Thursday, October 28, 2010


"having a great deal to do, occupied with or concentrating on a particular activity or object of attention"

~New Oxford American Dictionary~

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Crazy Teenage Dream

Gilak, believe it or not pas SMP gw pengen jadi penyanyi opera.

or Broadway :D:D:D

Even when I was about to choose which faculty in Lasalle to join (oh I remember the younger and more hopeful version of me wanted to taste simply everything. Lasalle = artistic wonderland), I couldn't choose between visual art or..

musical theater. *jreng*jreng*jreng*

Err. Nunggu giliran presentasi aja mimpi buruk.

Found a corner in school's library.
Ahahah. Aida was my first opera VCD.

Actually I bought La Bohème first. Then it turned out to be a CD.
*slapping myself - stupiakkk but beneraan huhu it looked like a VCD*

Not that I had a particular favorite opera, but those kind of videos were so rare in Indonesia - and YouTube wasn't around. And internet wasn't that accessible. And Groban was relatively new to the industry so classical crossover wasn't so popular like now.

So when I discovered the *magnificent!* fantastic!* sensational!* classical music section in TA's Tarra Megastore (now sadly closed), I spent quite an amount of my pocket money to purchase anything affordable. I wanted everything actually. The more affordable ones first. And for a junior-high schooler the number was almost zero.

Now. Thank God for YouTube.

Eh no wonder I like Mall Taman Anggrek so much.

If I had the chance to visit the library during those junior high school days, I would have gone innnnsssaaane, I'd spend hours there trying to sing. Ahahaha.

O Mio Babbino Caro, from Gianni Schicchi *applause*

"Oo mioo babbiiiiino carooo...
Mi piace e bellohh *cough* cough* haaaa *cough*aaaahh, e belllloooo."


*bow down*


Friday, October 15, 2010

Complex Emotions Illustrated

Work-in-progress showcase 14-15 October, 2010 :
this is what prevented me from pressing the 'post' button lately ahahah.

But I had so much fun working on the final year project with God!

Have been busy this semester,

thank God I have an ever-flowing source of strength :D

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

F1 When We're 21

After 2 years of "peeping" - thank God this time we're in!!!

Oh and I know I said stuff about the kiasuland being tiny, boring, and a bit suicidal, but I'm thankful God sent me here (especially in festive seasons like this hehe) - there have been tons of marvelous opportunities I wouldn't have gotten if I didn't come here.

I had been excited for months ahahah - and finally the week arrived - we're going to see those fast cars with our eyes and hear the loud sound with our ears. LIVE :D

The race was held on Fri, Sat, and Sun but the F1 fiesta started from Wednesday - the reigning world champ Mr. Jenson Button would be appearing at the opening of TagHeuer store in Marina Bay Sands.

So Steffi, Iveta, and I arrived in Marina Bay Sands at around 4.30, not knowing what time the event would start (the info only stated "evening"). Okay - no problem - since it's a mall.

Aiyoh. I don't know maybe the mall's just too upscale and most of the stores hadn't opened yet but it was booooooooooooooooooring. Most of the time we just sat down and talked, and once in a while peeped if there was a significant movement detected around the store.

Nah. Things started getting exciting about 6.30 - a small number of people started gathering in front of the store - and of course we joined them. More people came. Jenson's not there yet. More and more people came. Jenson's not there yet. Our legs ah - wah lao.

And the wait's over. The wait's over.
Yaaaay it's the brewokan Jenson Button :DDD

And congratulations to Steffi and Iveta for the autograph!!!

* * *

Okay. Thursday - Alonso & Massa would be appearing in Marina Bay Sands - and Vettel in 313. But never mind. Mind the homeworks :(

AH AND KIMI RAIKKONEN WOULD BE COMING TO ST.REGIS OH NO IT'S A PRIVATE EVENT. How private? Just go to their website for pricing. *faint*

* * *

And it's Friday it's Friday it's Friday thank God it's Friday!

The view of the super exhilarating day 1 from Marina Square food court:
Aaaahahahahah couldn't wait to be there!
*feeling the high-speed atmosphere*

This may sound lebay but the feeling after we entered the circuit park was - surreal.

The first practice session started - and here comes the loud ngrrruuuuungggggg. We bought a $2 survival kit containing a disposable poncho and an ear plug - which I found not really useful - I don't know I didn't feel much difference - maybe I used it wrongly.

Didn't bring my SLR because we'd be standing like - almost all the time (we bought the cheapest walkabout tickets ahahah), bringing bulky items will cause a serious damage to comfort - especially around neck and shoulders. I brought compact camera to shoot some vids - because I wasn't confident I could capture any cars in a click ahahah. I just screen captured some scenes from the videos. But still.


Sebastian Vettel.
The most 'frozen' photo captured.
It took us some time do differentiate Red Bull and Toro Rosso.

And a great thing about being a ticket holder : performances! Missy Elliot for day 1. It's a very interactive and energetic performance - but I only knew 2 of her songs ahahah.

* * *

Day 2 : 3rd practice, qualifying, Adam Lambert, and DAUGHTRY!!!

Ou yeah.

"Feels Like Tonight" was the first song woo-hoo!

I realized that quite many of their songs are in my treadmill playlist. Ahahah. No wonder I found myself singing along through almost the entire concert. I thank God I could listen to so many treadmill songs 'live' in 2010. Hopefully more songs next year :D.

Oh Steffi and Iveta found a very strategic spot to watch the cars at the slowest pace ahahah - in between 2 turns | WITH A SCREEN (there's a grandstand near there). But still we had to sit there for more or less 2 hours to secure the space for qualifying.

Sitting with PP. Painful Pantat.
Hahahah 2 bule di depan "Mandarin Oriental".

Qualifying started, Massa's out - something happened to his Ferrari. Then the highlight of the day - what I didn't know is the driver had to walk to the pit no matter how far if the mobil is mogok? - Gw lagi bengong when people suddenly gave an applause.

OH FELIPE MASSA'S WALKING IN FRONT OF US! - it happened too fast to be captured ahahah.

His teammate held the pole position.

After the Q we rushed back to Padang stage to catch Adam Lambert's performance. The venue was already very packed, we just sneaked in to the middle. Okay, tips kalo mo nonton konser jangan berdiri di belakang para raksasa kaukasia ahahah. Tapi senenggg the event was full of bule - jadi serasa nonton GP di Yurrop.

Wow those American Idol people can sing live just like the studio version,
genuinely great voices.

Adam Lambert is a real entertainer, keren
tapi agak sakit jiwa sih.


Ah and we got the chance to pose on the podium ahahah!

* * *


We're sssssoooooo excited - the race would start at 8, drivers' parade at 6.30 we got there at 3.30 to secure front 'seats'. Since we got 4+ hours of waiting, essay draft deadline & presentation day were approaching - I brought my lecture notes, a notebook, and wrote some essay.

Hey 'beside the track' wasn't a bad place to write. 'Acknowledgement' was done.


Oh btw, finally I could use the Ferrari bag to an F1-related event :D
My affection to Ferrari has decreased after Kimi left tho,
but no matter who the drivers are,
Ferrari will always be...

...Italian *kiss*.

It's hard to beat a bright red car anyway.

Really, those hours went slowwww.

Candyfeet (Penting).

And it's 6.25 pm, we're getting nervous. The screen has started showing the drivers getting ready. Stood up. Camera's on. Heart's pumping.

OKAY THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE ANNUAL EVENT : The drivers' parade!!!! This is what we girls paid for ahahah - it's almost more important than the race itself. That was the highlight of the day :D

In no particular orders, now meet the racers :






(Wow I didn't know the crowd hated him so much)




Bruno Senna.
Wow sure it's wonderful to see a Senna on track.

There's another hour until the race started - but it flew so fast maybe because we're too excited reviewing the videos we recorded ahahah. AAAAnnnd here we go wooo---hoooo never been so thrilled watching Formula 1!!! Thank God for the strategic and -super front- spot.

I think this was the warm up lap :p

And thank God for the screen!!! So we knew what's going on.

We saw Trulli spinning in front of us.
Liuzzi suddenly walked right in front of us (we didn't even know he's out),
om2 bule di sebelah heboh banget setiap Webber lewat dia membentangkan bendera Ostrali. Senna crashed,
Heikki's on fire (in the last lap I remembered? Aiyoh), and
Kubica overtooked err.. 5.. cars?

Hamilton tried to overtake Webber (people screamed, Iveta juga dong ahahahah), he did it, ouch that's a contact, he's out (people seriously laughed, ahahahah. kasian).

Nah - camera's on. To anticipate if Hamilton would be walking in front of us.

No sign of Hamilton.


Never mind.

...Then suddenly he appeared ahahah, I was too shocked and not ready to click. So I just opened my eyes as wide as possible to see Lewis Hamilton walking right in front of us. Aaaand that's the second highlight :D

Victory lap. Just skip to 0:22 ahahah.
Alonso's the 2010 Singapore GP winner. Yeaaaa but at least he's a Ferrari ahahah. And I was ecstatic listening to the Italian anthemmm!!!

..."Fratelliii d'Italiaaa, L'Italiaaa s'e destaaaa..."

And the track's opened for spectators after the race. We're obviously more interested in getting there than watching Mariah Carey (we only caught a glimpse of her on stage from far - too tired to sneak in again ahahah, but we heard the almost impossible high notes tho).


*fiuh* Really, thank God for the memorably greeeaaaat week, we wouldn't be able to forget the loud sound, the crowd, the atmosphere, the ticket, the fast-moving machines, and the drivers :D

Kimiiii, please be there next year!!!
Photo courtesy of Steffi.
Taken in Paragon 2 years ago *sweet memory*

Monday, October 4, 2010