Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Another One

It's Sunday NMS session again! This time Stamford Road's most spellbinding playground welcomes over 90 exquisite Renaissance, Baroque, Biedermeier, and Neoclassical masterpieces from the Princely House of Liechtenstein. As expected, still couldn't top last year's Dream and Reality, but this kinda thing is always a delight, Princely Treasures was a semi-satisfying treat for those craving for some dabs of European art.

What a vista.
A slice of European grandiosity on the sunny island of Singapore.


I had never heard most of the names, but I was pretty psyched for this one: finally got a chance to see Raphael's painting! The artist is a special one, since I'm gonna name my first son Raphael. And for years, I had always wondered why he's known more as Raphael instead of Rafaello. I don't like it when an Italian doesn't sound like an Italian.

Christopher Columbus was supposed to be a Cristoforo Colombo.

I still haven't figured why.

And guess what it's a Rembrant! I took me two trips to spot this one, I thought there was some miscomm before, like 'I went there already and there's no Rembrant'. Oh well.

Rembrant van Rijn's Cupid with the Soap Bubble. Eventho 'Soap Bubble' doesn't sound so Baroque to me.

I was pretty fascinated by this painting below by Adam de Coster, this artist seems to specialized in chiaroscuro - the illumination play that makes a painting looks, well, magical. And look at how the fabrics were painted, since my favourite textile depicter is Ingres, no wonder this painting captivated me so much. 

Three Singers.

The exhibition features not only paintings, but also sculptures, furnitures, and giant tapestries ---> the lesser known form of art can be described as woven paintings - it must take ages to create each.

A tapestry woven by Judocus de Vos, a famous weaver in the 16th century.

Stumbled into an awesome capriccio: fantastical landscape/architectural painting. Giovanni Paolo Panini demonstrated how to do it the Roman way.

Imagine if this is real.

the most entrancing masterpiece among them all:

Maria is being informed about her lover's betrayal by Rachel,
who is trying to console her as she removes her mask.


Francesco Hayez's Il Consiglio alla Vendetta (Vengeance is Sworn) is the absolute star of the show. Note the Venetian backdrop, the sheer black veil, the floral-patterned fabric, the wounded and infuriated soul, the will to revenge, the drama. Check out his other painting called Il Bacio (The Kiss). Ah, the charm of the romantic era.

Oh by the way, Hayez is an Italian. Tsk.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Meet Dave

"David Beckham will be in Singapore this weekend!" The news struck the island last Friday, he was reportedly scheduled to make an appearance at a closed-door event in Marina Bay Sands on Sunday 9am to 12pm, no further info for the thrilled civilians.

I'm never really a fan of Sir David Beckham, but if you ask me if I want to meet him YES, I'D LIKE TO MEET A FOOTBALL LIVING LEGEND. But it's Sunday morning and I'd to be in Church and none of us was actually sure where and how exactly to find that guy (well - some lucky people spotted him in Adidas store in MBS on Saturday), and I don't belong to the groupie age anymore. 

So, I decided not to go. "It's just David Beckham," I comforted myself, even though I couldn't stop tracking #MBS #beckham #singapore twitter updates. Some people even woke up early in the morning and headed to MBS, hoping to see him. And everyone seemed to give up after around 2 hours, there seemed to be no sign of Beckham. It seemed like I made a right decision. 

But - close to noon, some people started to tweet ecstatically. I panicked. There was this war in my mind, like if I decide to go, it might be too late. And MBS is huge. Then somebody tweeted that he was having lunch in Mozza! So I took a cab and along the journey I prayed that David Beckham would have to wait for his food.

And thank God :) You just turned a gloomy Sunday to a momentous one - and once again reminded me why I call myself the luckiest girl in the world. David Beckham and a bunch of bodyguards walked right in front of me. Although due to the hysterical crowd I didn't manage to take a clear picture of him, it's okay deep inside I know I've seen such, hotness.

The clearest pic I took. Hahah.
Okay gotta make a confession. I actually was, kind of a fan, back in 1998. He was a young, shy, raising star in MU who together with del Piero first made me realize that football isn't so boring. Hahas. Then he met Posh. Then he went bald. That's it. I was no longer a fan.

But when del Piero went bald he's still my uncle. So it's proven that I love my uncle through thick and thin. Beckham is retiring soon. My uncle is from the same era, he's only a year older. I NEED TO FLY TO SYDNEY A.S.A.P.