Thursday, June 24, 2010

That's Right. Siamo Fuori, Italia..

Arrivederci. Go home, lotsa homeworks to do. Hope somebody wouldn't get fired- But they all will get damprated by the press and the people, for sure.

Oh wow it's apparently more painful than I thought. Why can't I be cuek like 2008 Euro after Italy's out? I was so nyantaii back then. Come on come on Devina, you told yourself you just wanna "enjoy the game" and you'll be okay after this thing happens - you know they're payah anyway.
And you've grown up.
Still young, of course..

Okay. Now I choose to forget.
And go back to plan A, just enjoy the game.
Just stick to the 2006 memories :)
Berlino, 09 luglio 2006.
Photo from

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The View

Marcello Lippi was as calm as usual, and most others are more expressive - even Beckham in his black suit, was spotted showing his frustration while watching The Three Lions, a rare scene.

Sometimes I wonder what does it feel to watch a match from the bench, as a substitute, an official, or a coach. If I'm a coach, what kind of coach I'd be? The jumpy one or the one with the poker face? Well it depends on the team, when it comes to Juve or Italy, I think I'd just keep quite, sit down, pray, and pass out.

And I wonder, for goalkeepers, how does it fell to see your teammates score a goal far away there on the other side? Their reactions give me goosebumps - it's like saying , "goood job guysss, I'm proud of you!" Especially when the goalie looks older than most of his teammates - like a father. Ahahah. And they can't run there to celebrate it with others - they must stay behind to guard their shell. It's like a drummer on stage.

And the referees. Ahahaha. I bet it feels like teaching a class full of trouble makers, who yell at everything you say or do. Apalagi wasit liga Indonesia, kasian kamu, what a life-threatening occupation. A teacher isn't always right tho.. Waaasiiit jugaaa manusiaa..

And for rockstars on world tour hahahah, in the concerts, to stand up on stage, to see oceans of people from all over the world come down just to see you perform, and each one of them is mesmerized, you don't know them but they know everything about you, they know every word of the songs you wrote, even though you maybe wrote them when you're drunk and they make no sense. Lucu juga yah, keliling dunia buat tebar pesona meski menyeramkan juga sih banyak fans berbahaya. Dan kemana2 harus ada visible bodyguards.

And for pilots - no further explanations needed.

Well, not everyone can experience the 'unusual' views, only a few.

Gw juga mikir gimana yah rasanya duduk di pelaminan (loh?) ngeliatin tamu2 yang dateng cuma buat makan hahahahh.

* * *
Just wonderin' :D

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Marina Bay Sands

Bwahaha this is a long overdue post, and more to come! This holiday apparently isn't as 'free' as expected, been spending more or less 4-6 hours/day watching soccer. Ahahahah. And other good stuff on TV :)

Anyway after a period of curiosity we finally made a trip there, last month with the kid, 2 weeks ago with mom & li'lbro. And as always with the phone camera. Ahahah.

The Double-Helix bridge

that leads to Marina Bay Sands..
The view from the bridge
The shopping mall
And apparently you can see the casino from the floor with all the restaurants
And an advice : don't go on foot on sunny afternoons! It's torturing!

Thank God, 106 stops there..

OK Go Again :D

Just imagine how long did it take to make a 4:15

Happy Sunday Everybody!

It's gonnabe a busy one for me today : Church - lunch - Singapore Open - MotoGP - dinner - Italy vs NZ - Brazil vs Cote d'voire. Thanks God for this city and its TV.

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Other Neighbour (Part 2 - finito)

Day 2 : Kuala Lumpur
We're going to a big city yeahh!

In the morning when I was taking a shower I heard something familiar : ...the Paddle Pop song ...("Paaadle Pop Wow Paddle Pop Yaay Super-Duper Yummy!" or "Beli Dong 2x Aku Cape Dorong").

Gw pikir oh, di Malaysia ada tukang jualan Walls juga ternyata.. *senyum2 kangen*

But the sound went louder and louder - I thought eh? Is the seller getting closer? Until I realized it was apparently the sound of Regina's alarm. Ahahah.

Then while waiting for Yosua to come, Nini continued sleeping (with style : the mermaid), Regina and I watched Anastasia woo - hoooo one of the best animations ever - full of pretty songs and a sweet Dimitri. Ah the scene when he gives a sad distant kiss and says goodbye.

Yosua finally came with a taxi dan kita segera meluncurrr dengan senangnya. I had never been to KL before and I was so curious how it's like (kabarnya kerenan Jakarta sih hehe) and I was in desperate need to be in a big city so I was sooo excited when we began to see tall buildings from the highway - and oh those were the Twin Towers!

Actually, I only wanted to see 2 things in KL : the Petronas and malls.

We had been told how different the taxis are in Malaysia from Singapore and I had an impression they're even worst than the ones in Jakarta (at least we still have BurungBiru), but thank God this driver was kind, he even suggested us to get off in a point and walk instead so we wouldn't have to 'pay for traffic jam' - so we did, we got off the taxi in the middle of the road beside a police car. Yeaa it wasn't Singapore.

Yaaay. Always wanted to see these two. Thanks Daddy :D

We walked through KL's Central Park to Suria KLCC
Seriously puanaaas banget. Untung hijau.
Seriously lapeer banget. Untung nyampe.

About this mall, ah - it felt a lot like Jakarta, lumayan lah hehe (fotonya mirip Pacific Place yah). Nah in this trip we went crazy when it came to food - 4 days 3 nights - not even once we had a meal in a food court/ hawker - this rare phenomenon is widely known as "Mumpung Ringgit". Tadinya mo nyari Ayam Penyet (ga tau kenapa berasa pengen makanan Indo), tp secara si Ria lagi ga ada, so Regina suggested makan di Chili's. Can lah can, kan ceritanya turis hahahah.

View from the restaurant's window : berasa luar negeri ga sih fotonya? Hijau

This is so Plaza Senayan with the colours and the palms :D

Ada dancing fountains juga kurang happening sih - quite elegant tapi.

Abis makan rencananya muter2 di mal - nyangkut di science center KLCC, pintu masuknya mirip KidZania, the tix price is oh so cheap compared to Singapore, only RM 15 (adult price) to enter Muzika (science of music) and Petrosains.

Regina and Nini - listening to the singing globe

And the science center itself, it seems more 'complete' than the one in Singapore but it is very Petronas-centered. Yea Petro-science gitu loh, I guess they're trying to grow its people's love & interest for petrols since young ages.

Masuknya keren banget pake kereta berjalan gitu, trus di sekelilingnya ada cerita tentang universe, science, ...., ...., and .. Petronas.


Jangan mo kalah Pertaminaaaaaaa!!!

Eh, and my fav : earthquake simulator! So there's a bench we can sit on - and buttons to press to determine the strength of the quake.

English and Malay :D Entertaining!

And of course they a big space to talk about their racing team.

*merasa... "semakin ketinggalan"* (pake nada iklan motor Jepang)

After spending around 3-4 hours in Petrosains we moved on to - souvenir store - and to - eat again. Kabarnya Secret Recipe di Malaysia harganya 'sama' kayak di SG, tapi pake Ringgit. Aiiihhh benarkahh hahahah lumayan banget, RM 6,5/slice. Beneran deh in this trip - makan aja terus. Regina sama Nini belanja di Vincci, merek sepatu pujaan wanita Malaysia (dan tetangga2nya). Sebenernya ada beberapa yang gw naksir and kalo dipikir2 pake SGD (ahahaha otak kembali digunakan) murah, cuma duh dunno what's happening tapi tokonya ruaaame banget - akhirnya gw cuman muter2 bolak-balik dalem toko ikut meramaikan suasana.

People enjoying the fountain, kalo lagi patah hati duduk disitu pasti sakit.

Closer look on the two towers.

Landmarks, especially the huge ones, have a power tho create goosebumps - it depends on the beholders, tho. Being able to see with our very eyes, something we usually only see from pictures, or screens, or even dreams, is always amazing.

But if we're talking about human beings,
our hearts may skip a beat or two.

Okay, move on.

We then decided to proceed to another mall called Pavilion in Bukit Bintang (err it's a district?). Walking to that point in KL, rasanya kayak di Kuningan pas hujan. Ga tau kenapa. I think we were lost minutes but thank God we found it yay -

Duh koq jadi males nulis basa inggeris yah - apa karena lagi ngomongin emol? Karena topik itu sangat keIndonesiaan sekali lho. Ganti setting ah (contoh penulis yang semena-mena, mohon dimaafkan).

Lagi jalan nemu bendera Malaysia, rasanya aneh berada disini.

Sebelum nyebrang ke Pavilion ada jembatan yang naiknya pake eskalator hihi, ga tau kenapa gw fascinated banget sama eskalator tengah kota kayak gini, kayak yang mo masuk Far East tapi lebih panjang dan lebar jembatannya. Kayak di Tokyo (sok tau banget dari kemaren).

Nih mall suasananya beda banget dari KLCC tadi, serene and lux - mirip Central Park Jakarta kalo lagi sepi - sangat menyenangkan hehehe - Vinccinya juga sepi (ahahah) tapi yah lagi ga mood belanja - padahal kalo dihitung2 murah hiks . Disini bentar doang sih soalnya kita mo ke Bukit Bintang yang menurut Nini, "tempatnya baguus banget banyak lampunya, trus banyak restoran."

Juicy Couture 2 lante, si Koni bisa kresi.

Nah, tempat yang gw & Regina pikir sebuah perbukitan yang berbintang di malam hari dan berhiaskan lampu hias dan bertebaran restoran-restoran romantis outdoor ternyata merupakan basement dari sebuah emol, yang namanya Bukit Bintang alias StarHill (Gallery).

Kalo dipikir2 bener sih ciri2nya, banyak lampu - banyak restoran, cuma yang ini indoor dan ga berbukit sama sekali. Nini kenapa ga pake basa Inggeris sih?? Ahahah.

Naah, menurut Nini dan Yosua, disini ada sebuah toilet yang sangaaaaat indah - di dalemnya bahkan ada pelayan yang siap ngambilin air dan even handuk tangan. Penasaran wuaah pastinya mewah sekali yah, kebetulan lagi pada mo ke toilet kita langsung kesana, pas masuk lohh koq temboknya pake batu bata?

Ohh ternyata konsep toilet indah itu visualisasikan secara berbeda (l.a.g.i) di otak kami, ahahah. Tapi lucu banget, emang sengaja dibikin kuno gitu, batu bata, redup, dan wastafelnya itu loh :
Harus diputer manually heheh

Dan pelayan2 ramah siaga membantu pengunjung yang (mestinya) bingung ini wastafel dimana kerannya? Pas gw dengerin koq mereka terdengar agak Jawa yah? Ternyata benar hahaha, mereka wong Jowo yang udah lama menetap di Malaysia (dan udah kehilangan kemampuan berbahasa Indonesia secara normal), dan menurut mereka - Ari Wibowo kemaren mampir.

Dan setelah gw pikir2, loh itu kan toilet cewek? Heheheheh.

Mampir ke Malaysia untuk syuting maksudnya kali. Ah kamu.

Tembok di dalam bilik heheheh. Ini batu bata apa kayu yah? Sori lupa, akibat procrastinating.

Abis ke WC kita muter2 di bukit berbintang tersebut, ini kayak indoor Clarke Quay tapi lebih 'kedaerahan' - gimana yah, maksudnya kalo restoran Maroko Maroko banget dekornya , kalo Chinese Chinese banget gitu. Semua pokoknya ornamentsnya to the max deh, jadi 'loud', vibrant, berwarna, dan banyak lampu.
Ya ampun ada cave paintings! Jadi inget masa2 lecture theater hahahah.

Lagi ngomongin kita mo makan dimana yah, si Regina tiba2 ngomong, "gw maunya makan di Bukit Bintang, kan kita mo ke Bukit Bintang,"

Yah. Ternyata dia belum sadar.

Btw gw suka banget sama 1 restoran ga tau apa namanya, pokoknya rada tengah2 depan central lounge gitu, berdinding kaca, di 1 sisi temboknya banyak photo2 VIPs yang pernah makan disono, dan orang2 yang makan disono berpakaian formal, terus di salah 1 sudut ada cowok yang mirip Chico Jericho lagi makan. Nah loh gimana nge-googlenya tuh restoran.

Si Regina 'disenyumi' oleh seorang drummer (apa gitaris yah ahh lupaaa) yang sedang beraksi di lounge. Nah pertanyaannya, bagaimana mengubah kalimat tersebut menjadi kalimat aktif?


Ahahah udah ah laper. Akhirnya kita memutuskan untuk makan KFC di daerah Sungei Wang (gara2 banyak money changers bukan sih?), mo nyoba fried-chicken-rice yang kemaren.

Nah disini juga berasa di luar negeri heheh.

Nyampe di KFC yang apparently 24 hours (wow sepertinya Kentaki sangat populer melebihi MekDi kayak di Indo), ngantrinya lama (gw merasa KFC di 3 negara semuanya ngantrinya lama, apa karena mereka tidak punya kebijakan jam pasir / >5 menit gratis es krim?). Ternyata tuh ayam goreng dengan nasi hainam adalah salah satu menu dari paket 'Jom Jimat'.

"Itu artinya 'yuk, hemat'" Nini menjelaskan.

Ini dia 'Paket Jom Jimat' hahahaha. Cuma 6 Ringgit termasuk minumm!
And they provide steel utensils! I never saw any junkfood restaurants with those. Dan beneran enak, bersyukurnya itu bukan seasonal menu hehe. (Future minded dong).

Di meja makan, dari utuh sampe ludes, bahkan sampe ke tempat cuci tangan, penuh dengan obrolan besok kita mo ngapain? Tadinya rencananya ke KL cuma seharian itu aja, besok muter2 di Sunway : Nini ketemu temen2 Sunwaynya, gw sama Regina paling muter2 di Pyramid, tapi secara gw sama Regina naturally anak kota dan anak mol, kita ga tahan di Sunway hehehe. Jadi kita bertekad, apapun yang terjadi, ada yang mo ikut apa ngga, besok kita ke KL lagi heheheh.

Day 3 : Kuala Lumpur again.
Beneran ga ada yang mo ikut hahahah. Jadi cuma Tuhan, gw, dan Regina yang akan pergi ke ibukota hari ini, 2 Juni 2010.

Sebelumnya kita lunch dulu di Ayam Penyet Ria Sunway Pyramid bareng Ryan dan Melina, akhirnya makan Indo juga hehe - Ayam Penyet, nasi, Teh Botol, dan Gado2 (dibagi ber3) = 15 Ringgit. Wow, kalo di SG cuma dapet ayamnya doang hahahah.

Menurut orang2, bahaya banget kalo cewek2 naik taksi di Malaysia. Menurut Melina, contohnya yaa bisa dibawa kabur. Regina parno deh. Nini (yang ga ikut ke KL) ikutan parno. Gw juga lumayan parno tapi pengen ke mol. Keinginan ke mol melebihi keparnoan. Tapi tenang ajaa kita kan ada yang nemenin :D Ya Daddy?

Beli kupon taksi dari depan Pyramid 27 Ringgit ke Pavilion (tadinya mo ke KLCC tapi setelah dipikir2 ke Pav lebih glam), taksi meluncur cepat (yay thanks God ga macet sama sekali keknya stengah jem udah nyampe), tibalah kita di Pavilion. First stop : Vincci. Gw sudah berusaha mengumpulkan mood belanja dengan me'mantra'-i diri sendiri..."muraaah murahhh Ringgit.. kapan lagiii lagian bagus tuh yang ono.."

2 pasang. Ahahah. Trus kita muter2 mol bawa tentengan.

Sepi dan tenang dan indah. Kalo ada Hokben pasti gw lebih rajin berkunjung.
Apalagi kalo ada tiket AirAsia PP below 30 SGD.
Pagi berangkat - lunch - pulang bawa berkardus2 hahahah.
Lah mahal di taksinya.
Oh iya terus kapan makan paket 'Jom Jimat'?

Gw kangen banget milk tea sejak hari pertama, trus kita ke (wow ada juga, bagus lagi) FoodRep dibawah, beli Teh Tarik yang ehh koq begini rasanya? Duduk disono rasanya kok aneh ya - disitulah gw nyadar selama disono kita gak pernah makan di food court.
The glam-er side of the mall & seberangnya.
Pulangnya beneran macet, jam pulang kantor soalnya - hampir 1 jam baru nyampe ke Sunway, tp asik sih liat kanan kiri, rintik-rintik pula. Regina tertidur pulas, sempet beberapa kali bangun dan mendapati kita belom nyampe juga dari tadi..

Ngeliatin papan2 penunjuk jalan yang bikin nyadar 100% kalo lagi di Malaysia.

Turun di Pyramid, gw sama Regina langsung ngacir ke WC, di taxi dingin banget tadi, terus kita ketemu Nini & Yosua, naik taksi ke daerah Puchong makan Shabu2. Tempatnya lucu banget, jadi kita tinggal duduk, 1 orang 1 kompor, makanannya yang jalan (kayak Sushi gitu), beneran tempat buat makan. Meskipun kuahnya gak berasa, tp gw seneng soalnya tempatnya individual, personal, dan aman hahahah (panci gw ya panci gw, no seafood allowed then), dan setiap makanan yang lewat ada deskripsi jelasnya, jadi gausah takut panci gw kemasukan haisom meskipun tampak seperti ayam.

Ni hari sangat panjang yah - abis makan kueeenyang banget, duduk2 di semacam Daiso gitu yang menjual es serut. Abis duduk2 ngobrol, balik ke hotel, nyantai, balik lagi ke Pyramid Ryan sudah menunggu di bioskop, kita nonton Bounty Hunter deh, lumayan nyobain nonton bioskop di M'sia.

Si Ryan temennya Nini sih, gw sama Regina cuma 2 nyamuk kedinginan.

Day 4 : Balik kampong. Ke Singapura. Tapi masih lama.

Jadi kita masih sempet lunch di Pyramid, nah di hari pertama ke Sunway, gw sangat terkejut dan (agak) terharu mendapati Hartz Chicken Buffet berjejer diantara restoran2 lain - hari ini kesampean hehe.

Dan seperti biasa, gw malah lebih makanin side dishesnya daripada ayamnya sendiri. Abis makan situasi agak sedikit terburu2, soalnya masih harus (cieh, harus) beliin nyokap Nini sandal Vincci, beli snack di supermarket, sama beli replika Petronas. Trus buru2 pulang ngambil koper naik taksi (dengan sopirnya yang sangat perhatian) ke LCCT, terminal buat budget airlines, yang kabarnya sangat madesu, sungguh berbeda dengan ke KLIA.

4 tahun yang lalu gw pernah mampir di KLIA, ke KLIAnya doang tapi, itupun ke cuma ketoiletnya - sempet terdistract sama Nicholas Saputra yang tiba2 lewat, trus buru2 ngacir ke waiting room nonton bola (lagi World Cup oh indahnya), dimana bule2pun rela duduk di lantai membisu dan terpaku menatap layar kaca.

Regina tidur, Nini tidur, gw mana bisa tidur hehe. Liat kanaaaaan liat kiriiii. Nih bandara beneran jauh. Jauuuuuuuhhhhh sekali.

Dan hatiku gembira sekali begitu kita mo lewatin Sepang. Merinding. Gw pengen photo papan yang bertuliskan "Sepang F1 Circuit" tapi 2 kali gw coba photo, 2 kali juga ketutupan sama 2 truk yang hampir sama.

Nih, ini 2 truk yang berbeda loh. Yang satu GH yang satu SG.
Never mind, lagian ternyata sirkuitnya diatas sonooo yang gak mungkin ketangkep phone camera, yang penting kelihatan mata (sedikit).

Aaaaaaaiiih pengen berentiii turunnn nontonnnn.

Singkat cerita akhirnya nyampe di LCCT (yang ternyata lebih madesu dari yang gw bayangkan), si Nini langsung terbirit2 kedalem dan menghilang ditengah keramaian (flight dia 50 menit lebih dulu dari kita dan kalo ngantrinya panjang kemungkinan besar telat), gw sama Regina berlenggak-lenggok check in dan duduk2 didalam, sampai akhirnya waktu boarding tiba.

Akhirnya gw ngerasain juga namanya jalan ke pesawat.

Oh iya saya jadi ingat, majalah Air Asia sangat berkualitas menurut saya, asiiik. Regina juga ngelihat2 menu dan matanya bersinar-sinar begitu melihat "Nasi Kuning Manado,". Sungguh sangat bersemangat sekali dia meng-order. Pramugarinya mengisyaratkan sesuatu yang kita tangkep sebagai "tunggu gilirannya,"

Reginapun mengiyakan, terus lanjut ngobrol, trus gw iseng ngelihat ke bawah, oh, daratan, sampai dimana yah kita?

Konon, perjalanannya cuma 1 jam. Tapi rasanya kayak 30 menit. Baru gw ngomong 'kita belom mo nyampe kan?', ada announcement 'we'll be landing shortly'.

Pupuslah harapan Regina menyantap Nasi Kuning Manado, dia tampak terpukul.

Akhirnya tibalah kami di Singapura yang indah, bersih, aman, tertib, dan teratur. Yaaay. Si Nini sedang menunggu kita di 'Ya Kun Kaya Toast Terminal 1', padahal di T1 gak ada Ya Kun. Ahahah lumayan panjang deh ceritanya dan akhirnya kami menemukan Nini (sepertinya sudah lelah dan pegal) menunggu di depan Ya Kun Terminal 2.

Well, thank You Lord :D. This trip was fun, I'd like to go back again (to KL) someday. Apalagi ke Pavilion. Terus makan di restoran "itu".

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The World Cup So Far

Saturday night eating bakso in TA food court - nikmat sekali. And there was a TV in front of me - South Korea was playing, and next to my table there were a Korean father and his daughter smiling wide when Ji-Sung scored the second goal.

I guess there's no more pain left from 2002.

Btw baguslah hak siar piala dunia jatuh lagi ke tangan RCTI dan saudaranya.

Yesterday when watching Argentina I spotted a familiar face and name :

Juan Sebastian Veron

long time no see man.. Ahahahah I don't know why, back in junior high, for me he was a footballer whose name has the strongest character after

Alessandro del Piero

Okay thank you for reading my scientific and unimportant review. Sorry for wasting your 5 minutes. Have a nice day!

Oh, and the most elegant footballer name is still,

Massimo Ambrosini.

Ah, This Month Four Years Ago

Well this is my first world cup without my uncle Del Piero hahahah, yea sure it feels different. But it's owkay uncle, we've got the dream title already so just sit back, relax, eat snacks, and enjoy the game :D Jaga anak aja di rumah om!

*tears again :D*
Thank You God I love You soooo *hugsss

It's fine Buffon's still there hehehehe I think he's still gonnabe around for some time - next WC we'll see?

I remember 8 years ago, we 'weirldly' watched the most of the matches in the afternoons and evenings because the world cup was held in South Korea-Japan (in SouthEast Asia we're very used to watching late nite/early morning soccer). I almost fainted when Ahn Jung-Hwan 'did it' that nite. Prayed everyday for the next 4 years since then. Wasn't so excited watching the final - but got so amused when Kaka and friends 'revealed' who gave them the victory.

And 4 years ago I was in Europe trying to find a TV wherever I went hahahahah witnessing God's miracles after miracles for Italy - had a party with 'fellow' Italians - then I went home just a nite before the final - couldn't sleep - prayed harder than ever - almost fainted again- and God showed me His miracle once again - I rejoiced the whole nite - got exhausted and finally fell asleep - it felt sooo goooood when I woke up the next morning - smiled at all the soccer news along the day - and continued rejoicing for days, months, and years.

Thank God, to You all the glory. Cintaaaaaaaaaaaa

And about what team to support this year hmmh, I just wanna see great matches, to enjoy the rare euphoria, I hope for a great final and may the best team win.

Ahahahah never said this before 2006 - I used to hope for other big teams to fall early so it would be smoother for the Azzurri. BUT. BUT. It doesn't mean I don't care about them now they're still and will always be my squad. I of course won't say no if they're to win again - and I won't break down and cry if they aren't.

And I won't be surprised as well - they guys grandpa Lippi brought to South Africa were - erm..huh? And secara udah hampir ga pernah nonton Serie A pas gw liat nama2nya - heh? siapa ini? kalo dia siapa? kalo yang ini? main dimana? koq ga pernah keliatan? rumahnya dimana? orang Indo ya? I have to admit I miss seeing the old guysss :(

Nah, but unexpected things happen in world cup, Italy was always payah these few years what, but when God wanted them to win, they won :D Thank You again :)

Itu semua bukan tergantung kekuatan tapi perkenanan Tuhan. Untuk siapa tahun ini? Let's see. With excitements!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dan Kepada Jakarta dan Semua yang Terkandung di Dalamnya,

I know you can never let us down hahaha!!!

Jakarta means yeaahhhhhhhhhh.
Jakarta means woooo - hoooooo.
Jakarta means fun.
Jakarta means home.

Jakarta means plenty of time - to blog. Hahahah.
I have so many unfinished and unpolished drafts in my account = fun homeworks.

And thank God I have a TV againnn!!!!!! :D

After missing this year's Thomas Cup, Champion's league final, and almost all European leagues matches & MotoGP & F1 series (whoa you have to sacrifice so much studying abroad lol), finally I'm home and I have a TV again yeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh. It's hard to describe how I felt being able to watch LIVE soccer again. *tears*

2010 World Cup = this holiday's gonnabe fantastic!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The 2010 Lasalle Show

This is why I'm still in Singapore huhuu hokben bakso gorengan nasgor bakmieeee!!!
But anyway, I'm glad being part of the annual event. I'm grateful. Thank You Lord for the diploma and one more year of being a student. Ahahaha. I hope it's gonnabe enjoyably slow.

So 10/05/'10 was the opening day for faculty of design, they opened all the galleries - wow the whole blocks of the campus are used for exhibitions it's like visiting a museum! One day wouldn't be enough to digest everything.

Bachelor in CommD's

Interior design diploma exhibition

It's fine arts'! It's fine arts'! Breath. Rush in. Enjoy.

Kyaaa it gave me a life-threatening jolt! Siapa sih yang naro uler di lantai???

And my batch's : diploma in CommD

Our panel :D
Mine & The King's

And for now, (seriously)