Monday, November 19, 2012

Affordable Art Fair 2012

Last night we visited Affordable Art Fair/AAF (or according to the roommate, Cheap Art Something/CAS) because our bro Tilen was exhibiting his paintings there. It's held at F1 Pit building by the way, so we got the chance to taste what it's like to watch Singapore GP from 'up there'. 

The venue's huge, the event was hugely inspiring. 

This is also a good one - from AAF Milan earlier this year

Here are some that we like:


by Kang Yeong Meon

Jolene Lai's - a gifted lady with extraordinary mind and technique.
Visit her website:
We apparently share the same alma mater :)
She's now based in LA.

Some of hers:
Insomnia. Can totally relate to that.

My favorite: Daphne's Toys

Dear Diary

And another paintress! Vanessa Smith, who combines pastel line drawings and realistic paint texture, interior scene and extreme weather, to give you goosebumps. 

The scenery outside the window's extremely realistic. 

Below is the artist's statement about her artworks:

"I like to think the interiors I depict in my paintings bring together the mysterious and the mundane, whether it be a deserted cafe or dimly-lit living room, these spaces are imbued with an eerie tension. Devoid of people, there are suggestions of life or habitation - a smoking cigarette, a glowing light, a door left ajar - all hint at a fractured narrative.

The window-view monochrome landscapes increase the sense of isolation, their bleak subjects - burning cars, industrial wasteland, deserted roads, are evocative of an aftermath as seen in Science Fiction films or crime scenes. Although there is undoubtably a sense of the macabre in my work, I have a congenial relationship with this aspect; I find a beauty in the stillness and silence.

We get it, like totally.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The 10.11.12 Report

When I was 17, I wish somebody had told me that I'd be 24 in 7 years.

*         *         *

Clearly nobody told me that. I woke up this morning and I am suddenly 24, just like that. Cepet banget, gue kaget, terus bengong. Terus gue merasa terpanggil untuk berkaca pada diri sendiri, ngapain aja sih gue selama 24 tahun ini. Maka bangunlah gw pelan-pelan dari tempat tidur (the perks of having a Saturday birthday), ngaca. Eh ternyata (masih) cantik. 

"Masih muda koq babe." I told myself. "Met ultah by the way,"

This year, wish gw ke Tuhan gak neko-neko, I just wanted to have a happy birthday. Yang gak ada sedih-sedihnya, emo-emonya, maupun hampa-hampanya. Kalo bisa bebas lemak juga. Dan bener loh, birthday kali ini lumayan festive, dan sama sekali gak bebas lemak. Belom pernah sebanyak ini yang secara tulus ikut rayain ulang tahun gue (yaa kecuali pas SD ngundang sekampung), dari rumah, studio, Jo dan Tilen, gereja, dan teman-teman bermain. Makasih ya semua :) I once said better alone than with the wrong crowd, but you guys are definitely not wrong. This year's birthday jatuh ke kategori hepi.

Hari ini juga rasanya waktu yang tepat buat nge-review bucket list. Dan tahun ini gue juga mo bikin resolusi yang realistis aja deh, tapi tetep pake iman dong haha. After few moments of spiritual chaos sepanjang tahun ini karena gue salah fokus, I wanna put God back in the center of my life, more giving instead of asking, dan pengen bikin setiap hari memorable (entah gimana caranya, kayaknya hrus pake external HA-DHE). Ohya sama pengen resume French course, meski kemungkinan bakal melibatkan sprint keluar kantor ke tempat les. Pokoknya when I turn 25 next year, I don't wanna regret a thing. Semoga ini bukan cuma semangat pas bikin resolusinya aja ya babe. And I'm telling myself right now, that I will be 31 in 7 years. Eh wait. What???



Anyway planet Earth,

10.11.12 is not merely a date of contemplation, thanksgiving, and celebration, but it is also a reminder: kalo mo nikah tanggal cantik, taon depan kesempatan terakhir! *Call (+65) 6506 6888 for reservation*

Salam forever young!

OH. 1 lagi. I need to forgive somebody.