Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Strange Occurrence on the Fifth Night of April

There is this legendary bus shelter near his house that is said to be "inspiring", "able to cure idea block", "good for thinking", and so on. We spent only few minutes sitting there and walked back to his house (he had to do some ironing while I watched weird talk shows and funny Joko Anwar interviews). Then I poisoned him with Dewa 19 songs.


Perasaanku Tentang Perasaanku Kepada Dirimu.
One of their best masterpieces. He clearly did not agree.

He said it sounds like the intro of "Unchained Melody" by Righteous Brothers (I did not make that up).


The next few hours were kind of absurd. We had a KFC dinner, an idea that went from *brilliant* to ~disgusting~. We spent the journey from Bishan to Braddell talking NON-SENSE, NON-STOP.


That Sunday, we coined quite a number of new terminologies:
1. Acceptembem, index tembemitas >5*
2. Abusip Sukhaha'i, the lawyer who is supposed to represent me**
3. I forgot about the rest, all I remember is that we talked a lot about ASS.

*full scale will be 10
**because he's apparently a potential verbal abuser


Wait a minute, I should have seen that coming. He acted weird from the beginning. Out of nowhere he complimented his own t-shirt, then his noble, ASS, that has saved the lives of .... *people. It has something to do with Bill Clinton by the way.

*probably zero.


He even gave me an Oscar-worthy performance:

"I'm okay sayang,"

That face tho.


Anyway there are several theories about what caused that strange occurrence of the fifth night of April:
1. The KFC chickens were drunkards
2. The chickens are fried with weeds
3. He's a bit depressed because TOMORROW'S MONDAY!
4. He's happy because tomorrow technically is not Monday*
5. That bus stop is really really inspiring.

*he's having a short week ahead.


Anyway, what happens between Bishan-Braddell stays in between Bishan-Braddell.

Have a fantASStic day, you people.