Sunday, September 30, 2012

This Year's Party of Speed (2 - and it's my favorite!)

Nah. Saturday. And SATURDAY WAS AWESOME, beyond words, beyond blog post, at least to me. This was a very heart-consuming process but long story short, my and the ex-roommate's tickets were upgraded to Zone 1 walkabout, it was definitely something to thank God for.

*               *               *

The über-fun day started with the uncertainty whether or not we can get fanzone wristband for Maroon 5 concert later that night. The info was here and there. I actually thought there's no way those wristband were gonna be distributed anymore, since they had started online reservation system this year (and we found out too late). But nothing to lose, we approached a staff and asked about it. 

"Nah queue that side," he said, pointing to the Padang, around 100m away from us. 

We couldn't believe what we heard. It took us few blank seconds to digest the great news. Then we ran there like girls do - with some screaming, you can imagine. They apparently had started giving them away we had no idea since when. All we could do is to pray that there would still be some left for us. 

And yay :) Thank God :) Meski ada insiden iPhone Regina ketinggalan dirumput Padang.

*               *               *

With the fanzone wristbands in our hands, we leisurely walked to, guess what: paddock entrance! 

Fyi, Zone 1 refers to the golden access to the zones I could only imagined before. So when I reached the farthermost point of zone 4 and crossed over to "only zone 1 access", it felt surreal. It was a long, long walk under the sun (who was being extremely tropical) to reach the paddock entrance. It was difficult to stay excited, but I told myself, "Devina, this is the path the drivers will walk on from the hotels to the circuit!" So we kept walking *ahem* and there we were in front of the paddock entrance, standing nervously together with a group of die-hard F1 fans (and experts), waiting to see the drivers CLOSER THAN EVER :) and hoping to have some kind of interaction with them. Any kind.


And one by one they swaggered to the battlefield:






(Bruno) Senna
As expected, my Kimi, the one with most onsite devotees didn't make a warm entrance, a memorable one tho. While most drivers walked on foot and even spared some time for autograph and photo session, dia pake golf cart dong! Nengok aja nggak you Kim!

But just to see you again, I was already very very happy. Le sigh.

After getting so psyhced after meeting those guys again, we began the Zone 1 circuit tour. I am incredibly blessed, there were things that I saw that day that once again, I could only dream about: 

Pits. Stand there and be the first one to see the cars joining the race after pit stops :)


*               *               *

Have I told you that Saturday was AWESOME again? After that very satisfying tour de Singapore GP, we got to see Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds performing at Zone 1! - meaning less, much less people. We reached the venue only 1 hour prior to the massively anticipated show (since missing Oasis 2008's tour is one of my biggest regrets), and guess what, we're in the front row - the prime spot to sing along with the Britpop/rock legend! There were also a few groups of people waiting with us, I spotted some cool ones in Oasis tees. One of them told us they flew from Jakarta just to see Noel. Guys and girls, in this case I understand.

"I guess you're all Oasis fans huh?" He knew. Of course. The crowd were shouting Oasis' song titles all along, including us. I bet most of us were only familiar with 2 High Flying Birds' hits. Not bad, they performed around 5 Oasis' songs, the 90's crowd went crazy everytime they did that! I think we both teared up at some point haha, especially when they performed DON'T LOOK BACK IN ANGER. And everyone went beyond nuts!

*               *               *

Then here comes our race with distance and time, because Maroon 5's and Noel's concert venue was like far east to far west and we had to meet our friend and grab strategic spot for the equally important gig (Fanzone band guarantees that you'd be able to see Adam Levine, but to see him well - you still gotta fight) , we exited from the zone 1 gate, ran to the nearest MRT station, took train to Esplanade, met Willy, entered the circuit park, and ran to the Padang. Not a problem! *panting* This is for Adam Levine! *fainting*

Mas Adam was wearing this super-sexy black polo shirt - I had never realized a black polo shirt can look very good on men (or the other way around, whatever, the body helps of course). He's charming, as always, I guess that black polo shirt made him look even more charming. That night was full of incipTu moments. And now that I was there WITH COMPANIONS this time, singing out loud and dancing to Mr. Levine's hypnotizing serenade didn't feel awkward at all. 

And there's this group of crazy American uncle and aunties in front of us who were entertainingly acting like they're in their 20s - which made the night even more spectacular! Attending Maroon 5 concert was a majestic way to end the wonder-packed day. Thank You Tuhan :)

This Year's Party of Speed (1)

So it's today! But I was worried! So many things to do! I never expected this remarkably long-awaited event will start in such a, you know, busy, manner. But everything was finally settled, although I practically had to run to the...*you can smell the velocity*...circuit park, while trying to pick up my Formula1 excitement again. 

The highlight for today was not the 1st practice session, it is meeting my racing buddies whom I see only once a year! Steffi and Iveta landed from Jakarta that morning together with 2 new friends. We're too excited to catch up with each other again that we had our ears plugged and kinda ignored the practice. Since it's arrogantly, our 3rd year already. 

Even the ornaments around the track attracted more of our attentions. Pretty!

We gave away our Jay Chou tickets, because none of us is into Mandopop. We then met up with college friends to do a fun and a little depressing life stories update session, and left early to prepare for tomorrow. Because tomorrow, I tell you, was...

Sunday, September 16, 2012

So Good It Made Me Cry (It'll make you cry, too. If you are as sentimental as me)

I! Want! More!

I just recovered from the most satisfying orchestral performance in my life, so far.

It was the Magical Movie Music Night, by YST Conservatory of Music, conducted by Jason Lai, held at the Republic Cultural Centre Theatre. We actually thought it was going to take place at NUS concert hall, which according to the roommate, is super-awesome, therefore we were super-psyched for that. But around 2 hours prior to the concert, we (thankfully) learned that the venue was not NUS concert hall. Pretty disappointed of course, but never mind, maybe next time, so where is this Republic Cultural Theater? Okay it is in Republic Poly which is in, uhm, let's find can't be very far, it cannot be as far as Kranji right? Cannot be.

It's in Woodlands. 

. . .

. . .

But despite the shock and the long voyage, the performance was still magical. Once it started, everything else was forgotten. We we're ready to get carried away, melodiously.

And of course, sentimentally.

What a sweet-sounding panorama.

You may not fully agree with me on this one, but you'd sorta understand, when people watch an orchestra, even if you're a fan, moreover if you're not, even when they're producing the prettiest tunes composed by legendary maestri, there will be at least, a split second of zero emotions, blank moments, because you've heard it before, and you have some kind of anticipation, you're focusing on every notes - whether it hits perfectly. And after some time you’ll become accustomed to the rules and structured rhythms. It's the musical form of the concentration limit theory thingy.

But yesterday was different. Creating movie scores isn't an easy job. The music makes the movie, yet the movie has to be the star. In other words, the music has to be subtly and humbly powerful. That night, the fellas from YSTCM, made the music the star. I’m not the right person to judge if it was technically good, (of course it was, it’s YTSCM *I heard a scary story*), but all I know is that each number gave me goosebumps.

O it's all the emotions I tell you. Memories. Especially when they played Ennio Morricone's theme from Cinema Paradiso. Every second of it managed to capture my nostalgic side of mind and soul. Flashbacks. Flashback of youth. Flashbacks of the first songs in my own laptop. Flashbacks of Morricone's handprint in Cannes. Flashbacks of my love for Italy. Through the entire song, I was 13 again.

There were so much more, among them are the theme song from Schindler's List, Gone with the Wind, and of course, John Williams' masterpieces: Hedwig's theme (woohoo), and MY OH MY: theme song from Star Wars. We almost jumped to another galaxy when it happened.

(Oh by the way, we like this Jason Lai guy. He looks like the funky, open, easy-going type of conductor. He also briefed the audience about the background of every song or film. IN BRITISH ACCENT).

And what made that night brighter? The following is my personal highlight of the show:

We actually didn’t know what are the songs they're gonna play before the show itself, but surprise surprise, when we opened the booklet and checked the song list...


And they did it beautifully.


I cried a little. For many, many reasons. Ahahah.

. . .

. . .

And I really want that night to repeat itself *in NUS concert hall one day*.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Royal Encounter.

So we stumbled across Prince William and Kate Middleton in front of Raffles hotel last week.

Not really. The roommate and I actually got up early in the morning and nervously tramped to City Hall while praying hard that we'd be able to see them with our very retinas. And also that they would appear early so I wouldn't have to be late for work. I wasn't, although it involved some running and extreme jaywalking.

"Oppa!" *in British accent


So, it is a dream come true again, thank You daddy :) I remember last year there’s a rumour that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are scheduled to visit some Commonwealth countries including Singapore! Of course the roommate and I, self-proclaimed British royalties, were beyond thrilled. Maybe you won’t understand, but this pair is very close to our hearts (long story, but of course it’s related to our self-explanatory, native British roots). “There’s gottabe a way to catch them,” that’s what we told ourselves. The rumour turned into a confirmed news but as the arrival date got closer and closer, the less optimistic we became, especially when we found out that the visit wasn’t gonna fall on weekends. And maybe they’re just gonna attend private state events and the security, you know, will be ultra-impenetrable. Maybe James Bond will be there too. 

Wrong. They were apparently relatively accessible. And we only found out about that good news on their last eve in Singapore. Long story short, that very night, the roommate caught the a glimpse of William's reflection when their Rolls Royce passed by Nassim road, she was sooo ecstatic that she allegedly shouted, “THAT’S MA BROTHA!” to the Prince behind the window. 

When that happened, I just got out from the office. Wanting to turn tables, smash glasses, punch people.

So we decided not to miss this, maybe once in a lifetime opportunity. They're gonna fly to KL the next day so we gotta do something about it (I honestly had trouble sleeping because of this regal over-excitement). And thank God, we were on time to say hello and goodbye, and see you on Granny's 87th birthday. They were only in the lobby for minutes, and those minutes made the day. I can’t really describe how did that morning feel like. This isn’t the same with meeting mere celebrity, this experience is normally called finally meeting the person you watch growing up in the other part of the world. We've been watching this guy from his childhood to his 30 something, we watched him to the tragedy of his life, watch him finding 'the princess' and virtually attended their wedding, and finally, we're able to watch him LIVE in front of Raffles hotel.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Potted Potter Goes to Singapore!

Picture this: 2 people, attempting to re-enact the 7 books of Harry Potter. One is a Harry Potter expert, the other has never read the book, nor even watch the movies. The HP expert takes the role of Harry Potter himself, and the clueless guy, who doesn’t really share similar idea about the Potterworld with Rowling (or everyone of us) plays the rest of the characters. Conclusion: you can start the laughter now.

 I guess it could be even funnier if they’re given more time ahaha, but really, not bad. Great interactivity. The audiences were even asked to play a bizarre (and more inclusive) version of Quidditch. And they threw some local jokes too, related to Chinese pandas (ahem) and guess what, GANGNAM STYLE. Enough to cracked us up for 70 minutes.

Dear American Comics Devotees in Singapore,

RUN to 313 Somerset's Harris bookstore, NOW! And gear up for one ferocious battle of clutter. Actually not really, the crowd wasn't as wild as hungry Ladies on the 1st day of MANGO public sale but well, be ready to queue, to queue like a man.

I feel bad for the bookstore, really, I mean it's a pain to see those dedicatedly collected comic books and graphic novels being sold at $5 each, but it's also a pleasure. Although yeaa at this point I cannot call myself a committed enthusiast but I'm not gonna miss that chance. I was there pretty late, byuh, most of the first-rated books were gone, but I found this:


Monday, September 10, 2012

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Oops. Still Your Biggest Fan Though.

"I will always, support del Piero. Whatever he chooses to do next," 
~Devina Siswanto, 30th of June, 2012. 

Yea... About that.

Maybe not this time, uncle. I still don’t get this one, I mean, your decision.

I know you turned down Liverpool's offer because of the Heysel tragedy, I'm okay with that, but (come on), and (no offence), and (believe me I’ve tried not to judge but), SYDNEY FC??? Do you even realize how faaaaaaaaaaaaar and how un-soccer-ish the land down under is?

But look at the bright side (telling myself), Sydney’s like waaaay closer than Turin, you are now closer to your biggest fan and your most loyal supporter who apparently doesn’t always support you.

And now to me, Australia means more than mere Hugh Jackman.

Tsk. Now I have to be a Sydney FC fan.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Freddie Mercury!

I don't know whether you're up or down there. 
But anyway, it's September 5th. Big day!
Thank you for instilling some western music to the roommate's iTunes.

Last year's Google Doodle's tribute to Mr. Bulsara.

I am such, a good roommate.

Monday, September 3, 2012

When the Night Glows Unforgettably, Brighter :)

Night. Lights. Festival. Just put those 3 words in one positive sentence, then imagine. How lovely. One of Singapore's best art event has returned, and it seems to get better each year. 

Despite a major technical delay, the event was still a success. Attendees seemed happy and the night's still pretty. But the highlight of the event was: they opened all galleries in both NMS and SAM yow! Thus we got to see some mind-blowing artworks, and got very much inspired. All smile and light up, Singapore!

This is all the festival is about:
Mїmoid II by Bève, Luczynski, and Rizzotti
There were also some great works of Indonesian regulars in SAM: ~featured on one of the best exhibition series from the museum, highlighting brilliant contemporary artworks from Southeast Asian artists, Panorama.

Entang Wiharso's Temple of Hope: Forest of Eyes

Agus Suwage's : I Want to Live Another Thousand Year.
I guess you gottabe an Indonesian to feel the punch.

Nasirun's Bajaj Pasti Berlalu. Hahaha genius! Batavia represent!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

(500) Days of Zooey Deschanel

This film is full of 'hipster traps', the term I use to describe gimmicks that make something look/sound hipsters (come on, Deschanel & Gordon-Levitt? "Whose your favorite Beatles member?" I cannot think of a more hipster-sounding couple/conversation). And why 'traps'? Because it will super-effectively magnetize hipster wannabes. Especially the clueless one, like the ex-roommate. Ask her if she likes The Smith, I bet she will claim she LOVES them.

But if the gimmicks come with an dynamic, unpredictable, meaningful, and realistic storyline, who cares? I'd gladly fall for it.

The movie starts by an charming introduction and a warning:

This is a story of boy meets girl. The boy, Tom Hansen of Margate, New Jersey, grew up believing that he'd never truly be happy until the day he met the one. This belief stemmed from early exposure to sad British pop music and a total mis-reading of the movie 'The Graduate'. The girl, Summer Finn of Shinnecock, Michigan, did not share this belief. Since the disintegration of her parent's marriage she'd only love two things. The first was her long dark hair. The second was how easily she could cut it off and not feel a thing.

Tom meets Summer on January 8th. He knows almost immediately she is who he has been searching for. This is a story of boy meets girl, but you should know upfront, this is not a love story.

But before that, comes my favorite part of this movie, the disclaimer:

The following is a work of fiction.
Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Especially you Jenny Beckman.


Ah clever.

Yes, full of gimmicks, still. But coming up with effective gimmicks takes lots of thinking *designer problem*, as a person who works in the industry that specializes in these things, I'd give them an A+. Some deserve special mention: The architecture tattoo (I'd love to have one), the greeting cards copywriter (DREAM | JOB), and the love-shaped birthmark (Summer Finn is made for stealing heart). By the time the credits roll, you'll be inspired, or at least you'll be a little more sentimental. There is only 1 flaw: it doesn't happen in New York City.