Friday, June 17, 2011

Given a Break

This actually happened around 1 month ago,
a week so overwhelming I seriously felt like dying.

Just finished final exam -
2nd week of freelancing -
grad show to prepare.

To elaborate :
1 busy month before assessment.
2 hectic weeks before assessment.
1 sleepless week before assessment.
1 anxious night before final critique.
1 nerve-racking day of the final-est crit ever.
And yay (and ouch) I'm done with school!
The next day : work -
grad show preparation -
work -
work -
work -
grad show preparation -
work -

To conclude : I didn't have the chance to shut my brain down even for a day after assessment!

I remember that Friday.


Escaped to the kid's place.
Haven't swallowed anything for 2 days.
But I could smile and thank God.
"Tomorrow is Saturday :)"

And the following are the images for that day people usually call the first half of a "weekend".
I'm just gonna put captions. Too tired. Haha.


And our artistic souls were well-fed that day.


Agak kecewa sih kenapa tuh lukisan2 legendaris ternyata gak kebawa ke Singapur.


Those are only projections of the paintings.
But the huge size. The music. The lighting.

The ambience.

You will want to sit there for hours.

And you can just pick a corner to sit and witness them all.
They'll come to you!
Google : Albert Plecy's Image Totale

Thank You Lord,
It's weekend, cing!