Tuesday, June 21, 2016

What Matthew 6:33 Means to a Girl, Madly in Love, Thinks Too Much

We all long to be perfectly loved by That Special Someone. I just realized that this past year, and it hit me hard (lucky me). I mean...some people might never even realize it (lucky you).

"Perfectly loved" means differently to each person. I cannot fully describe mine, because I can go on and on and on and confuse the whole world. To give you a glimpse of it, let's say it's a Love like no other. Deep. Passionate. Soulful. Magical. Once in a lifetime. And to give you a summary, let's say it's a Love the way I would love.

Ironically, I found this journey of realization full of agony. Because the world is not a wish-granting factory and the rest of the world don't think the way I do (or as much as I do).

Until He gave me a revelation beyond anything my soul can even think of.

Being perfectly loved by That Special Someone? Checked.

I no longer have to long for it. It's granted. Not by the world, but by The Creator of it.

And you know what? That Special Someone is more than 1000000x hotter than the hottest guy you can picture, handsom-est of them all, mighty but gentle, powerful yet humble, had all the reasons to despise me but chose to die for me.

He loves me the way I would never, ever be able to love.

Human beings annoyingly need constant reminder of what's important. Sometimes we harass each other repeatedly to do just that, we rebuke each other, we use loud, harmful alarm clocks to wake ourselves up. You know what God did to remind me? He did that by gently reminding me He loves me perfectly. And suddenly everything else becomes secondary.

He loves me, it also means my happiness is an important matter to Him. And He knows the best way to achieve it. He gave someone who loves me the way I long to be loved.

But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

All these things.
That includes being perfectly loved.