Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Selamat ya, Mas Djoko.

Looking for tennis live streamings that really work is significantly more difficult than looking for soccer ones. 

So, as usual, I imagine. With desperation.

Guardian.co.uk has been producing one of the most poetic and dramatic live updates for years, they eased the imagination process, you can almost see what's going on.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cool, Earth-Loving, Knowledge Freak Societies

NGC or Discovery Channels? Well I can't choose one, I believe neither most of you.

Although I'm not among those who 'preserve' mother earth and stuff, the end is near anyway, but I think they are both equally laudable: the hard workers who make it all happen.

I salute those who are willing to travel a long precarious way to share the untouched paradise with milksops like us at home, and those who risk their lives in the name of everyone's cluelessness and curiosity. I admire the patience, perseverance, and great passion in discovering more and more about the wonders of the world, how they unceasingly strive for improvements, always perfecting the techniques, perfecting the weapons, how they capture magical scenes from the wilderness that can keep even the most ignorant urbanites on their couches, finding themselves smiling at a bunch of antarctic penguins. I respect those with the skills and energy to turn science into entertainment without losing the main purpose: to share knowledge and awareness towards the world out there, in ways more entertaining than other shows that are purely made for entertainment (e.g. sinetron). For years, they have successfully brought back the charm of history and made science, addictive.

They play a big part in making us realize how little we know, looking at the rest of the world with its complexity. How little is the earth that we live in, knowing it's just a planet in a galaxy. And how tiny is a human being, compared to The One who created it all, perfectly designed, arranged, systematized, maintained, and cared for.

And well, I also envy you who travel the globe for a living, the ones who get paid to explore and to taste, the ones whose jobs are to exemplify this is how a millionaire should live!

I congratulate you for having a damn cool job.

And everything to do with them is cool, at least to me. Well kalo soal branding sih masih menang Nat Geo ya sepertinya, so when the National Geographic store arrived in Singapore in err..2009? (yeaa I admit Singapore is very cool for having that), I was crazy, stunned, and couldn't afford anything. I told myself to splurge on those pastel-coloured t-shirts with yellow rectangle when I'm rich.

I think just a very few percentage of the visitors actually purchase something, only the true (and rich) Nat Geo enthusiasts do. I think the cafe is the reason why they survive until today.

And today, I don't know why, maybe because a) is it just me or there are less things to see now?, b) the cafe has noticeably expanded? Or simply because c) time has eaten up the euphoria, it feels like Nat Geo Store has lost (a little) of its charm.

Well it's still one of my favorite spots in the island tho. I was strolling around the store last month, still on my way to become a millionaire, so I didn't intend to buy anything. Then I spotted a very cool $9 item.

Finally - a piece of National Geographic Society. #lebay

I know buying their merchandise doesn't make me a part of the 'society'.
But just imagine. Carrying this yellow bag will make one looks cooler and more earth-loving already.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012