Sunday, October 28, 2012


Introducing the easiest/most difficult language in the world.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Devina's Sentimental Mix Vol 3

1. Christopher Cross ~ Arthur’s Theme

2. Morris Albert ~ Feelings

3. OASIS ~ Stop Crying Your Heart Out

4. Beach Boys ~ God Only Knows

5. Kenny Rogers ~ Through the Years

6. Elvis Costello ~ She

7. Eros Ramazotti ~ Se Bastasse una Canzone

8. Air Supply ~ Chances

9. BoyzIIMen ~ Pass You By

10. Switchfoot ~ Your Love is a Song

11. Climax Blues Band ~ I Love You

12. Lifehouse ~ You and Me

See Vol 1 here and Vol 2 here

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Now a Frequent Flyer

Well, I guess I got what I wanted.

Dulu gue pernah berdoa, in the future, pengen bisa balik Jakarta sebulan sekali lah. Dan doa itupun dijawab, meski ternyata - capek.

*          *          *

Dulu gue pernah bermimpi untuk punya gaya hidup jet-set. Terbang ke berbagai penjuru dunia secara casual. Mungkin Tuhan suruh gue latihan dulu Jakarta - Singapore - Jakarta. Ternyata itupun udah - repot.

*          *          *

Dulu gue senaaaang banget naik pesawat, apalagi pas take-off. Sensasinya itu lho. Dan gue gak akan pernah bosen ngeliatin patung-patung awan, masterpiecesnya Tuhan dari atas sana, lightingnya keren banget lagi. Such a privilege. Kalo bisa sering-sering ya Tuhan. Tapi entah kenapa beberapa bulan terakhir ini saya jadi - takut.

*          *          *

YAK gue cape banget. Capeeeeee banget akibat 3 hari berfoya-foya dan menikmati masa muda disekitar Marina Bay street circuit. Tapi hari ini harus pulang. Untuk pertama kali seumur-umur gw males banget pulang.

Dasar manusia. Koq Tuhan bisa sabar banget gitu ya. Tapi gue lumayan hepi (hepi banget) karena kali ini kepulangan gue ke Jakarta pake pesawat non-budget #norak. Bangkunya lebar...hmmm nyaman...terus ternyata pas mo take-off, mo budget mo nggak, tetep aja deg-degan.

Entah karena kebanyakan nonton Air Crash Investigation atau karena kepekaan gue terhadap perubahan altitude makin meningkat seiring bertambahnya usia, pengalaman naik pesawat yang dulu gue sukaaaa banget sekarang jadi bikin takut. Dan Tuhan tunjukkin kenapa bisa begitu: tenyata gue lupa kalo segala sesuatu itu ada di tangan Tuhan.

Kenapa dulu gue gak takut? Karena gue selalu ingat kalo Tuhan lagi mangku gue, dan setiap gue lihat keluar jendela, ada malaikatNya yang pegangin di kanan dan kiri, siap menghantar pesawat itu sampe ke tujuan. Dan akhir-akhir ini pikiran gue terkontaminasi oleh hukum fisika dunia dengan segala kemungkinan-kemungkinan yang ada, padahal Tuhan itu Raja alam semesta :)

Waktu itu ada turbulence yang lumayan hebat. Gue langsung ketakutan lagi. Gue cuma bisa bilang "Tuhan Yesus tolong Tuhan tolong kyaaaaaaa,"

"Aku masih disini koq,"kata Tuhan. "Kenapa takut?"

Plak. Jadi ingat kisah murid-murid Yesus yang ketakutan karena perahu mereka diombang-ambingkan ditengah danau. Padahal Yesus ada diperahu itu juga. Jadi ini toh aplikasi ke dunia modern. Terus gue malu sendiri deh.

Gak lama kemudian, pesawat itu terbang secara smooth lagi. Gue balik nonton in-flight entertainment #non-budget #woo-hoo. Dan FYI, gue juga suka banget makanan dipesawat. Meski kata orang standardnya rendah dan rasanya hambar, menurut gue enak.

So makasih ya Tuhan, bisa sering pulang Indo, bisa sering-sering naik pesawat. Mohon ampun pake complain dulu.


Monday, October 1, 2012

This Year's Party of Speed (3)

Race day and I was floored. Still high on Maroon 5, felt like I was never gonna leave this bed. But the day must begin and the show must go on, and as walkabout ticket holders we had to stand by from around 3pm all the waaaaaaay till the race started to secure our secret spot. Since there were more people in the group this time, we took turn to stretch up and walked around the circuit park. I was so tired that at some point I fell asleep on one of Esplanade's couches. Then we all had to go back to position - and waaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttt until the DRIVERS' PARADE.

Honestly this process had started to get less and less bearable each year. Is this a sign of aging? I felt like I had waited there for ages and only 15 minutes had passed. I asked myself if I'd be able to do this again next year, and I didn't know the answer. Maybe it's really time to grow up and upgrade to somewhere else with designated seats?

The excitement level suddenly escalated when the MCs started talking. You could really feel that people began to gear up for some serious amount of fun. Goosebumps. Our hearts beat faster and faster as the drivers approaches. Steffi and I were really thrilled to get a good annual glimpse of Kimi.

By the way, Jenson Button threw Iveta multiple (really, multiple) thumbs up. I was very impressed by how he showed appreciation to his supporters, he gave us a very sincere smile when he saw that poster Iveta raised and tried to look at us as long as he could. That one, who can forget? Ganteng!

Then we had to wait again (arrrrggghhh) until the actual race commenced. It was so much better than last year, how it went. I can say that was quite actions-packed, although still couldn't beat the first time we sat there right by that turn where Massa and Hamilton walked only centimeters away from our noses. Anyway congrats to Vettel who won the GP (again). (And again). (And again).

*               *               *

Singapore's GP's completed *fireworks* I'm sure so many people just phewed - now it's time for dessert! Thousands of people would march to the Padang to catch Katy Perry (We had our fanzone wristbands - so we were not as kiasu). I like Katy, she's cooler, actually more conceptual, and less weird than Lady Gaga. And I know most of her songs too, so I though it's gonnabe swell. 

But right after the 3rd songs, I don't if it was the fatique or everything really went flat but zzzZZZzz... I really liked the Lichtenstein-esque background video tho, everything was well planned both graphically and coreographically. But I just wasn't, you know, drown.

In the middle of the concert I secretly looked at my friends' faces, see if they looked like they felt the same way, they didn't - so I had to keep quiet until the end haha. Not so bad afterall, I think in this tour she had to kiss one guy per gig. That lucky guy said he's from California. Smart.

*               *               *

After 15 songs, Katy Perry kissed the audience goodbye, now it's really over. And after 3 days of rapid adventures, we had to part ways. They're flying the next evening and - jleb, I had to fly the next early morning. 

To sleep, or not to sleep. I was exhausted but if I decided to sleep, I might never leave that bed. 

Anyway thank you again Lord :) This will take forever to forget :)