Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Charm, (or Agony) of Football

Such a week, such a week.

I don't even know where to begin man. Last week was monumental - and thank God I was in Jakarta so I had the opportunity to witness them all! Football was being itself, to the max. That power to make or break you within a blink of an eye, that what makes football oh-so-devastatingly addictive.

I guess I'm gonna start with the ones who are dearer to the heart, as always.

Hello again, SCUDETTO. 30th and unbeaten.

30th, not less than that, our 3rd star! And okay I am writing this just few moments after Napoli won Coppa Italia but no thank you, we're keeping the 'unbeaten' title. We're unbeaten in Serie-A, and that makes it valid. This is such a blessed season for Juve, it's astounding how we're brought back to top, after being pushed and fell so hard to the deepest darkest serie B.

Thank You Father :) That's a sweet farewell treat for my uncle :(

Guys, del Piero is leaving. GUYS!

If I were in the stadium that day, I would cry like a baby. And how I wished to be present in 'lo stadio che cambia il calcio' to personally witness that historical event, when the legendary Alessandro del Piero gave his last salutation to Juvenisti as Bianconeri's trequartista. And cried with the whole stadium. Ok half stadium. And all of us at home.

Never have thought that day would come, ever. Football will never be the same again.

Flash-back to -UHM, FEW DECADES AGO, my earliest memories about football: the first time I saw del Piero I knew he's my uncle, and I knew I was born a Juvenista, witnessed his ups-and down, from a shy early 20-something to a married man and a father of 3. Aunt Sonia, Tobias, Dorotea, and Sascha, please take care of my favorite Italian uncle.

Thank you, for staying with Juventus through thick and thin, for being the reason why I love football, for introducing me to this wild-wild world. Please go back to Juve someday eh? Future allenatore?

Sorry, MU fans, we do need an English Premiere Fresh Air.

Dudes and dudettes, wouldn't you agree, that was the greatest EPL matchday in history?

I used to like MU, too, you know, back when Beckham was a rookie, waaay before Victoria made him bald, but I can't describe how ecstatic I was when the match was over and we had a new champion, this is really why, we love (or hate) football! Just lucky, MC? Maybe. Bribery rumour?

Hmm, I don’t think it’s bribery tho, it’s just football.

Aaand I just found out, since weekly football supply is kinda a luxury here where I am, that Roque Santa Cruz is now playing for MC now? Hahah, sorry.

I am officially a fan of MANUEL NEUER.

What can I say? Das ist Fußball, even though I turned the TV on with a simple expectation: to see a great match no matter who wins, I found it pretty hard to go back to sleep after the match was over, consumed by emotions.

Chelsea and this Bayern, I had nothing againts them, they did Juve no harm in Champions league final in the 23 years of my life (I'm talking about you, Bayern Leverkusen). I remember Chelsea lost the final recently and I've always liked the German since the days of Kahn and Ballack.

In the beginning of the 2nd kick off I thought, Hmm, München played better, but if they win I would pity Peter Cech, LIKE I ALWAYS do, because besides wearing that skull protector he already looks pitiful, and Lampard, who naturally looks even more pitiful sometimes.

But I kinda wanted München to win, they played so much better, and I forgot they had a Thomas Müller! They had a Thomas Müller!

And as we all know he scored a goal when we were getting ready for extra time. Then why oh why should he be substituted? it's just too early please! Then, BHAM, 1-1.

And I had a bad feeling, as always.

Most emotional moment of the match: when Robben failed the penalty but not that one, it would be when Scwheinsteiger couldn’t bare to see it. -THAT WAS REAL EMOTION, not diving or whatever Materazzi did that make football look fake.

It was almost as heartbreaking as:
  • (in a joyful way): I am sorry, who was the one who didn't dare to see the final penalty so Ferrara had to hug him when Juve won the Champions League in 1996? Anyway, that was indescribable.
  • (in a shattering way): Euro 2000 final, when Trezequet scored the golden goal and the camera captured Francesco Toldo's face - who couldn't take his eyes off the wicked round object - that was about to crush the heart of Italy.

Then one thing I can say about the penalty shootout is: 

"Scwheinsteiger, Schweinsteiger, what can I do to console you?"

A footballer's genuine reaction: tears. When you missed that penalty, dropped down and wept, believe me, we all cried with you.


And to a certain percentage of Londoners, congratulations! And to Mr. Abramovich, apparently and finally, money well spent huh? 


Well, actually I knew Chelsea would win, because of Proverbs 3:6.

"in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight."

Doesn't it remind you of someone called Didier Drogba? 

Chelsea has something München doesn't have, a Drogba. And Drogba never disappoints.

Who says Rossi has lost 'it'?

I know this is out of topic but I'm just too thrilled! After series of Ducati bummers, the doctor's back! Gyah I miss the excitement of watching the real Valentino Rossi intimidating other riders in heart-pumping battles!

I hope it wouldn't only be le Mans. Please come back for real! Don't lose it before I have the chance to see you live ok?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


In case you haven't noticed, they're the shades of spring/summer 2012,
they can be found  e . v . e . r . y . w . h . e . r . e .
Which means I'm gonna go cureeeaaazzyy when 'it' comes.

When the Great Singapore Sale comes.


Tahan babe, tahan. Bentar lagi.