Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Weekend Getaway

The awesome weekend when mom, bros, the aunties, and the cousins were in Singapore!

Assessment set-up day. Means it's overrr...! I've done my best!

Being a tourist for 2 nights

Seeing a different 'waking-up view' twice.

La dolce vita :)

Balada Kue Ulang Tahun

Udah cape2 di-carve, kejatuhan kue ultah.

First Sabuda

Why do I keep forgetting that there is a super useful application called the Photo Booth?!

Oh by the way - I finally bought one of Robert Sabuda's books! Didn't know which one to buy, thanks to the other grandma for the suggestion, I didn't regret buying this one at all! And thanks to her friend for the discount ahahah :)

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland-
story by Lewis Caroll,
paper engineering by Robert Sabuda.

Who's behind the tree?

Pick a card!

Oh the photos were taken the night before I flew back home, couldn't sleep as usual.
Watching sappy movies to fill and kill the time is not a good idea at all.

Salam mata bengkak!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Juxtalovin' is a series of attempts to communicate contradicted emotions by juxtaposing the symbol of love, the heart shape, with the objects saying the opposite.

Let's Be Honest, We All Lie.

It may look like the man is sad.
But look closer. He's all smiling inside!

What Lies Beneath is a series of visual experimentations with expressive icons and the most observable emotional expression tool, the human face : combining them to communicate contradictive/masked emotions.

Dreaming of White Sharks

I do that yea, there are 3 that I remember rather vividly. Because I'm not sure if I hate them or I LOVE THEM BIG TIME, I'm also not sure if these are classified as nightmares or sweet dreams:

At the Bottom of the Backyard Pool 
There's apparently a round swimming pool in my backyard (I was very young so swimming around and round and round the pool was still possible. Anyway dreams don't need to make sense). There's a realistic shark sculpture on the bottom of the pool (whaat? why? but whatever).

I finished swimming, got out of the pool. Guess what, the sculpture changed position. I swear its eyes were starring at me.

It means...

It might not be a sculpture...

Rock Walls Full of Holes
I was alone in a greyish version of Taman Mini's Akuarium Air Tawar. It's a huuuge building, the walls are made of rock, with holes that function as windows (you can peep into the aquarium through the holes).

I was standing near one of the holes, a great white passed by, displaying its intimidating elegance.

There are few smaller aquariums with baby sharks, too. I'm sure it's a multi-storey building, full of great whites. I wonder where that is.

There's Something Down There
So in this dream, Ancol really has a great white tank. Not tank, but pool, located in a deep dark, and orangey basement away from other attractions (suspicious), and in order to get there, you must climb a ladder down.

I remember walking there with a friend (it's funny, few months ago I dreamed about this friend being proposed by his BF in Ancol (huh?), and he really did propose (not in Ancol of course) but somehow I climbed down alone. Even though according to NatGeo, I know Great Whites can jump. And bite you. Probably while you're climbing the ladder. The ladder is very very near to the pool by the way.

*Jaws theme song playing*

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

22. And Free.

Wow. I'm amazed. Thank God I'm finally able to blog again after the truly madly deeply hectic weeks! Assessment is oooooverrrrr.

Oh baidewei, I just celebrated my 22nd -in the middle of school deadlines (again)- birthday. I thought of making it a day off but no I couldn't - too little time, I made it a half-day off instead.

Let me share about the birthday eve first. I didn't really have time to be emo on this birthday - seriously too much to do, seriously serious. I realized it was November 9th. I realized it was 10 pm. I realized I only had few hours left. I realized it was 11. Then it was 12. I realized I just turned 22. I didn't care. I was very stressed doing my typography book when I heard someone opening the room door.

It was the roommate - who previously sent an sms wishing happy birthday and apologizing "sorry I can't be there, the homeworks are just unbearable and I have to stay in Steffi's house trying to finish them,"

There was also Steffi, who did the same thing.

The grandma and the kid, who apparently deliberately bragged about how the kid is not allowed to be a night owl.

And there were also Regina and Nini.

Wow the surprise worked. I did not expect that. I thank them for spending the precious pre-assessment/exam hours and taking all the trouble coming to my house at 12 midnight. The problem was, I was in that state..uhm..what's that called...Oh.


From head to toe.

Anyway. I couldn't keep them from taking photos. After photos. And photos.

Courtesy of the kid.
Thanks God and thanks girls!!! My fans!
Ah and also thanks to Dian for the sincere, genuine, and long birthday wish!

Oh. And it was a secret only me and God knows. It made me super excited for the birthday. Absolutely no chance for tears.

As usual. Taking as much photo as possible one day before.

Me. Last day of being 21.

And I was excited because I knew I'm gonnabe younger when I turn 22 than before.

Like I said before, I made November 10th a half-day off - from doing homeworks. I slept at 6 am. Woke up at 10. Sleepy but excited, heading to Far East Plaza, for an experience of the birthday indulgence. IT FELT SOOOOOOO GOOD. And just like what I asked in my prayer a week before, thank God, I could feel that birthday joy again :DDD.

Then I met the grandma and the kid for lunch. Gave them a surprise. Revenge.



By the way, thank God for the Swiss-Mushroom Tendergrill promo.
It is a great invention.

Then it's time to go back to homeworks. Okay. Goodbye. Then I walked to Taka. Remembered something - then I bought that thing.

I always wanted this. I think it's the right day to buy one:
anggap aja it's a present for myself.

Not a Moleskine. Not yet. Just something like that.
But the colour is just irresistable!!!!

Then I spent approximately 2 hours in Ion's Starbucks writing on it hahahahah. Don't get me wrong. It's a part of doing homeworks.

Bumped into this photo when cleaning the desktop.

Wow. I was 18 years older.
And I don't see much difference.


Again. Thanks everybody for the wishes.
And thank God, it was a good birthday.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Still 21. Still Breathing.

Okay in the middle of these overwhelming homeworks - overwhelming anxiety - and overwhelming beauty, I just have to take some time to announce...

THIS IS MY LAST SATURDAY OF BEING 21. Spent with a kid, a fellow grandma, the roommate, and several homeworks.

Oh this yearly problem.*.21*. I desperately wish I can feel that birthday joy again.

*don't know what to say.

Friday, November 5, 2010


I can't. But You can.

And you will enable me to win this race against deadlines, Lord!

with You I can.