Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Messy and Proud. My most sluggish piece of writing to date, which will never be approved by mothers.

Creative minds are rarely tidy ~ J.W.Gardner

It's the 21st century, dear beloved strangers. Trustworthy (well at least, convincing) research findings have surfaced: there IS an indisputable link between untidiness with creativity (same goes with artistic handwriting). We don't need rocket science to prove that actually, our brains can perform very well in the middle of chaos, let alone in orderly circumstances. Isn't that enough to celebrate? 'Tis time to stop pretending (which is exhausting) and start to embrace our true, messy, selves.

I always thought the multi-vanishing points Sudirman composition is more attractive than New York City grid-bounded skyline. There is this charm in irregularities, the bends and the bumps, the surprises. Well I'm not saying Big Apple is boring duh, it is in fact one of the most exciting places on earth: credit to its diverse people and personalities, the rush hour, the dynamism and the passion you can smell all across the city especially in subway stations, and definitely not Manhattan layout. *not criticizing*

For years I've been suppressing my personal messiness level, thanks to the uhm, so-called society. Because you know especially in Asia, grown up females are expected to be neat (and ladylike, whatever that means). But now I've come to realize that man, time is too precious to tidy up. I'd rather write a blog post.

And if I will ever have a daughter, which is pretty unlikely, and she turns out to like being in a more adventurous surrounding, I'd be proud, for the qualities messy brains are proven to have. But she needs to understand 2 things:
1. Messy doesn't mean dirty. She can be messy but it better be a 99% bacteria free kind of messy.
2. It does hurt her image. Especially from her mother's (mostly housemakers) friends' point of view. She would need to live with it, or to do something about it (most likely will include spring cleaning. Exhausting dear, I know).

Anyway it's up to her. If she decides to be messy, she will be fabulously messy.

And I'll be such a good mother.