Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Aw Shion

Pronounced as Ocean. Questions? Yes, you!

Me : Err..

it's just a way to stay sane.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I Miss Feeling Good about Lasalle

It's not a month yet since I arrived in Singapore - look what I've got : fun internship, a TV, fixed printer, a convenient timetable, great studio & theory lecturers, I'm not the class rep, free Click 5 concert, F1 ticket, found that pasta stall again, and just yesterday God did something miraculous with my aircon :)

Logically, I must party everyday.

But since last week, gara2 disain isyu, orang2 "ini", dan orang2 "itu", tiap hari gw takuuuuuut - takuuuuut - takuuuuuuut, tidur ga tenang (tidur sih tenang tapi bangunnya "cape"), selama kuliah gw belom pernah se-anxious ini. I know something's wrong with my mind-set. Gotta fight, gotta run to God, gotta take the step of faith.

"Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you."
1 Peter 5 : 7

And Lord, You're turning my mourning into dancing..

So we say with confidence, "The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid.
What can man do to me?"
Hebrews 13 : 6

In all these things, we are more than conquerors.

God will make this academic year awesome, amen!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Another Surprise from Above!

It had been broken for months - and looking at it always caused, either slight or severe (during hectic days) homesickness. I remember entering my Singapore room again - greeting the machine : ."..hello again, my broken printer.."

I couldn't bear anymore trouble but I didn't wanna buy a new one. About 2 weeks ago God told me to operate a surgery that I did violently - well, I told myself if I broke this printer during the amateur operation I'd buy a new one - no choice. I stabbed it with ruler, cracked the back part open (I wasn't even sure it actually could be opened) - and there it was : the tumor that had been hiding there consuming my time, an eraser.

So that's the explanation behind all those stressing paper jams.

And since then - I'm back to printing joyfully. Now the printer's healed, pushing homesickness away. And goodbye frequent trips to printing shops!

Thanks God for the miracle :D

Owya and one more thing (wow God gave me a lot of "Singapore surprises" in less than a month :D). This was a shot from this season's community shield :


They only aired the first match of the season , but I can still watch Desperate Housewives, Glee, news, etc from on the only watch-able national channel - Channel 5 :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's Here!

This is one of the most exciting packages I've ever received :D
Thank You Big Daddy for giving me a dad who said OK when I expressed my 300 km/h desire :D

Friday, August 20, 2010

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oh and Another Good News to Start This Fun Year

This time, I'm not the ClassRep,
not even the Assistant.

This is a highly celebrated post - Thankfully.


It does feel good to be able to blog again. To have some curhat sessions with friends and beloved strangers. Well, after today I'm really not sure about the future blogging frequency..

Yea but I don't think I have that kind of resistance anyway.

We're now in the middle of week 3, and with all the time consuming (but seriously, from the bottom of my heart, fun) magang activities (which just ended today), and the burdening thoughts and questions about design issue design issue design issue design issue design issue design issue design issue design issue design issue design issue design issue design issue design issue design issue, lecturers' faces, design issue design issue design issue design issue design issue design issue design issue design issue design issue design issue design issue design issue design issue design issue, design issue design issue design issue design issue design issue design issue design issue design issue design issue design issue design issue design issue design issue design issue,

God, I really need a total help.

Ah, thank God You're such a good Father.

You're gonna make our last academic year ever an awesome one, even beyond imagination.


And by the way, H503 is Lasalle's best design studio, isn't it?
Let's say it's a privilege for the final year students :D

Now that I know the mysterious room I used to see everyday from PC
is apparently a CommD studio.
Funny, I spent a year wondering,
and I was sitting there a year after that.

Long Lost & Newfound Paradise

1. Ho Ho Spaghetti & Grill
Back in foundation year, when Singapore was a new jungle and we were still eagerly exploring, a pasta paradise was discovered in a 'madesu' food court in Paradiz Center's basement. In this food court that were never packed with people (according to our observation), you could find a western food stall specializing in pasta, WITH VARIETY OF SAUCES THAT YOU CAN CHOOSE AND EVEN MIX.

Sadly, the food court was closed down and Paradiz Center has transformed into Pomo, a hipper site with cafes, restaurants, a supermarket, and a Japanese food court. But the western food stall was no where to be found.

2 years have passed. A new food court just across school was just opened. We walked in just to look around. We laughed at a stall with a disgusting-looking sausages pictures you know what I mean and hey they've got spaghetti as well...wait.. err.. is that..?

And thank God, we found it again.
3 consecutive days of Spaghetti,

2. Belanja @Lucky Plaza.
Due to the limited baggage space I regretfully didn't bring any Indo snacks with MSG. I only brought a pack of Biskuit Selamat that was all gone in the first day in Singapore. We were just passing through Lucky Plaza and decided to take a look at a shop which ad we'd seen for quite long but never really dropped by.
Look what I bought :D
And you can also find Biskuit Selamat there :D

It's been a while, I feel like eating Spaghetti tomorrow.



We had fun 2 weeks volunteering for :phunk Studio & Keiichi Tanaami's Eccentric City : Rise and Fall.

Tiring (and a bit overwhelming after homeworks started piling up),
but it was mostly really soberly fun, I'm gonna miss the mess.

Oh and this job is not for old ladies :P
Even after only 30 minutes of cutting,
the other grandma and I would start screaming silently,

"MY BACKK....!"

There were about 300 of them.

The sides with all the colours are Tanaami's,
the B&W ones are :phunk's

The mess indicates progress.

And the exhibition's finally opened yesterday, August 18th 2010.

Black and white angle

50 : 50

The colourful angle

with my fellow grandma & intern

The artist explained why did he choose to build a city from paper instead of concrete materials in their talk today, to show how fragile a city actually is - a city can easily be destroyed by war or disaster. And :phunk associated the artwork with Singapore, which always tries to create new memories and to erase the old ones (related strongly to how Singapore always replaces/renovates old buildings).

Well, to be honest Tanaami's style is not my cup of tea, but he mentioned that he grew up just behind Tokyo's Takashimaya and the department store was his playground, he remembered playing in the elevators and got surrounded by the colours of the stores and the goods.

So we do have something in common :D

Kami ABG Labil.

Thank God for another free concert : this time is The Click 5.

The story :
In the midst of strong determination to stay at home doing homeworks, my ex-roommate informed me The Click 5 was gonna give a free concert in Marina Bay that night as part of Youth Olympic Games celebrations. Ah The Click 5! Their teen pop music sends me back to primary school ahahah. Thinking about the homeworks and the limited time, I was reluctant at first, but remembering their songs made me realize how much I used to love their music, now I had the chance to see them perform live and it's free - I decided to go. Although along the way to the venue I couldn't stop thinking about design issues and writing the plan B in my head ahahah.

I could imagine there would be hundreds of young teenage girls there screaming at the white boys.


We're supposed to meet up at 8. Then 8.30. Then almost 9. It almost ruined my mood remembering how much time I had to sacrifice to get there. But anyway there's nothing I could do about it, I tried enjoying Esplanade, I love that place anyway. Thank God for a beatbox showcase that really helped killing a portion of time. Ada om2 joget2 kepala nyahahahahah :DDDD

After my friends arrived we went to the waterfront and got surprised by fireworks (thank God, even though I missed this year's NDP but You gave me the most important part of it :D).
"Watch, Singaporeans, watch! ...This is your money!!!,"
the funny Y-Fest host shouted,
followed by big big laughters and cheers.

Next, we thought the concert was gonnabe held in the Float@Marina Bay. But we saw no crowds and heard no sounds there. We apparently had to walk faaar away to Marina Boulevard (fiuh - but it's okay girls, let's burn calories).

I didn't know anything about the band members, I just know they've changed vocalist? Their names, what instruments they play, how they look like, I really didn't know, only one of us did actually ahahah. But when we got there and saw their faces : wow.

Those bules are ganteng.

When we saw their faces on the big screen : double wows.

Those bules are ganteng. Banget.

Okay the first song they performed was.."Baaby I wanna catch your wave, Baaaaby I wanna drift away with you..". Then they also performed Happy Birthday, Empty, and some new songs, and thank God they also performed what I really wished to hear : one of my favorite treadmill songs, Just the Girl :D

I sounded like an ABG just now. Right?


Oh no no, not the treadmill part.

They closed the concert with Jenny and Headlight Disco. Okay, time for homeworks time for homeworks. But the 2 xiaojies mana mo pulang sih ahahah. Well, I don't mind seeing the pretty faces closer though, I joined them in the 'front row' behind the fence with phone camera ready to shoot, waiting for them to greet us their..err..fans? Yes2 we're fans that were just getting to know the stars :) Or the fans who just realized that the stars are that handsome.

Wow. Standing there, we really looked like ABG2 labil.

Okay we called their names wrongly, several times. Ahahah. There were :
  • "Karl! Karl! Kaaarl!!!" --- his name is apparently Kyle.
  • "Joey!!!" --- this one was right.
  • and "Brandon?!" or "Steven!!" --- his name is Ethan.
And we shook hands with all three :D Ahahahah. What a night. Homeworks!!!

Videos of them approaching and standing in front of us.
The girls (even some boys ahahah) behind us, our fellow ABGs :p,
with their teenage energy,
went crazy.

Thank God for another unforgettable night with my fellow young friends :D

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Psalm 102 : 25-28

In the beginning you laid the foundations of the earth,
and the heavens are the work of your hands.

They will perish, but you remain;
they will all wear out like a garment.
Like clothing you will change them
and they will be discarded.

But you remain the same,
and your years will never end.

The children of your servants will live in your presence;
their descendants will be established before you.


Monday, August 9, 2010

August 9th from Time to Time.

2007 : I was one of hundreds of people who were willing to stand among the kiasu crowds for hours to secure a strategic spot in Marina Bay. We came in a large group, one by one left due to exhaustion/other appointments, and in the end - it's a date : only me and God - and the fireworks :D

2008 : Yaaay we could see them all from home!!! (Peace Center's window).

2009 : I don't even remember what happened on that date. I don't even remember where I was.

2010 : ...errr.. Homeworks. Not. Done. Don't. Even. Think. of. Running. There. for. Fireworks. You're. Still. Single. Anyway. Ahahah.

*Happy National Day, Singapore!*

Aduuh pengen nontonnnn....:(

Friday, August 6, 2010

Lasalle's Taller and Fatter Little Sister

School of the Arts - It's basically the junior version of the College of the Arts. Ahahah. Udah jadi woi. Gueeedeee.

Yesterday I spotted two young boys sitting on the staircase drawing perspective awwww :( *remembering the great foundation year*

No admission for non-students/staff. We're a little bandel. Dikiit.

Ssst, the school is "technically" ours, for those who understand keep quiet :D!

The Beautiful f Language

Just a note from the first days of school. It'll get better, of course :D.

kefemafarenfen hafarifi perfertafamafa sefekofolahfah afadafa yangfang bifikinfin, ermferm, ahfah, gafatafaufu ahfah : bafanyakfak wafajahfah2 bafarufu (danfan lafamafa) yangfang berfertamfampangfang (danfan terferdefengarfar) : kiasu.

Aaaaaahhhhfaaaaaahhh tiiiifiiiiidaaaaakfff..(eh?)..!!!!!! Tamfampangfang danfan sufuafarafa meferefekafa memfembufuatfat gufuefe berferifikirfir watfat ditfit aifai getfet maifaiselffelf infintufu? Waifai ditfit aifai konfontifinyufu? Kefenafapafa gufuefe hafarusfus terferlifibatfat defenganfan oforangfang oforangfan "difisainfain" ifitufu? Batfat aifai knowfnow itfit won'tfon't bifi thatfhat skeferifi, itfit won'tfon't bifi skeferifi etfet olfol, because I know who holds tomorrow : Jesus.

P.S : Please don't understand.

Stepping on the College of the Arts


Btw the photo was taken from the best spot of Lasalle's library I discovered err..2 days ago? And I only have a year left to utilize the facility a.k.a to sit (or sleep) there.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

An Acceptance Speech. All Thanks Goes to God.

Thank You for the 6 weeks in Jakarta, I treasured every moment.

Thank You for 12th of June, thank You for the safe flight, for the smooth landing, for hokben in the airport, for the awesome Kani Roll and the exceptional salad (dressing) and the soup and the Teh Botol. Thanks for my Indo bedroom (meskipun loh - pulang2 koq jadi ungu hahahah dan barang2 penuh kenanganku disingkirkan ke belakang huuu), thanks for the Siomay in TA with a TV (airing South Korea vs Greece, thanks for the first world cup I can really enjoy) right in front of us. Thanks for the great time in Church the next day and so on, with brothers or Vena. Thanks for the family prayer and the communion. Thank You for quickly healing mom's stomach. Thank You for weekend family lunches and dinners in PS and TA and CL and Sency and GI an CP ahahah, for the exciting and surprising Brazil vs North Korea, for Padang in PIM, for Mango sale ahahah, for a dress mom approved, for Spain's shocking lost to Switzerland (hey don't get me wrong. I just like good games), for a memorable fabric hunting in Tanah Abang, for Knight and Day premier, for being able to watch Italy play again although they were (...), for a family Thai-food lunch in Sency, for an overwhelming family 'food fiesta' in TA's food court, thank You for I could watch MotoGP again (although Rossi was still badly injured), thank You for the badminton super series :) for Sony's victory in Singapore Open, for Indonesia Open (ahahah :(,--Indonesia--what happened??), Di Indo gw jadi hyper deh, semuaaa harus ditonton. Pas gw tanya Vena soal skor eh dia ga nonton gw langsung, "Apah??? Bisa2nya Indonesia Open lu ga nonton???" ahahah, Thank You for mom's sayur asin, and all the cakes especially the Opera cake with a thick layer of choco-coffee cream and chocolate sauce on top :D, thank You for I finally met Bunderan HI again (pulang Jakarta baru afdol kalo udah liad Bunderan HI), for Gordon Bleu Carbonara in GI (eh sekarang keren amat Level One-nya hahahah - uber artsy!), for Bakmie GM for dinner and mie ayam for breakfast ahahaha, and finally - Bakmie Permata, for the fast recovery over Italy's performance, for Portugal vs Brazil, for a thrilling USA vs Ghana, for the phenomenal score in Germany vs England, for Pizzas as the snack for soccer, for all the healthy fruits mom cut for us and all the veggies (enak ga enak) she cooks for us, for a -hectic but very useful- trip to Mangdu hihi, for Eclipse premier - literally just for laughs ahahah, for Hokben before eclipse hahahah, for the Netherlands' unforgettable victory over Brazil, for being able to see Kaka's beauty again (ah he's just so beautiful), for van Bronckhorst's goal, for Karate Kid, for a fun gathering with the relatives, for Wimbledon's final, for winning a blog competition, thank You for mom's spinach + corn my childhood favorite hahahah, for a funny trip to Plaza Indonesia hahahah, for Glee - ahahah, for the workouts in front of How I met Your Mother everyday, for the Simpsons (season 20?!!!) and Family Guy for dinner on weekdays, for Germany's another monumental victory over Argentina, for Spain vs Germany (yah Jerman mending kalah di semifinal deh daripada di final lagi lebih kasian ---), for the cute but ah too young Thomas Mueller, for hokben and hokben again, for the daily Kompas to read every morning on the floor, for the last minute the A-Team, for sate ayam abang, for Pizza Hut's Classic Favourite and freshly cheap salad, for another fabric hunting in Pasar Grogol, for Yoshinoya with mom, and Mr.Curry with dad , for Despicable Me premier, for ehm, countless Nu Green Tea with ice cubes and transparent glass, for homemade avocado juice and kelapa muda :), for Indomie with egg whites left from baking cake :D, for Kick Andy!, for Apa Ini Apa Itu and Tak Tik Boom meskipun pertanyaan2nya ternyata kurang mutu tapi kangennn, and ow yeah Doraemon!, for the great Jakarta sale hahahah, for 2010 World cup final, for the breakfasts in Depot Surabaya with dad, for it's Soto Madura and Risoles, for all the good movies on TV, for Andrea Bocelli's Vivere Live in Tuscany and Under the Desert Sky Live DVD, for Formula One, for ESPN, for RAI, for Christopher Nolan's awesome INCEPTION, for Hudson Prananjaya ahahah, for Ariyo Wahab, thanks for Valentino Rossi (akhirnyaaa setelah sebulan di Indo) excellent performances despite the injury - and the podium anthem mistake :P, and I finally got to see "Semakin di Depan" on Yamaha riders' arms, and for me being able to witness another Ferrari 'team order' (I'm pro Ferrari because it's Italian but - ah males tau, kasian - the victim's Brazilian again), thanks for mom's highly anticipated spaghetti yuhuuu, for Granny's birthday and the delicious chocolate b'day tart, for the fun KFC stop during our trip to Karawang, for Guinness World Series of Pool in TA, for the dress mom and dad bought me on my last day in Jakarta, and 8 times Hokben ahahah, for bakso, pempek, lontong, asinan, bolu kukus, ah banyak dah, for the menipedi & facial indulgences with mom, and many many many more, thank You for forgiving me for what I did and didn't do these 2 months, thank You for You - the best Father ever, thank You for a perfect dad, a perfect mom, and 2 perfect brothers. Thank You for the perfect family, both nuclear and extended. Thank You for the perfect friends. Please take care of them, while I'm away and while I'm there. And thank You Lord, for Jakarta, and all the malls inside :D

I love You more than anything, thank You for everything, amen.

And this is my last year in Lasalle - I know You're gonna make this awesome! The head and not the tail, from glory to glory. Amen.

Monday, August 2, 2010

17 Again

Yesterday mom and dad bought me an evening gown in TA (gw seneng banget ke TA lagi ada Guinness World Series of Pool - banyak bule :) banyak crew Star Sports :) seneng aja liad pertandingan 'live' :) ada komentatornya di pojok :) nonton di rumah juga senengg banget liad TA :) "A wonderful venue," kata komentatornya. TA gitu loh :).

Back to topic, pas di fitting room, rasanya kayak :
  • Nyari baju seventeen-an
  • Nyari prom dress

  • Nyari gaun pengantin.

  • Gw berasa 'muda' lagi ahahahah.
  • Sedihhh :( Leaving for Singapore the next day.




I'm back in Singapore already :( Besok sekolah.


Tuhan tolong...