Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Importance of Being Two-Faced

The problem with two-faced people is deciding which face to slap first. I believe most of us don't know who actually wrote that but yeah thumbs up for pointing that out! But being able to do that as a matter of fact, is a very useful skill, not for a deceiving purposes of course, tapi dalam hal curhat.

We gotta know to whom we should appear prim and to whom we can be warm. And more importantly, to whom we should appear strong and to whom we can show vulnerabilities. It's sometimes for them, not for you.

I tell my mother more stuff lately, maybe because I found out she is apparently more interested in stories of my life than I thought, but these more frequent and more in-depth interactions are somehow considered threatening when it comes to being two-faced. I always show my shallow vulnerabilities to her, I whine about a lot of stuff, but I spare the serious issues to myself to keep her from worrying to much, and somehow ahahah, to protect my pride. Especially about that one particular thing I always try to act coldly and ignorantly about. Only God knows how I actually never stop thinking about it.

I actually do talk it up with some, selected close friends who has nothing to do with my mother hahah, and to whom I can be a slightly open book, but never in serious manner. Because if I do, I would almost certainly be a totally open book. I don't want that.

And yesterday I was struck by the arch-enemy, migraine. Mommy was giving my head a massage when she suddenly asked me about that concealed matter, in a serious tone, and I almost bursted into tears while trying hard to keep my second face functioning properly. And I'm not sure if this inadequate skill of mine can handle one more direct attack.

I don't want that either.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Jakarta's a StrangeLand, According to KEANE

Below is Keane's new album artwork:

 And Below is their Indonesia/Asia tour's poster:

Ladies and gentlemen, wouldn't you agree with me here, 
One of the coolest tour posters, ever.

But yea, eventho I have waited for this for years - 
since they're my favorite Brit band number 3 
(after Muse and Oasis indeed),

I can't go. I'm in tears :(

Monday, August 20, 2012

Orang Bilang Buruk Rupa, Namun Aku Cinta

Jakarta itu seperti kaca, tempat untuk lari dari rutinitas yang memadamkan semangat, ke tempat "sunyi" untuk refleksi diri. Tapi gak boleh kelamaan, kena asap knalpot, burem juga.

*         *         *

"Life moves pretty fast, if you don't stop and look around for a while, you could miss it." Rutinitas di Singapura udah mulai bikin momentum hilang entah kemana, jadi waktu kerjaan sudah tidak mencekik lagi, gue klik tombol pause. Pulang, senang.

*         *         *

Gue baca Journey 2 di pesawat, buku superkeren yang gue bawa dari Jakarta dan dengan sedikit gondok baru sempet dibaca lagi dalam perjalanan kembali ke Jakarta. Ada tulisan mbak Trinzi Mulamawitri, editor-in-chief Kawanku dengan kata-katanya yang bikin senyum-senyum sendiri dan pengen ngajak hi-five. Baginya, satu-satunya cara untuk menikmati Jakarta adalah dengan meninggalkan kota itu sejenak. Bener banget, secara gue cuma turis yang beberapa waktu singgah untuk bernapas (kayak paus aje), yang jiwa petualangannya belom dimatikan di jalan raya, gue mampu banget menuruti semboyan turisme kota ini, enjoy Jakarta. Orang biasanya naik gunung buat bertapa, gue malah terbang ke hingar-bingar ibukota yang berdebu namun tetap lovely ini untuk menjernihkan pikiran. Betapa beruntungnya saya, yang gue rasakan dari kota ini emang yang bagus-bagusnya saja.

*         *         *

Tapi kali ini gue pulang ke hangatnya pelukan Jakarta dengan 1 misi, untuk mikirin baik-baik apa jadinya kalo memang harus benar-benar kembali. Karena situasi sekarang lagi membingungkan, belom keliatan dimana gue mesti ditempatkan demi mencapai tujuan kenapa gue dilahirkan ke dunia. Mungkin Tuhan udah bilang dari kapan-kapan dan gue yang gak peka, atau memang harus melatih iman, yang meski ditengah kabut harus tetap percaya. Dilema 2 negara kembali menerpa, meski gak segalau dulu.

*         *         *

Waking up and finding myself in Jakarta, it always feels great. Tapi kalo tiap hari gue bisa bangun pagi di kamar sendiri tapi setelahnya harus pergi berjuang di jalan raya, apa sisi menyenangkan ibukota masih akan berfungsi dengan baik? Dalam 4 hari aja udah kena migraine 2 kali karena terjebak macet, gimana kalo daily basis. Meski hidup di Singapura itu rasanya cepat sekali, tapi kalo harus kembali dan meneruskan hidup disini, rasanya masih mending disono. Aku jadi takut, jadi harus pulang gak nih Tuhan?

*         *         *

"Kan ada Jokowi," kata teman. Well, dia kan gubernur, bukan screwdriver * designer joke*. Jadi gubernur Jakarta itu pekerjaan ke-5 paling sulit di dunia, secara yang dihandle adalah masalah akut seluas 700 kilometer persegi. Tapi melihat persona dan visi misinya, rasanya susah untuk tidak percaya. Salut untuk kedua sosok luar biasa yang mampu memenangkan hati rakyat Jakarta yang udah keburu membatu setelah diperlakukan begitu kejamnya oleh kota sendiri, bahkan mempersatukan mereka dengan berbagai perbedaan yang ada, membuat generasi muda yang biasanya cuek menoleh ke politik, bahkan ikut serta secara kreatif. Batavians unite!

*         *         *

Jakarta itu benang kusut yang sudah hampir terikat mati, so ya Tuhan, tolonglah mereka, tolonglah kami, menjadikan Jakarta menjadi kota yang manusiawi. So the thoughts of going back to this city for good won't be that terrifying.

Karena tanpa-Mu, itu tidak mungkin.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Sketchwalk Therapy

Why didn't I start this earlier? 

That's the question I've been asking myself repeatedly from the moment I sat down, prepared my tools, found the right object, and started sketching. The sound of pencil scrapes. The satisfaction when people recognize what you're drawing. The thrill of connecting two, correct perspective lines. The joy of sketching, it's all coming back to me! And what else? The memory of being a freshman, sitting by the Singapore river, attempting to re-create ACM on a flat white surface, thinking - so, this is school? Life is great. Awh I miss you Mr. H!

Last Saturday, I finally, finally, finally joined my Malaysian brother and sister (they're the next big thing :) check out their new website) to take part in Singapore's Urban Sketchers (which by the way, is such a cool, and warm, community)' weekly activity. It was therapeutic, I promise myself to do this more often.

Last week was Armenian Street's turn

Ensemble of great art pieces.

It's surprising that most works were not sketches, then I heard that this activity and the community itself have evolved. It used to be sketch-walk, literally, but now most would choose a spot, sit down for hours and create a rather complete artwork, sometimes with colours, painting.

I don't do colours well, but I admire people who do.

Tilen's masterpiece

My corner

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tsk, It's August 9th, Again.

Yang paling menyakitkan dari kesendirian itu bukan pas kita lagi sedih. Tetapi disaat kita merasakan bahagia dan tertawa senang, tapi gak ada orang yang bisa diajak ketawa bareng. ~Cinta Silver

Loneliness isn't most agonizing when we are unhappy. But when we are in joyful laughter, but there's no one there to share the laugh with. ~Silver Love  (I'm not making things up, it is really the name of the flick).

*             *             *

I was asked if I wanted to see the National Day fireworks in Marina Bay. I didn't really know what to answer. I wanted to. I love fireworks. But damn, NDP (still) rhymes with loneliness, a reminder of dashed dreams and heartache.

I know, better alone, than with the wrong person/crowd. But that Cinta Silver quote is true. I'm not in the mood for agony.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Wedding Dresses Unfold

It’s National Day again, and this is my...guess what, 6th. Had no plan to go near Marina Bay this time, of course, I flew solo to the National Museum because they’re having National Day open house whoopee! And they're showing the highly anticipated Wedding Dress exhibition ultra-whoopee! 

Big mistake. I ended up feeling even more lonesome than before.

Anyway, the show isn't as grand as I expected, but the dresses are pretty. They’re displaying wedding dresses from the 1800s to the present day, lent by Victoria and Albert Museum in London, who deems itself as the world’s greatest museum of art and design. I am gonna check if it’s true, one day. One day, Devina. The exhibition also unfolds the accounts about the brides well-known or not, the designers, and how social and economic circumstances affected how British women dressed on their wedding day.

Gwen Stefani's dress, by Galliano. Not my cup of tea.

Cuuuute! Like pjamas!

This one. My top pick among them all.
This Victorian wedding dress was worn by a wealthy lady, Eliza Penelope Clay at her marriage to Joseph Bright, in St. James's Church Piccadilly, London, 1865. I hope the Blekberi camera could capture the details - of the veil (oh, the VEIL), but yea, sorry. 

But. But, I did a lazy, further research about this dress online, and apparently you can find an article about the conservation of the dress from the V&A Museum website. Amazing stuff. The picture below is the before-after photos from the website:

Amazing rear view ( from V&AM website)

A sliiiiiggghtly, different angle.

So, dear all the ladies out there, married or hoping to be, happy or lonely, taken or free, owned or independent, optimistic or miserable, I guess there's nothing wrong with paying a visit. Oh wait, there are plenty, apparently.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I Love Phelps for Sentimental Reason

We didn’t catch the Olympic fever until we heard that Phelps was beaten by a guy called loch-tee and didn’t even get to stand on the podium. Since then the roommate and I, although it would most likely mess our body clocks up just like the days of Euro–blah, would wake up at 2.30 am (thank you GMT + 7) to cheer­ him like crazy (as it matters), waking everyone in the house up, every time his face appears on TV. We still Phelieve, pokoknya PHELPS MUST WIN.

Sodara bukan, kenal kagak, ganteng banget juga nggak, bahkan cenderung kayak gorilla, but why do we love Phelps so much?

4 years ago, on the starting weeks of 2nd year of college, both of us had just moved in to an old, dark, dirty, and dusty apartment, but, we got a nearly broken but still functioning TV! So we were gladly able to catch a glimpse of Beijing Olympics in the midst of classes and piling homeworks. Our favorite? Swimming. For some obvious reasons of course. And we were amazed by this guy who swims like a merman leaving everyone else behind. He turned up to be a sensation, and now, the most decorated Olympian ever, and we, are fans.

So I suppose, watching his triumphs again in London reminds us of that happy, cloud number nine period of life, when we were still able to refer to those swimmers as ‘koko-koko berdada bidang’ and not berondongs. And apart from being so good in pool, (dan meskipun kaya gorilla), tapi senyumnya juga manis dan nampaknya orangnya penyayang deh.

So, Michael. This might be your last Olympic but again, we still Phelieve you're not done yet. Sampai jumpa di PON XVIII! *Carly Rae Jepsen playing*

Adoree Galore

The Vintage Tea Party, by Angel Adoree - is finally flown home.
It is now among the prettiest books on my bookshelf.



I'm so gonnabe a good housewife.

Ms. Adoree herself.

Tea party, anyone?