Saturday, January 26, 2013

Nathan Sawaya's Art of the Brick

LEGO ART + CNN's recommendation = sold
It's the ArtScience Museum Saturday again!

In the first few sections of the exhibition I honestly thought, "Hmm, I can do these, it will take time, much time, but it's doable,". But it got more and more mind-blowing - and I was blown away everytime I entered a new section. I took back my words. I can't do these.

Here's some of my favorites (these pics don't do the art pieces any justice, you gotta see it yourself! - and you know my fondness towards cellphone cameras):

Jimi Hendrix - Lego pixel art

This is the most conceptual one

Haha! It's The Thinker!


Lego Christmas three, all those dangling ornaments are Lego too.

According to physical laws this is not possible, right guys?

The frame's all Lego!

And below, is the star of the show:

It takes more than hundreds of accurate calculations and excellent stacking skill to accomplish this. The artist himself stated that he almost went insane when constructing this tour de force.

Details. Details. Dead.

And look! It's the museum! Such a masterpiece! I'm referring to that girl at the back!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wisdom Hits the Road

After oh wow, how long I don't know, last month I got the chance to experience taxi ride in Jakarta again. I'm now used to taking cabs in Singapore, especially on early Sunday morning when the bus is always late (hehe), but when it comes to doing it in Jakarta - I seriously had no idea how it feels like! I was excited! It's something most people who've lived long enough in the steady Kiasuland would deem, uhm...adventurous.

A native Batavian called Mamat was the lucky taxi driver, we had a good conversation (no this is not a love story). Dem, orang Indonesia emang yang paling anget di seluruh dunia. I was amazed by his way of thinking, his way of delivering opinions, about the people who (are supposed to) lead the nation, or simply, life philosophy. Gak semua pastinya, tapi ngerasa sering denger gak sih soal cerita orang-orang yang ketemu sopir taksi yang luar biasa? Cerita sopir taksi yang kriminal juga banyak sehh - but anyway, I believe they are actually the ones who know the city the most. Wondered why, couldn't help thinking about it. Maybe these are why:

1. Time. They have all the time in the world - to contemplate. Dengan kemampuan kordinasi motorik dan sense of directions yang sudah sangat terlatih, tentunya gak susah nyetir sambil mikir. Jakarta macet, somemore.

2. They witness everything. Looking at the infrastructure is the way to see if a city grows or progresses. It is the reflection on how well the leaders lead (or the other way around, baby). Dan mereka yang ada di jalan pasti tau lah ya, apa yang sedang terjadi.

3. They're wealthy, of perspectives. They meet different people everyday. When talking about differences in our beloved archipelago, well you can imagine how (sometimes sensitively) diverse Indonesia is right? All the passengers rich or not, old or new in town, Javanese, Chinese, Sundanese, Ambonese, everyone. They don't choose, do they? Deep thoughts meet new point of views, whether they agree or disagree, they'll store those somewhere.

By the way, level wisdomnya beda, banget, sama Singapore taxi uncles, soalnya level tantangan hidupnya juga beda. Bwahaha.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

One Fine Weekend

Enough to make it difficult for me to let Monday take its turn.

Epic lunch! Sorry for not visiting you often enough my Soto Betawi :(

Lasalle was having Open House apparently!
So we pretended to be prospective students and...
By the way, Lasalle Open House 2013 was a blast! 
Everything was aesthetically well planned and exquisitely executed - 
leaving me wanting to go back and just, you know,
be young and free.

Although I still find it difficult to forgive you,
but I am proud, and impressed. Well done!
You d.e.f.i.n.i.t.e.l.y kicked the other one's butt

 EZlink card, Lasallized.

And the collaterals! This is so me.
If I were really a prospective student -
I would've been gladly allured.
This is what you'll see when you open it.
Talking about great idea.
Thumbs up!

Then, one of the best flicks of the year:

BAGUS! JENIUS! *tears*

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Verse of the Year

At the beginning of the year, God will give each of us a special verse. This is mine, for 2013:

You need to persevere
so that when you have done the will of God, 
you will receive what he has promised. 

Hebrew 10:36

I was a little startled. Excited. I know it's not easy. But with You I can . 2013 is gonnabe awesome :)

One Glass a Day Keeps the Shrink Away

Hi my name is Devina, addicted to Tepeng since August 2007 (damn you ex-roommate), kalo sehari gak minum bisa kejang-kejang ringan gitu deh, tingkat kewarasan sedikit menurun, and I have no plan to get it cured in the next...decade. And I just realized if it costs around $1.50 a glass, in a year I will spend min. $500 (4 juta menn!!!) cuma buat Tepeng doang dong? Terus, 5 taon ini berarti gue udah ngabisin at least..

2.500 dollar.




Addiction emang gak pernah murah ya beb, kecuali lu ketergantungan aer got.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Chronicle of New Year's Eve

I am about to spend my 1st New Year’s Eve in Singapore, and as expected, I am full of expectations. But as usual, as the date gets closer I and closer I become more and more afraid that I'm expecting too much. So in the midst of plans and confusions, loneliness and companions, dreams and reality, I only pray that God will bring us to the place that we wouldn’t regret.

*               *               *

I'm working half day today, still unsure every time I'm asked how will I celebrate new year later at night. Still full of expectation, still full of doubts. The only way out is to surrender. “I’ll see later,”

All I know that before all the festive commotions that may occur close to midnight, I have to first, have a moment alone with God. I went through alots of ups and downs in 2012, and I realize that was because I did not spend enough time with Him. I have to ask for mercy, I have to get my relationship with Him fixed and renewed. I need to clean 2012 up. So I go home, no one’s there, it's pouring rain the whole day, it feels peaceful somehow. And it looks like the right time to pray.

*               *               *

So I do. I lay my life down before Him again, surrendering all, basically. And my soul is healed, miraclously. I opened my eyes, along 2012, I had never felt better, had never felt such peace, had never been so ready to face the world or tomorrow. And I should have done this earlier, much earlier. It feels good when God is number one again.

*               *               *

It looks like my companion for new year's eve will be the ex-roommate. We have a longgggg dinner I tell you, talking about how life has changed since high school. And we both decide that we’ll spend the special occasion in the house of God. “We will probably feel less lonely there,” I told her. Half joking. You guest the other half. It may sound like a very low-key way to celebrate new year (will be proven wrong), and others will be out with their significant others doing stuff under the stars and fireworks, probably there will be only us there (wrong again). But we both feel like it is the right decision. And I believe God is answering my prayer earlier that day.

*               *               *

And we're surprised. There are lots of people. Lots of friends, even the ones with boyfriends or girlfrend, I salute you for choosing to spend the moment at the house of God. And I can tell you, it's a blast. After the precious moment I had with God earlier in the afternoon, I feel at ease. And as we're approaching the first second of 2013, we're asked to join our hands and hearts in prayer, something happens. I feel an overwhelming presence of God. That means an overwhelming flow of joy, love, assurance.

Then I open my eyes, it's already 2013. Apparently everyone else also is in tears of joy. Every heart in the room is filled with so much love. And I don't want to be anywhere else but here now, in His presence.

*               *               *

It is a new beginning. Sorely cliché but undeniably true. 2013 is gonnabe more awesome, spectacular, full of God's favor, packed with blessings, and I'm glad we end and start the new year, in the house of God.