s.o.f.t.w.a.r.e I was abit stressed because you know, I'm (still) gaptek. It's just hard to be easy when I'm in the same room with techno junkies hehe. Thanks God it's a group project and all problems were solved on time.
  • My roommate had left by the time I reached home. Felt lonely for seconds, but heyy God's here, so it's just me and Him - it's a date :) Let's find something in YouTube.
  • After cleaning all the mess *oh so tidy*happy*, we continued watching Persepolis (because we only watched half the movie in lecture). FUN!
  • Then I found this hahahahahahahahahahah!!!
  • Had a wonderful night prayer, I felt His strong presence, I was full of joy. Thank You Lord!

Friday, February 12th 2009
  • Nah my plan was :  to wake up at 10, take a bath, and step outta the house at 10:40 - arrive at BK at 11, so it's over breakfast time, and it's before lunch time, so I can sit wherever I want and feel the ambience of the restaurant, then I'll have enough time to explore Orchard road. Hehehe. 
  • 10.40 --- still in my bed, I stepped outside at almost 12 praying that BK wouldn't be packed with people, reached at 12+, yeay the restaurant was almost empty.
  • Hmmmm...I love having BK Tendergrill in Wheelock Burger King! Especially when it's almost empty hehehe.
  • Errrrrr suddenly a random loneliness feeling attacked while eating burger and french fries! So random. Bwahahaha. 
  • I won, who said I was alone? Can't see who's with me?
  • Ow I ran out of chili sauce for the fries - never mind - it's an opportunity to feel and taste the real and pure form of a fried cut potatoes and the delicious salty salt.
  • Next stop(s) : Store(s)! Told you it wouldn't be so bad.
  • While looking around a store I heard a very familiar intro. Awh, heartwarming. Ouch, heartache. 
  • Quit playing games with my heart. 
  • Quit playing games with my heart.
  • Before you tear us apart.
  • Quit playing games with my heart.
  • Then after that, also a familiar intro.
  • MUSE! Resistance! Yayyy. Hahahahahahahah.
  • Shopping as an EXCUSE --- I was willing to spurge on things to cheer up but couldn't find anything interesting enough inside those stores - except an item that cost 133 dollars and wah lao of course no lah!!
  • But finally I brought home new harem pants. Bwahahaha. 
  • Thanks God, a homework done at night. 

Today, February 13th 2009.
  • Thanks God the kid is also not going back hahahahaha. We've got company for today!
  • The shops closed early today, it's just like Christmas eve in the west. Seeing closed shops is really heartbreaking , they're empty and dark. I wonder what tomorrow will be like. I really hope it's not gonnabe that 'dead'
  • And hope those eating places would be open. Kyaaaa...! 
I wish you all a happy Chinese new year!
I wish myself a happy and bright day! Amen!
And happy Valentine's day for those who are able to celebrate it!
And happy Single Awareness Day for the rest. 
Despite the pain, just have fun!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Since it's February..

"Meeting you w
as fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control."

- Anonymous -


"Judge a book by its cover.
More importantly, just a movie by its poster,"
Joko Anwar. I quoted this person for too many times lately.

Dollars well spent - after... you know, visiting design section in Kino, browsing and 'almost' buying, I couldn't resist this one. An Illustrated Life, contains sketches and thoughts from 50 international illustrators' sketchbooks compiled by Danny Gregory.

From their sketchbooks! Their CPJs!

Actually it's not the only 'illustrated journals' out there, but for this one, the cover is too convincing to resist, right? - and the title sounds so right, right? I instantly fell in love with the sketches inside while flipping the book through, and I found Sagmeister in the contributors list!
Check out this wonderful blog with a great concept and woo-hoo, Indonesia!

Urban sketchinggg - I miss foundation year! I wish in the future I'd go back to Europe to capture the scenes of the cities in my sketchbook - oh, and New York! and Buenos Aires! ........ and Bali! Hahahahahahah..

I also bought a Harper's Bazaar today (it's 11th of February and it's the March issue!) - in case the Chinese New Year in Singapore would be THAT scary.

It wouldn't. Right? KFC open can ready.

When He Sang 'Kasih Putih' I Wanted to Cry.

Eh no no 'Andai Ia Tahu' first. Bwahaha.

Glenn Fredly's Lovevolution concert in Esplanade last Saturday was AWWWW - so sweet :)
Photos courtesy of Nelvi Suwandi

The venue was grand, the lighting was great, the sound was clear, the band was groovy, the voice is awesome. We actually bought (almost) the cheapest tickets, but thanks God it turned out our seats were very strategic :)
Audiences kept quite and just listened when he sang those jazzy songs from his new album, they went crazy when the widely known numbers were played, especially 'Januari'.

But as for me --- Kasih Putih is still my favorite from Glenn :)
Sorry, blurred hehe. He was saying that we were very lucky to be there because he didn't even know when would he return to showbiz, and suddenly 'Kasih Putih' intro was played and the spotlights turned white.


What he said in front of the audiences (huh now it sounds like a report) :
- It's time for him to see Indonesia from the east,
- he won't quit making music ( followed by the ...yeaaa right...expression by his band members)
- but Lovevolution is his last album. Sigh.
- and the fact that Glenn Fredly is Glenn Fredly now, is because God is good :)

Such a talented person, I'm sure he involved God in making that decision, all the best man!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

School So Far. Nduk Don't Read This.

Thank God for the major, Image-Comm is a bliss :)

The studio is fun and not tensed at all! And we got a great view :)

Illustration of Monsieur and Madame Thénardier for studio.

Rough sketch for D&AD, eh it's a lion or a sheep?

Waiting in the library - taking weird photos instead of reading.

Flash isn't as difficult as I remembered haha. I hope I won't change my mind when things get harder and more complicated. Thank God for the teacher's interesting and fun way to make us understand! "The big fish then eats the small fish..stop for a while.. and happp - the small fish is gone.."

Naaah. Remember when I said I have to forget the euphoria of MUSE because I had a morning class the next day? Okay I woke up late, and decided to skip :D Sorry.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Thanks God, finally it's February 3rd!
I had class from 2-5 and it felt so looong I couldn't wait to be in the Singapore Indoor Stadium, but I wasn't rushing because we had seated tickets and you know, most concerts ngareeeeet and I'm not a fan of the opening acts - Saosin and Rise Againts. I even had dinner first with the kid in FongSeng woo-hoo tasted so mantap.

About 6.30 - haha - (the concert would 'start' at 7) we took taxi to Kallang and reached about 10 minutes later, got in, attracted by the T-shirts : they're very cool and unreasonably $40 hahahahah. I wanted to buy the $10 A1 poster but it's sold out :( Neh'mind.. And when we're still there the host was presenting : Saosin!

Oh. So this concert's pretty on-time. I was okay about missing Saosin haha but Talisa loves them so we rushed inside. Then those 3 girls stood on the edge of the balcony to rock, I sat down comfortably watching their stuff and them from behind hahahaha. Vokalisnya asik juga nyanyinya tapi.

And thanks God our seats were very strategic! I thought I was gonna sit in the very very back because we bought the cheapest tickets possible, our seats were apparently the ones that are quite near to the stage!

Then Saosin's over. MUSE's closer. Then it's time for Rise Againts to perform. I seriously didn't know who they are - none of us did. I tried to enjoy (with the 2 Singaporeans ABG who were sitting beside me, they seemed like the fans of those 3) but I also wished I could fast forward it hahahahaha.
Oh yay - it's over :) No offense.

Are you ready for MUSE? Kyaaaaaaaaaaaa......!!!!!! We want MUSE. We want MUSE!

Then after a long long long break the light was finally dimmed. We ran to the front ready to rock from the balcony hehe.

Then Matt and friends appeared on the stage and played : UPRISING! We spent the night jumpin' headbangin' shoutin' the lyrics. I hope I burned all the calories from FongSeng doing those.
I went kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahah jump-jump when we heard Supermassive Blackhole's intro. Eh btw, I felt like an ABG!

Their live performances are always uuu-wowww.
Matt Bellamy playin' the piano for Sunburn. Kyaaaaaaa...!
Encore. We want more. We want more. Yes of course.
Thanks God for the experience! I'm definitely going again the future.

Regina's very impressed by the lighting. Nini's very impressed by Matt's pants. We're all mesmerized by the performance.

Some signatures from the stadium.
Don Moen's

Taufik's and Sigit's!
Si Nini pake teriak lagi pas ada F4. Bwahahaha banyak orang Indo.

As usual there were many Indonesians attending the concerts in Singapore, we spotted Randee Nidji maybe the rest were also there. The last bus were also full of Indonesians and Regina kept talking loudly about the 'keren-abis' performance hahahahaha, she even described that the concert was "unreal" and she felt like "being somewhere else."

Okay now. Forget Matt Bellamy. I had a morning class the next day.