Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Seminar Presentation II : The Attack of the Kanchiongness


  • the big presentation is coming ngyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh.
  • Seriously, ngyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh.
  • And blogging about the Singapore GP will be the third thing to do after next week presentation.
  • After jumping around thanking God.
  • And walking around Orchard road indulging my relieved stomach and mind.
  • Ah one more thing - if you're reading this,
  • Plis.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bobby Caldwell

Haven't tired of this song.

Chasing Liberty

We all have that one favorite movie that the rest of the world (especially the critiques) hate. Mine is Chasing Liberty.

Apalagi film ini di-rilis pada tahun 2004, dimana saya masih muda, labil, dan sedang jatuh cinta-jatuh cintanya dengan sebuah republik di semenanjung Mediterania yang kaya akan budaya dan <semuanya>, orang-orang menyebutnya Italia. 2 tokoh utama salah naik kereta, bukannya menuju ke Berlin, mereka malah tiba di Venezia.


Apa mungkin kalo saya mau naik MRT ke arah Punggol saya malah tiba di Novena. #lokal.

this film tells a story about over-protected first daughter (codename: Liberty) who runs away across Europe (to attend Berlin's Love Parade) during her father's presidential visit. A handsome secret agent pretending to be ignorant motorist is ordered to follow her to keep her safe. She thought he follows her around because he likes her. And yea, he eventually fall for her. Matthew Goode falls for Mandy Moore. Then she finds out...

Sounds cheesy? I think it's perfectly fine. I mean, I don't get it, why do people hate Chasing Liberty? What's not to love? They have a night 'swim' in the 'Danube'. They watch Offenbach opera on a rooftop. They take the wrong train to Venice. They ride motorbike and gondola to escape from security guards and angry restaurant owner. They slow-walk through Prague's narrow streets because she's too drunk. She catches him documenting Nessun Dorma. Oh now I know why, there are just too much charm in a movie.

Most adults can't take it.

Calder, Ben Calder.

By the way, this film was released at the same time as First Daughter. You can do further research if you want, it's a perfect example of #shithappens

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wasn't Myself that Day

Some of you may know I never cared about a highly anticipated event called IT Fair - usually held in Suntec Convention Center about.. err.. twice? or 3 times a year? I prefer staying away from Suntec after 12 to avoid the mass. And the brochures. And boxes of hardwares.

But the industry (the school) gave me an INTENSE understanding that I need this "pen" and surprisingly most of my college mates already have it - peer pressure. So when I saw the IT Fair's announcement on TV I cancelled my date with books in the library right away.

Oh - since I was kinda illITerate - the kid had to be my assistant for a day. Ahahahahah makasih ditemenin ndukk :D

I know you love witnessing Miss Universe throwing money :D

Merci beaucoup, mon Père!
Opening that box was like opening a Christmas present :D

Nah that's part one.

Mission accomplished. Then I remembered my dad's message : External HD is a must-have item. Nyaah. I actually didn't feel like spending more money that day - but yea I gotta agree it's compulsory to own an external HD - (I've been backing up my data in several thumb drives ahahahah). So we went to ..

"WE-DHE," kata anak kecil.

And long story short, (it was a long story, really. A funny one. Related to a boyish-looking guy trying to make us buy.) He won.
Yaaaay. I have a WE-DHE external HA-DHE.
"wedheeee it's glowing. it wasn't edited."

Nah. That's part two.

We passed thru a cheap laptop cooler stand in the mission of finding a "laptop fan without fan", titipan yang waktu ntu lagi bbm-an sama asisten gw.

Then I asked the kid whether she used a laptop cooler.
She said she did. She asked me if I did too?
I didn't.
She said it's better to use it. Overheated laptop is dangerous.
I freaked out.

Then I bought a $5 laptop cooler. Ahahah.

That's part three.

Then I asked myself something. I said no. Then I started comparing 2 AppleStore brochures to see which one had the better offer. I asked myself again. And again.

"Yea I need that,"
"The old one is hopelessly broken,"
"The old one is old"
"The old one was free"
"I have to do my studio works anyway,"

Then we went down.

Thanks God, You gave me a new iPod at the right time :D
Sekarang bisa bikin PR sambil dengerin Once nyanyi di kuping lagiii hihihi.
Introducing the MiB. Machines in Black.

I always told my fellow - not - too - tech - savvy - roommate how lucky (I mean, economical) we are by not being gadget freaks.

I just spent *** bucks in Suntec Convention Center.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Breathing a Sigh of Relief

So, last 2 weeks were crazy.

I deliberately but unintentionally almost committed suicide by taking too much parasetamol last week - it was a "kanchiong to the max" situation - hectic days - stressful hours. My head wasn't going to explode - but it was streeetched from the neck up by deadlines : 3 presentations to be held this week.

And that last presentation ended this afternoon.

Okay I know the big ones are yet to come but for today let me shout the word of


Out loud.

Not forgetting a BIG thank You to the King of kings : who is my ever flowing source of strength, my endless source of ideas, and the One who made it all happened perfectly.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010