Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Osaka: Meet Bruce, Childhood Obsession.

Welcome to Amity Island! Thank God for JAWS: The Ride!

(I was seriously terrified when that obviously
fake, wicked creature emerged from the water).

Monday, May 6, 2013

Airport State of Mind

"Gw sih orangnya simple aja," begitu kata orang-orang.

But I will never be able to say that, in fact, I don't believe there is actually a simple person in this world we live in. Human beings are just so complex per se, and I think I'm among the most complicated ones *and according to Myers & Briggs it is true* - sometimes I even puzzle myself, not talking about the intellectual-Einsteinesque kind, but I don't know I can't explain, it's just too complicated.

Or maybe it's some kind of mental disorder.

One of the recent cases involving the self-diagnosed mental condition is this: so I'm going to Japan. Which is FYI ---> (yaaay) (woo-hoo-hoo) (yippieee) (hurrayyyy) (spartaaaa) (yiiiihaaaa) (bingoooo) (eurekaaaaa) (whoopeeee) (YATTA!). Another prayer's answered, another dream comes true :) Thanks Daddy :) OSAKA - KYOTO - TOKYO FINALLY CALLING! Since Japan is the only country in East Asia I desire to visit, I am beyond thrilled. I had a very pleasant morning walk to 16 Nassim Road yesterday, couldn't stop smiling in and out (I love Tanglin, I call it uhm, the projection of my future). And suddenly I like Matcha by the way, weird. No Azuki beans, still. I still don't get it.

The problem is (well it's not even a problem), from Tokyo, I'm gonna fly from Haneda and not Narita. Which is pff, nothing's wrong, what's the big deal, even most people recommend Haneda more than Narita nowadays, it makes no difference anyway (since none makes it to any recent best airport list), but why oh whyyyy can't I stop being troubled by the idea of not being able to experience Narita? Well prolly because since my childhood I've always associated Japan with Narita, just like London with Heathrow and Singapore with Changi. You know like, just imagine that you’re going to Jakarta for the first time, but you’re gonnabe landing on Halim and not Soetta, there’s something missing yea? Or no? But anyway come on babe, it shouldn't be a big deal right?

 That’s why I call myself complicated.