Sunday, May 30, 2010

Packed for KL

Guuudbyeee Singapore for a while - I'll come back for sale. Ahahahah.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tunnel of Inspirations

It's Esplanade again! What more can I say? Even its hidden parts are inspiring.

Tian Tian Xiang Shang - by Danny Yung

From :
Comics are often seen as a product of popular culture as well as being a concept of storytelling for the new generation. In his Tian Tian Xiang Shang comic series, Danny Yung questions and redefines the narrative form of comics and in doing so, makes you rethink your own perspectives on direction, position, space, narrative framework and communication structure.

Flat Shoes Have Heels Too

So thank God I caught the bus. I got a good seat.
Still panting but relieved, it's time to take some time to think about what happened before I got there. Nah the previous nite I fell asleep thinking the next day would be uber fun - gonna take a long walk in the heart of the city. I was supposed to be in school at 10. I woke up at 9:07. I told myself to finish bathing in 10 minutes. Btw I love warm water. Dangerous. I went out from bathroom at 09:27. I got dressed as fast as possible and grabbed my stuff. I was about to wear my sandals and I realized that we're going to an office, took shoes instead. I Ran downstair and to the bus stop. As I ran I felt something wrong with my flat shoes' soles, but I had to catch the bus - I ignored it. The phone battery was full last night, it's then almost empty. The bus came just in time - and hey the soles are okay. Nice. Now enjoy the ride. Enjoy the walk.

I was about 20 meters away from school and one of the heels came off. I was like... whaaaaat --- I have to walk from Chinatown to and around City Hall todayy!!! --- But never mind. Let's just find another seat in school to sit down and think about what should be done next. Takut nih mo ketemu cici dosen. Hiiii. Hiiiiiiiii.


Eh. And I realized I couldn't take photos with empty battery. I switched my phone off hoping it would function later.

Me, the kid, and Cherlin took part in a competition and we went to school to get our entry forms signed by a lecturer. Seram. Thank God it wasn't as scary as I thought. Ahahaha. Then we had to submit them to a building somewhere in Chinatown - then we're gonna walk to Boat Quay area - the kid and Cherlin had to take some pictures of SG landmarks, of course I ikuttt City Hall gitu.

About the shoes, I actually have an issue with them. Several (very) unpleasant experiences so far - the soles - the straps - shoes - sandals, that's why I always bring tapes wherever I go in case of emergency. I unusually didn't bring it that day.

I was convinced that the shoes would survive the long march. So let's go.

Chinatown. A whole new world.

Cherlin brought her guide book. Connie printed the maps. I was busy taking pictures. The office's found.

Btw my phone camera, amazingly, performed very well. Ahahaha. Thanks God. I managed to take more photos than expected. When the battery was eventually too low, the kid lent me her ... phone camera. Ahahaha.

I am very comfortable with the extremely practical device.

After submitting the entries we continued walking - and found this place with exceptionally sophisticated ambience.
Wuoowww I forget what road it was - I remember the atmosphere. It felt like New York a little, Ahahaha. And there, in the midst of urbanity, the other heel came off.

Aiyo. My literally flat shoes. Prayed hard they would survive. Keep walkin'. Keep walkin'.

Ohow. Was that..? No? Okay..

And yay. We had landed on vein of the island.

Kyaaa. The lamp.

Wuah they had started preparing F1 already?

That day was funny. Things happened.
That day was amazing. God beat all those obstacles.
The form was approved, the entry was submitted.
We had a great stroll, we burned a lot.
We took "miracle" photos. We ate Prata. Loh?

The shoes made it home. I arrived safely with shoes on both feet.

The East Coast Story

Back from Bible Camp, refreshed and deeply in love with the King of kings..

Celebrating Mei's b'day before heading to East Coast

Wateeeeeeeerrrrr :)

Our house for 2 nights

Teammates yay!

Well haha. All I can say is, those 3 days were filled with love.
And we left with a flowing love to spread.

And for me, a determination to be closer and closer to God.
I wannabe able to hear His voice so clearly.
I know it's not easy but I know You are God.

Btw I still have one huge question in mind :D
God please give me an immediate answer -
and enable me to listen.

Pwease.... :D

Love You.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Io Sono Pronto!

Neutron Star Collision is out! Niceeee. But the video contains too much vampires.

Anyway, I'm done packing for Bible Camp. Yay! So ready to get electrified :D See you later!

(Hopefully) enough toiletries for 2,5 days.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

You Can't Take a Balloon to the Met

It's love at first sight.

Since I still can't manage to escape the island - I'm now a regular Kinokuniya visitor who drop by almost on daily basis to spend from minutes to hours walking through those shelves packed with inspiring pages.

I don't really buy books in Singapore dollars - but some are just irresistible. The second I saw this book I was ....*speechless*

Story by Jacqueline Preiss Weitzman and illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser (they're sisters!), it's a book about a girl with her grandma who wants to visit New York's Metropolitan Museum. She has to leave her yellow helium balloon outside and the museum guard offers to take care of it. The balloon is unexpectedly flown away by the wind and the museum guard has to chase it around NYC attracting more and more people & causing chaoses in the city's popular spots such as The Plaza and Central Park, as the girl and her grandma walk happily around the museum to see legendary artworks (that are hilariously resembled by what's happening outside with all the chase).

And oh. It's a wordless book. With a heartwarming story and mind-blowing illustration.

Well, despite of little proportion mistakes which don't matter lah yaaa, and .... hmmh.. (Lasalle mode : on) the cover will be better with handwritten/Victorian typeface and without the pastel purple background right? I love the complexity and the magnificent details of the illustration - wowwww, and how it manages to capture and showcase the city-feel - a tour for the readers, and the usage of colours (which are added gradually as more characters appear) as the focal point. Oh not forgetting the perspective drawing!

It's also a brilliant way to introduce children to the amusing world of art! I'm so gonna keep this book for years :D hahahahaha.

I found out that this is actually quite an old book (sorry la I don't live in North America hahahaha) - and it's part of a series : 2 other books are still out there to hunt!

Well, dollars well spent again :D

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tears for a Treasured Nation

and a round of applause for its much respected and adored badminton squad.

I felt like dealing with too much disappointments lately and unusually.
I felt like crying instantly when Mei informed us we lost 2 first matches.
I just didn't feel like taking one more.

Look at this heart-crushing trending topics. They all must have TV.

No TV as usual. Me and my roommate got the score updates by calling and texting friends hahaha - then we rushed home for, again, on-line live score updates - after spending some time looking for free live streaming and giving up.

Then I phoned home. Funny. I think mom laughed at me.

"Aiaaa this girl apparently hasn't grown up yet. Still gets so emotional when watching sports," I kinda think they had that in mind

--- well in this case, I was defending my country! Hahahahah---

Next time, Indonesia. Don't forget the miracle God made for us in 2002, and He can do it again!

Btw, when I checked twitter again :
Ahahahah, after several unpleasant experiences with 'unfair' umpires or referees, I learned that results mostly stay the same. So yasudahlayahlupakansajah.

~ bulutangkis adalah pemersatu bangsa ~
~loh jadi *** *** adalah musuh bangsa begitu? hahahahah peace.

Friday, May 14, 2010

City Hall-iday!

Spotted Ian Wright from Discovery Travel&Living getting ready to open an episode by jumping from a rubbish bin in Haji Lane.

I love the atmosphere of City Hall. Don't know why I can smell freedom there. Fiuh. It's always among the first areas to conquer right after school's over. How many areas in Singapore to go anyway hahahah.
Just walk through and feel the winds of civilization.

Keep walking girls, keep walking. Let's burn more calories.

There was a photography exhibition in Raffles City when we went there, this is my favorite, by Chow Chee Yong. The point of view put you in the middle of the stadium, do you think it's better when they're joined?

THEN. One of my favorite spots on the island : Esplanade! When I first came to Singapore this was the first landmark I wanted to see with my very own eyes, more than Merlion or Orchard Road. I tried visiting the venue as often as possible since then - just to breath its artistic air.

Then whoa! Look at this piece by Khalil Chishtee from Pakistan.
Those are plastic bags!

Synopsis from :
Khalil Chishtee‘s current sculptural work mimes the ubiquitous plastic rubbish bag in the unlikeliest ways. Using this robust yet slight material, he has created a series of ethereal figures suspended, almost floating in their exhibition space, yet formed with sculptural precision and great attention to detail.
Light and fluid though they may look, his creations are intense, evoking the viewer’s physical and emotional vulnerability with a piercing sensibility of human suffering. The quotidian media, which references our connections with the world around us, also brings to mind the everyday nature of this suffering.

Then as usual, night walking to Clarke Quay to kill time.

And to burn more calories.

Giakarta Mi Manchi

2 major homesick attacks this semester : when my laptop crashed and in a night during the assessment pandemonium.

I weirdly missed being in certain areas of my fav. malls and even some malls I don't really like (ahahahaha - mall people talk malls).

Looking forward to seeing you again, beloved hometown!

If it is from God, It is not a Mistake

Since I was very young I knew I want to be. I knew which school subjects are useful and exciting, and which ones are not. I doodled in the the 'useless' classes. Okay they're not totally useless but I better allocate my time and energy to polish my doodling skill hahahah - and to decorate those boring plain and dull pages. Graduating from high school I was so sure about what major to take, graphic design was a trend - so many took it because of peers or simply because they didn't know what to choose, I took it wholeheartedly.

I knew it's God's calling for me.

I didn't need to take the compulsory and intensive psycho test before enrolling in colleges to find out my interest and strength, I knew the result already (okay I was a little surprised that the art/design field wasn't number 1, it was apparently - writing :p - tiny difference in percentage :). It's great. Text. Images. Copywriting. I was so gonna take this major.

I heard of warnings and stories of people thinking that they're in the wrong major - Ah, that would never happen to me-

Btw, don't make any important decision without asking God first okay :)

Art school = yay. Foundation year = wow. When it was time to decide, I was a bit tempted to take fine arts instead of communication design - and I was strongly advised to do so by some people. But no, graphic design had been living in my mind for years - and I didn't wanna get "too eccentric" you know - I wanna play with texts - I wanna design cards and stuff - I wanna be a designer. And although some people might disagree, one can be both. My mission - to be an ARTistic designer. I will graduate as a graphic designer, my name cards may say graphic designer, but I am and will always also be an artist inside.

Then I realized that the lecturers, are graphic people. Extremely graphic. Most of them do not accept that flexible theory. Only 1 or 2 understand, maybe 3, 3 and a half. And 1 of them is an artist :)

Then I was sick of the restrictions, the lack of human touch, their demand for perfect lines - the contradictions.

Then I started wondering how different life would have been if I chose to "obey" the lecturers and friends who were dying to convince me that I should join the faculty of fine arts 2 years ago. I remember how I once phoned home crying why o why and mom I want to transfer. And the fact that until now I'm always more excited to see fine arts exhibitions than my own faculty's. And I feel 'honest' calling myself an artist, and still feel a bit weird about the 'designer' title.

I wondered, did I choose the wrong major? Something I had never thought I would question before.

Was it a mistake?

It wasn't. Because God is never wrong.

After 1 year of ups and downs, and 1 exciting semester ( much much better than the first year but it came with several frightening moments hahaha), I knew why He put me in CommD : there's a new branch of specialism besides graphic design and advertising called "Image Communication" where they all meet and complement each other hence my creative and imaginative needs and passion can be fulfilled.

Illustrator. That's a dream job. Mein Traumberuf.

Thanks God You plan my future brilliantly. With surprises :))))

I didn't know this branch would be 'born' when I signed up for the faculty of CommD. That's a small twist with big impact, I can't imagine how it's gonnabe for me to be trapped in grids and kernings for one more year.

And speaking about regret, what if I took fine arts after all?
I might be crying right now because of the stress caused by sculpting - OH NO THOSE SHARP TOOLS AND THE MACHINE. I'M NOT A 3D PERSON. SCULPTING ISN'T MY THING and sometimes I forget it's a module in fine arts. And oh, another module in fine arts : printmaking. It is fuuuuuuuuuuunnnn but I'd also have to deal with heavy machines, naa it's scary. And I'd also have to be a neat freak because an accidental paint splash or finger prints might be funny on a canvas, not in prints. So can I say I regret choosing commD? Noh.

I am now happy with my major - the projects, and the ....still very lecturer's teaching method - but yea we apparently have different points of view that cause some major disappointments, what I see in the world of illustration out there is different than what is pictured in the studio tables ahahahah.

Fun-dation year :( I hope the next academic year is gonnabe more fun than you were :)

But yea, all emotions aside,

I have to understand, this is a brand new specialism and everyone's still learning (I seriously think that the lecturer who teaches the theory is more thoughtful and observant about images - she should teach studio next time ;) and I do what I believe, I do my best for God - not for the lecturers, He is the one who owns my life :)

He's gonna take me higher..


I want a TV noww. Or a ticket to KL for the final.

Indonesia for Thomas Cup!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

You're So Right, Nduk-

I'm one of the luckiest people you've ever known and vice versa :)))))))))

We are so blessed!

Monday, May 10, 2010

In Desperate Needs of Emotional Curhat

*bete abis didamprat (lagi) sama cici dosen tercinta yang maksudnya sih baik yah saya mengerti tapi bikin sakit hati*

Zapp! *pulling a Hiro Nakamura*

If I can turn back time it's definitely gonnabe the.. once again, foundation year : where there's really a freedom of self expression, where we can breath delightfully in the world of art, the pure and honest talents are enriched, encouraged, supported, and trusted. And the lecturers who have strong aesthetic sense and genuinely understand art.

Where beautifully quirky people gather and understand each other.

Where being weird is being normal, and being normal is okay :)

Where we had the guts to dream high. Before all the 'dream-slammings' took place.

*Hi-five with a lecturer who threw that question about the existence of the word 'specialism' and its purpose.* Now I get what you meant, man! Sorry I didn't really understand Singlish back then.

Growing up is a choice? Well. I still think it's unavoidable. We can't run from learning. Can't stop the time as well. Saya udah mo lulus nih.

Kyaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh emosi emosi bukannya gw udah libur yah koq belom tidur jugaaa? Wahai objek-objek imut plis baris yang rapi yah gausah diatur-atur bu guru ngantuk nih.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Philippians 4:7

And the peace of God,
which transcends all understanding,
will guard your hearts and your minds
in Christ Jesus.


Friday, May 7, 2010

I Don't Know Lah.

The 'never trust S'porean' thingy, I had never really believed it until 3 days ago.
Thank God it only cost me an hour of traveling to the East of Singapore and waiting in the bus stop for 40 mins. Hot.

It could be worse, much worse.

Anyway, the bus ride home was fantastic, it was long and air-conditioned, and I could see the other sides of Singapore :)

I don't know lah, I have a feeling that she/he (who is personally very nice and professional but) is also a victim, of a deceitful system, a tricky company, and the genius boss' greed. Be aware.


Sagmeister's TVC for Standard-Chartered.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Tall Triple One. The Empty One.

Don't you love it when the double-decked bus you're waiting for comes right after you reach the bus stop, you come in and climb up and find it empty so you can choose to sit wherever you want - you choose the very front seat with the -not just big- HUGE front and side clear windows, it's a long journey full of interesting city scenes?

Okay sitting in comfy busses especially for long journeys inside the city is a hobby - not to be done in Jakarta unless the TransJakartas are empty?

I have quite many favorites, 36 to Changi...65 to Harbourfront...and so on... and 111 to.. err it's actually a longer way to reach home from school, so sometimes if I have much time to spend, I choose to go thru unnecessary stops and look around first.

I didn't take the front seat this time. But it's emptyyy.

And it goes to City Hall! Yaay. Should I stop there hahahah.

A small worker, a big crane, and the safety instruction.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Confused. I Wanna Talk to You.

Studying abroad once again makes me realize : God is the only one I can talk to when it comes to some and the most delicate issues. Only God can answer some questions.

I was about to call mom and I realized she's in Jakarta. They're all in Jakarta. It's solely You who can always be with me wherever I go.

I'm booking a private consultation slot tonight :)

Lord is this job from You?

Kamu Orang Indo? Aku Cinta Kamu!

Sesama orang Indonesia biasanya bisa mendeteksi satu sama lain, sebuah kemampuan yang sulit dijelaskan secara ilmiah. Entah ketemu di mal, di bus, di jalan, sekali liat *cling* mukanya (dan, ehem, sorotan matanya) Indonesia banget! Langsung berasa akrab.

Yaa. Itu menurut saya, semoga pembaca sedang mengangguk-angguk setuju.

Sebagai seorang mahasiswi merah putih di negara tetangga, saya kadang bingung kenapa saya bisa terdampar disini yah hahahaha, apa-apa koq beda, kadang-kadang sepi, kangen rumah, seneng banget kalo bisa menemukan hal-hal berbau Indonesia (contoh : resto-resto Indo woww menjamur tapi koq pake dolar ya). Dan setiap mendengar celotehan bahasa Indonesia, saya akan berpikir, "hore ada temennya.."

WNI yang menetap di luar negeri untuk belajar atau bekerja sebagian besar tinggal tanpa didampingi keluarga, dan secara otomatis semua orang Indo dapat ditemukan di negara tersebut, tak peduli suku atau agama, akan jadi 'keluarga' baru yang senasib, satu bahasa, satu budaya, dan punya sense untuk saling menjaga. Memang kita ga punya siapa-siapa disini, but thank God we still have each other.

Karena langka, lebih dihargai..

Kita belajar sesuatu deh : sebegitu berharganya yang namanya saudara setanah air. Yang di Indo mestinya bersyukur loh punya saudara dimana-mana, bisa ngomong bahasa Indonesia tiap hari, makan gorengan, tek-tek, bakso, dan sebagainya hehe. *Indahnya*

Kalo di luar bisa sayang-sayangan hahahah, di Indo - jangan berantem dong.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Tell Me Quando Quando Quando..

Okay. I know Inter is Juve's arch enemy and the club was said to be - so not Italy, but I'm so happy to READ how they theatrically beat Barca! Woo - hooo so jealous of TV owners!

Then seeing football-related statuses on facebook makes me go - kyaaaaaaa!

Hmmh I could slightly see Gerrard on TV yesterday. From a room in the building across my apartment. Heyy youuu can I join?

Come ooonn Lasalle let us go home I wanna watch football live on TV not YouTube!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Some Stories for my Future Kids. Ahahahaha.

A story about a girl with a passion to illustrate.

Hi I'm an Indonesian studying design in a huge black object.

a delightful doodler,

delirious dreamer,

living in a small yet cozy room with her roommate and the lovely bunk-bed.

my roommate, although we're studying in the same school but..

I was born to draw, and I can't live the paperless life that's for sure.

Even entering an art school is already a dream come true.

I take bus to school, it's just wonderful.
Big clear windows, interesting people, uplifting city scenes.
Okay that's only when the bus isn't crowded.

The bus will be full with office working-people before 9 AM,
ties, shirts, shiny shoes, blazers, black pants and skirts.
Sometimes we're the only students in the bus.

It gives me a weird feeling,
I'm graduating next year.
Will I join them?

Somehow I don't want to.

Kyaaaa can I be forever 21?

Or 17 again?

Thanks God, my life has been pretty colorful. Very. And the working world will NOT turn it black and white. Oh I should work on my coloring skill.

Act like a tourist everyday. Adventures.
Explore the city observe the people.
Going out from AM to AM again.
From the start of the day, to the start of a new day.

Runaway runaway runaway flyaway. Haha.

Thanks God I'm in the right school and major, with qualified lecturers - even sometimes they don't seem to appreciate our hardworks.
But oh how I love this activity.
Observe + Interpret + Illustrate = Delight.

I do my best for God, not grades.