Sunday, March 29, 2015

Devina's Sentimental Mix Vol 6

1. Dionne Warwick ~ I'll Never Love This Way Again

2. El deBargeWho's Holding Donna Now

3. Vampire Weekend ~ Step

4. Andy Williams ~ How Insensitive

5. Jars of Clay ~ Overjoyed

6. David Arnold ~ City of Lovers

7. Karen O & Ezra Koenig ~ The Moon Song

8. Temples ~ Move with the Season

9. Lana del Rey ~ Once Upon a Dream

10. Johnny Mathis ~ Misty

11. Celine Dion ~ If You Asked Me To

12. Oasis ~ Don't Look Back in Anger

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Compendium of Weird Dreams

By now, have they succeeded understanding how dreams work? I don't think so, right?

The IT guy asked me whether I dream in colour or B&W. I said of course in colour, how weird is that to dream in B&W? But I remember reading somewhere that the number of people dreaming in colour increased significantly after the invention of colour TV. So some people really do dream in B&W. Oh hey, do people with colour blindness see correct colours in their dreams? And how do the visually impaired dream? Then we talked about experiencing lucid dreams. And sleepwalking. And the don't-know-how-many-dreams you just forget right after waking up. Whether dreams are psychological or simply divine. Both, I guess. Understanding dreams is almost as impossible as time travel.

I tried remembering my dreams, notable (weird) ones popped up. I really don't understand how some people successfully sneaked into my dreams.

This may as well work as a list of short movie ideas, kaya gituh.

1. Hollywood Abduction
The funny thing about having dreams about traveling overseas is it usually feels normal. Like okayy, I get it, I'm in Los Angeles (doesn't apply to pre-Italy days, back than even dreaming about Italy took my breath away). But anyway, I knew I was in LA because I'm sure I saw that HOLLYWOOD sign.

I visited a Ferrari test drive complex (what kind of life is that), Sylvester Stallone was the host. The next thing I knew was he took me inside a red *shiny* car and drove away, very fast. I assumed I was being kidnapped.

Pretty sure I was. When you dream, you know.

The thing is that I have ZERO emotional bond with him. Why Stallone? Why not Ari Wibowo?

2. Football Training with a Star
I think I was still in high school. I was on a proper football field wearing knee-high socks and stuff, getting ready for football training.

The one who trained me that day? A real-sized hologram of Bambang Pamungkas. I even remember doing simple, kiddish passing. He was very nice by the way, smiled all the time. And the whole thing did not feel weird at all.

Bepe was already popular before he has a Twitter account you see. But again, why Bambang Pamungkas?

3. Citraland Chase and Run
I had a baby-sitter called Suster Titin until I was around 4-5. I didn't remember her face but I remember being pretty attached that when she was about to return to her hometown I cried begging her not to. Pretty normal I guess, but okay that's not the point. Here's the dream:

I was with her in a dark room, there's an old dusty globe which I spinned around and play with, I don't know if the globe plays any important role, but it makes this dream sound *MYSTERIOUS*. She was feeling uneasy. Somebody came. Suster Titin grabbed me and run.

Suddenly we were in CITRALAND PARKING LOT dongg. But it was dark, there was no one, there was no car. She kept running down carrying me. She was panting and afraid. But I know she's a good woman. She would not leave me alone.

4. The Fast and the Flowery
I like these kind of dreams, the ones involving gardens and flowers (and probably chasing butterflies).

Location: somewhere in the Netherlands, I think I was with my family, we were riding a GARDEN ROLLER COASTER.


It went through green European valleys, it was fast, it was fun, and there were FLOWERS everywhere.

Maybe heaven owns that kind of thing. I'd like to ride that often.

5. Balcony with a View
There is a rear balcony in my Jakarta house where we usually hang laundry. The balcony is facing a small kampung, neighbours' houses, a small portion of the capital J, not very pretty I must say. There's a high partition between the balcony and the view, so we can't really see it unless we stand on a plant pot (which I did a lot when I was little).

Here's the dream: One day I climbed the pot to see the view. Surprise, surprise, it was nothing like above descriptions. I'm not sure to call it a beach or a giant pool (floor made of tiles + sands), but there was a massive amount of water. And people (my neighbours) were swimming and having fun.

It was a case of tsunami-turned-friendly, that's what I learned. Apparently I climbed the pot to check the damage. But instead I found a neighbourhood recreational arena.

6. That Epic Swinging ZigZag Elevators in Taman Anggrek
This is Hogwarts meets personal retail obsession. There is this shopping mall in Jakarta that I already considered second home, I sort of grew up there FYI. It has a very broad main atrium, with 2 elevators at each end.

One day I dreamed that instead of moving vertically like elevators normally behave, these elevators SWING. They carry passengers from this side to that side. Let's say if you want to go from side A, 2nd floor to side B, 4th floor. You can.

7. The Great and White Ones
Read here. Because it deserves a post on its own.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Good Night, I Mean It

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
Because their words had forked no lightning they
Do not go gentle into that good night.

~Dylan Thomas