Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Argo Fish Yourself

I know it's very late, I just got my mind blown today.

A movie so cool my latest obsession is to become Ben Affleck's wife. Or something like that. But he should stick to Jennifer Garner, they're now titled Devina's current favorite Hollywood couple, after Aragorn and Arwen, of course. 

Just Wikisurfed and found this, Mrs.Affleck's account of how she met that now toothsomely brewokan guy:

Garner stated that her training for Daredevil was more gruesome than her work on Alias, and revealed that as she got hung up on wires several times during fight sequences, Affleck became "in charge of reaching up and saving [her]."She was involved in a potentially serious accident on the set of Daredevil when, entangled in wires with her arms stuck and unable to move while doing a flip, she came crashing towards a wall "head-first with such velocity, that [she] was about to smash [her] head into the wall". Recalling how she was rescued by Affleck, she said in 2003, "out of nowhere comes this 6 ft. 4 in. red devil who just kind of put his arms out and shouts: 'I've got her!' I'm telling you, it was like, 'I've got my own superhero.'" 

Some girls are turning tables as we speak.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Saturday Morning Melody

Pain throws your heart to the ground.
 Love turns the whole thing around.
No, it won't all go the way it should,
but I know the heart of life is good.

Really, dear John?

No matter how br*ngs*k people say he is, talent is talent.