Monday, March 12, 2012

Devina's Sentimental Mix Vol 2

1. Andy Gibb ~ Our Love, Don’t Throw it All Away

2. Chaka Khan ~ Through the Fire

3. Eross Djarot ~ Merepih Alam

4. Chicago ~ If You Leave Me Now

5. Amadeo Minghi ~ Cantare d’Amore

6. John Waite ~ Missing You

7. Queen ~ You Take My Breath Away

8. Bob Dylan ~ Make You Feel My Love

9. The Beatles ~ Penny Lane

10. Def Leppard ~ When Love and Hate Collides

11. Phil Collins ~ Groovy Kind of Love

12. David Foster ~ The Best of Me

See Vol 1 here.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Some Life Updates, 1st Quarter of 2012

Bloggers tend to apologize for their lack of updates, like "sorry I have been busy, I promise I will write more..." and stuff. I wonder if it's necessary tho, it's not like people are dying to see some new po...ok some people do, I'm obviously not referring to my blog by the way, but yea I feel obliged to do that sometimes, maybe because having a blog is sort of having a commitment so you are actually apologizing to yourself not to readers, who are most probably not dying for updates, so anyway, here we go:

Hey you strangers out there, sorry it's been more than a while, because I myself am perplexed by what's going on with my life right now #dramaqueen.

I'm not gonna go into details, because it's gonnabe long and embarrassing, and will make me sound more whiny like a teenager. Which is good so maybe I should...well let's just start. Oh I'll give hints tho, for more excitement. Drama.

January 2012 | What. Did. I. Get. Myself. Into

I'm not sure if I've ever written about it somewhere, but despite the trauma, I decided to grant Singapore one more chance, to redeem itself. Treat me better. Haha. I returned to Singapore, frightened, a little, because this whole new world to explore wasn't only promising, but also suspicious. I smelled a back-breaking possibility, whatever that means. But I told myself, not to worry much, hang in there as long as I can, and if this gets too much, that's it. I'm going home.

"Anyway maybe I worry too much, maybe it's not gonnabe that bad,"

And *Ted Mosby mode* kids, it was bad. Much worse than I thought.

February 2012 | 14 - 02 - 12 = 0

Singapore was mad at me that whole month. Or vice versa, whatever. You know Valentine's day had never meant more than a reminder to me, but I can confidently declare that 14-02-2012 was the worst Valentine's day. EVER. The ex-roommate told me I was actually lucky to be in the office the whole night and day, so I didn't have to witness couples holding hands on the street and so on...but, my dear friend, it wasn't a good day in the office, there was never a good day. Slap you back, February 2012 - and as I remember that day, so-called Valentine's day, was among the worst.

You're right. I was just envious. I envied them, couples on the street with flowers and balloons, BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT IN THE OFFICE. Now imagine me turning tables and breaking the window.

Sorry. I'm usually not like this. Nyahaha.

*crawling back to my desk, trying hard not to cry, then to the bathroom, crying.

March 2012 | Life Gets Better

Dark days indeed, February 2012 was so grueling, so hard to get thru. I wept almost each day, and dragged myself to *that building* everyday, and there was a surprising amount of support to give up, especially from those who normally wouldn't do it, thank you, really. 

I'm seriously wondering whether this is supposed to happen or I just. Fail.


I may not understand why, yet. But I will see. Now is the time to do the thing I've been battling to do, to surrender, to the One who knows the best.

I need to find my destined-nation.