Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ingegnosamente Stupido

I have this love affair with comedy. Sitcoms. Stand-ups. Improvs. Musicals. Even critics-prone romcoms. But definitely not low-budget Indonesian anyhow whatever movies. You don't need certain mood to watch comedy, high or low, it'll always leave you feeling better. But no matter how effortless it seems, writing comedy is difficult. It takes so much thinking (and talent - this is RARE therefore sooo precious) to generate laughter. You need the out-of-the-box intelligence to fabricate stupidity, the entertaining ones.

The challenge for anyone whose job is to create is always about having to come up with something new. It can only get harder, as time goes by and informations spread around faster and wider, you can't use an idea twice, tho we can always twist or modify.

But, a joke told twice isn't funny anymore. This is a whole new level of difficulty. Ah I just admire those twisted minds even more.

I have 3 favorite sitcoms so far: Friends (the one I grew up with), Community (simply the most hilarious EVER), and HIMYM (the one that is close to my heart). Every sentimental overthinker would agree with me on the last one. It doesn't only make you laugh. It makes you FEEL. That kind of FEEL that cuts your heart softly and slowly. So I was wrong, comedy doesn't always leave you feeling better.

Anyway, remember this masterpiece? Anyone?

Wrong again. It does leave you feeling better. So much respect for sitcom writers!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Slapped by a Book, a Thick One

My li'l brother is weird. I'm glad he is tho, since being normal is too mainstream nowadays. I think he is the 2nd smartest human being I've ever met in person (just talk to him, and you'll agree), this little guy reads these books I would never buy - since they mostly look too philosophical (which is not good, for those who innately think too much) and uhm, excuse me, aesthetically don't meet standard. You know what those design gurus say, always judge a book by its cover.

I took out one of his books one day when I was feeling bored in Jakarta. Bored? In Jakarta? No way. One just can't be bored in Jakarta, that's againts the rules. I actually only needed something to do on bed  - as I submerged into the warm vibe of my own room my own bed my own pillow zZzz...zZZz... Just kidding. I left Mei Hwa in Singapore and you know me, I'm not very gifted when it comes to sleeping.

Anyway this, apparently award-winning book really left me flabbergasted. John Green, I didn't know this guy before, well I wouldn't know anyone less celebrated than Rowling anyway. This book is, how do I say this, VERY GOOD. Meaning: the story fascinates you, the lines inspire you, you know the characters very well, you can't stop reading, you forget about time, you don't fall asleep, and more importantly, it's able to make you cry (inelegantly). The book basically tells a story about a 16 year-old girl with cancer, a very hot 17 year-old guy with cancer, they find each other interesting, they have a brief but very charming love story. The story then ends rather tragically.



And I was reminded again of what I used to call myself: the luckiest girl in the world.

"Life is not a wish-granting factory," that's what the book teaches its readers. But we all know when you are the apple of The Creator's eye, life's good.