Thursday, June 18, 2015

Pulitzer-winning Poem. Wait. Do poems win Pulitzer?

Red. White. Green. And a wicked round object.
Garuda was fighting for victory against the Lions.
Luck seems to be on our side that night.
We fed ourselves as they went on and won.

We were happy, but I got a bit sleepy
A suspicious red liquid made me stare into space
He turned to me and said something lovely:
"Kamu koq mirip Luis Suarez?"

Monday, June 8, 2015

LunchTalk, ep 3: Sports

IT guy:
"When I watch sports I want to see actions, people pushing each other, crashes, cars flying, etc."

"When I see soccer games I want to see last-minute goal that crushes the dreams of many. But not my dream,"

IT guy, laughing:
"Hahaha. You are worse than I am"

"How am I worse? You want to see accidents. I just want to see dreams crushed,"

IT guy:
"But I'm targeting just one or two. Yours involve lots of people."

"But yours is life-threatening. Mine is..."

*Suddenly she realized what a crushed dream can do to your soul.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

LunchTalk ep 2: Health

IT guy, looking at the AlphaWoman wearing sunglasses in the studio:
"Why are you wearing glasses?"

"Oh I got pinkeye. I don't want to spread it."

IT guy, laughing:
"By wearing sunglasses? You think people will get it by looking at your eyes? Haha."

"Yes. That's how people get it."

IT guy:
"No, it goes like this. So you touch your eyes. Then you touch something. Some people touch that thing, and they touch their eyes. That is how."

"No no no. Hey the doctor told me to wear these!"

IT guy:
"He told you to wear those so people won't go 'OMYGOD' when they see you"

AlphaWoman, to the illustratress:
"Whatever. What do you think?"

Illustratress, eyes beaming:
"I think it transmits through air, whatever it is. Just, you know. You look at someone's eye know the rest."

AlphaWoman, giving affirmative look.

IT guy, trying to believe what he just heard, and hold on one day at a time