Thursday, December 27, 2012

For Your Solid Reading Experience

In the middle of my flight back to Singapore, I read my newly-purchased Newsweek, finished it, closed it, put it aside, and started writing something on a piece of paper, looking serious. The passsengers beside me must be thinking that I am very intellectual. Padahal gue cuma lagi nge-plan besok seminggu mo makan apa aja.

Grab your copy now!

It finally comes, the moment when Newsweek will have to bid its print issue goodbye. Well I don’t normally buy Newsweek, gee, I don't care about the world that much, I'd rather read Teen Vogue. But well, I kinda feel obligated to own this tangibility, secara majalah ini lumayan punya personal history, meski didalemnya banyak hal-hal kurang penting yang menghiasi. Back in junior high school days, this weekly magazine was the indicator of my English language comprehension level. Dulu suka sok-sok beli gitu deh, padahal gak ngerti.

Now that I sorta understand most of the words inside the magazine, berarti Mama! Your daughter can understand English ready ah! Sorta.

"Lu beli aja online versionnya terus di-print!" Kata seorang pria menyebalkan di kantor. Lanjutlah ke percakapan yang udah hampir klise kayaknya nih, soal the future of printed media yang with all the pros and cons, kita udah tau ujungnya kemana. Dan opini gue gak akan pernah berubah: sama kayak gw gak bakal demen anjing, gak bakalan demen udang, gw gak bakalan beralih ke e-books. I know I'm now writing a blog but my brain works differently when I write and when I type, I can't live a paperless life. I still have a dream of publishing a book that readers can dive into, not stare at.

Gue emang bukan manusia paling ramah lingkungan sedunia (udah mo kiamat juga sih) (dan saya percaya planet ini diciptakan untuk manusia) (bisa digampar aktivis-aktivis organisasi yang mem"bumi"), cuma asal responsible, buku-buku beneran gak boleh ilang, because every book is an artwork, from the kind of paper, printing and binding techniques, thoughts, aesthetic, a person's or a group of people's effort, harmoniously put together. That's why everytime I hear about publications going totally cyber: miris, dan sedikit takut, apalagi kalo tragedi itu menimpa majalah yang dekat di hati. Kalo majalah Gadis yang last print issue gue pasti beli dan gue jaga sebaik-baiknya, untuk diwariskan (atau minimal dipamerin) ke anak cucu, sekali lagi, kalo gue sempet punya anak dan cucu, sebelum dunia kiamat.

OH. Apalagi BOBO. Masih ada ga sih BOBO? Koq udah jarang liat ya *tiba-tiba panik*

Anyway back to the flight en route to Singapore, I continued my "to-eat-list" on that piece of paper. Pen and paper, not phones not pads not tabs. I also wrote down random thoughts that are pretty shameful, I only hope these two guys beside me do not understand English.

And they started conversing, in English.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Such a Self-rewarding Creature

Yea that's me.

Every year (well since 2010), I would buy myself a birthday present. This year I decided not to, besides I've realized that the idea of buying yourself a birthday present is just like sending yourself a Christmas card (or worse: a love letter), or a more modern way to say it: liking your own status. And this birthday month I’ve spent too much, seriously, and I want too many stuff I can’t decide what to buy. And there is nothing that (my) money can buy, that I really really want anyway. 

Then something happened, I stumbled across this work of art:  

100 pieces of Cicely Mary Barker

How, tell me how, can I say no to that
So I gave myself a birthday present.

What? It's a birthday present! #justified #indenial

And now my working corner is 3x brighter. Prettier, at least.

Ah the snowdrop fairy   

Sunday, December 9, 2012


Gw baru beli kalender Disney 2013, dengan alasan "biar hari-hari lebih berwarna," Taunya buka tanggal 1 Januari, animasinya hitam-putih. 

Semoga itu tidak berarti apa-apa.